Zac’s 9.3l Big Block Torque Monster V8 Hits the Engine Dyno!

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Hoonigan Project Cars

27 kun oldin

The time has come to finally see how much power Zac's 9.3 Liter (572ci) Big Block Chevy motor is making. We hit the dyno room at Smeding performance to get a lesson in how to properly break in a new engine and get it tuned from proper drive-ability and maximum performance.
Catch up on the k5 build here:
572 Swap Pt.2 -
572 Swap Pt.1 -
4l85e/NP205 swap -
Painless Wiring harness install -
Vintage Air front runner kit -
Vintage Air A/C install -
Currie axle & diff rebuild -
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maks zg
maks zg 6 kun oldin
I'm already looking forward to the new episode
Stoner 420
Stoner 420 13 kun oldin
U should give me the old 454 sk I can use it in my camaro 😁
bigghoss762 13 kun oldin
It's funny because it still looks small in a square body engine bay.
Donovan McLaughlin
Donovan McLaughlin 13 kun oldin
9.3 on the chop haha
Marcos Fierros
Marcos Fierros 15 kun oldin
The longest lasting motors I had were all beat on daily with proper maintenance.
ThemTXHallBoys 15 kun oldin
Would you DORKY MAMA's boys PLEASE quit calling big cubic inch motors by the LITER?? That's the ultimate feminization of such a MANLY BALLSY BEAST of an engine. IT's a goddamn 565....(mathematically a 567.521...dorks...) Love y'all....;)
Donald White
Donald White 16 kun oldin
Chop rate: 10/10
Smokey Yunick
Smokey Yunick 16 kun oldin
It should be making over 900HP N/A, that’s one of the worst sounding motors I’ve ever heard I think you got your timing way too fked 40 degrees of timing is way too much
Dylan Troutman
Dylan Troutman 17 kun oldin
Can you max hp a 6.0 L Vortec next please?
Ragnarok 17 kun oldin
Awsome, but why in gods name are you guys using cork gaskets on the valve covers? Cork belongs to the 60`s
Beefalo Bart
Beefalo Bart 18 kun oldin
Whats with that 3200-4500 torque dip, that is no bueno. For a 4x4 if its being used offroad then you want your smooth power at lower RPM and the high RPM is a bit worthless. Who cares what its like at 5k RPM if it never gets used.
bo duke
bo duke 19 kun oldin
Were the big engines out of stock when you were shopping? I'm concerned that you're gonna be underpowered if you ever need to change the rotation of a planet. Hopefully it'll work out for you. If not can always go all Cletus and remove the hood and bolt a blower on.
j 19 kun oldin
lmao 572 cubic inch
Adam Guerra
Adam Guerra 19 kun oldin
Lol when said I can’t wait to see what he does with it then afterwards shows a car flying off a ramp messing the shit up😂😂💯
Marc Schotborg
Marc Schotborg 19 kun oldin
Chop sounds like a Harley
Chevy Alvarez
Chevy Alvarez 19 kun oldin
He said " bearings domt need break in....17 seconds later bearings not fully broke in yet" 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
Steve Lynch
Steve Lynch 20 kun oldin
I'm going to ask a silly question, I've seen it on other dyno's, you can see your pushing the throttle but at about 3000 rpm it backs off a bit before it starts to rev, Why??
Tyler Coates
Tyler Coates 19 kun oldin
that's the dyno loading up the actual thing putting the load on the engine. it takes a second. It's also why you can see the power and torque numbers change dramatically when the test begins vs the full load.
Brandon Weller
Brandon Weller 20 kun oldin
I rate this chop 10/10 moon landings per baseball game 🇺🇸
cvo125 20 kun oldin
I know if you have to ask, you can't afford it. But, what does something like this cost to build?
HrdcoreNinja Ken-doll
HrdcoreNinja Ken-doll 21 kun oldin
That dude is the truth. We never baby a gas or steam turbine because we just changed out the bearings, And they’re Babbitt bearings. If it’s going to fuck up it’s going to do it from jump street
Montero 21 kun oldin
Will it pass smog ?
Jerry King
Jerry King 21 kun oldin
Why does the RPM sounds like it is "stepping"?
Rigged Tv
Rigged Tv 21 kun oldin
Wonder if smeding diesel and this company are connected
Christopher Olson
Christopher Olson 21 kun oldin
I hope you find more power out of that motor..... my 496 was pushin much higher numbers naturally asperated.
Ethan Zelaya
Ethan Zelaya 21 kun oldin
Cant wait to see this thing rip
Keith Waggoner
Keith Waggoner 21 kun oldin
That chop gave me a woodie!!! 9.4!
Harry Moon
Harry Moon 21 kun oldin
This what nice healthy chops noises sound like I’m going to be brutally honest with you on rating I rate this 7 out 10 just because there bigger crazier Chopy boisout there
Super Liegebeest
Super Liegebeest 21 kun oldin
It will never be a fast car, the amount of gas u need to haul will slow u down.
Thomas Joseph
Thomas Joseph 21 kun oldin
"I don't believe in breaking anything in"..... . . . . minutes later shows an actual graph of piston rings breaking in with HP increases.... Seriously? Get yourself educated on what "engine break in" is before you make a video.,roughness%20to%20help%20oil%20adhesion.
TxHylyner 21 kun oldin
Little bit of San Antonio, Texas right there!
Turboomni 21 kun oldin
What octane fuel are they running?
Princeps Regem
Princeps Regem 22 kun oldin
Twin charge that monster.
Colton Grundy
Colton Grundy 22 kun oldin
As I'm watching this, I can't help but think 🤔 Honda kids : WhAt Is ToRqUe 😵 HoW dO I GeT tOrQuE 😵 😂😂😂😂😂😂 There's no replacement for displacement kids.
PLK 22 kun oldin
Would be cool if it put out 572hp
Bro Tang
Bro Tang 22 kun oldin
Forgot to mention the one thing that you are actually " wearing in " during the first few heat cycles and that's the rings.....ya mentioned it later on but not when talking about engine run in.
John K
John K 22 kun oldin
Is he saying "pools"?
Quirin M.
Quirin M. 22 kun oldin
I am here chilling with my 7.5cu honda bike
Harawanagangsta 22 kun oldin
18mpg city, 24 highway
Harawanagangsta 22 kun oldin
chornky engine go pluggapluggapluggaplugga
cross thread cody
cross thread cody 22 kun oldin
351 bored to a 460 Is a smaller package and makes more power. Just sayinnnnn. Look it up
nick sweet
nick sweet 22 kun oldin
Chop sounds like a damn Harley. I love it.
supersevenn 23 kun oldin
Chop Rating?....All of them
Kasey Carpenter
Kasey Carpenter 23 kun oldin
A chop Gordon Ramsey would be proud of...
Monte Stu
Monte Stu 23 kun oldin
You could have just bought a Blueprint 572 with about the same TQ and HP and a 50,000 mile warranty.....
Jerry Garcia
Jerry Garcia 23 kun oldin
Perfect 10 on the chop
Drake Roten
Drake Roten 23 kun oldin
“Wow engine, you’re magic! Thats so much torque!” “Correct. Now, for my next trick, turn your attention to the gas tank...”😂
Dan Letter
Dan Letter 23 kun oldin
Bet if y’all had put some hair around that you’d never have problems getting it in
Resigned 23 kun oldin
Fu*k you’re LS SWAP Big block FTW 😈
Lucas Guzik
Lucas Guzik 23 kun oldin
what video has that clip of that car jumping and big carnage ?
Joe Rocket1979
Joe Rocket1979 23 kun oldin
That dyno run seemed like it was all over the place.can I have the old 454?chop is a solid 7/10.
Michael Katsis
Michael Katsis 23 kun oldin
I’d give that chop a solid 9.8
topgunner58 23 kun oldin
I had a 76 gmc Jimmy high serra with the 400sb th350 fulltime 4x4
downhillskier7 23 kun oldin
All that space under the hood time for a supercharger, whipple, Magnuson or a pair of turbos. 😈
Erik Vences
Erik Vences 23 kun oldin
I wish I had the money to buying a bigger engine and get more power. But I think I'm just going to get my engine rebuild with some snap-ons for some more power
cjgordon22 23 kun oldin
Nothing like 700ftlbs all day and can be run on regular gas to
SwaffyX 23 kun oldin
Those are some big bald eagles
troy ferguson
troy ferguson 23 kun oldin
That chop sounds like 2 lawnmower blades super rubber banded together twisted opposite and released in a metal room fighting pencils style
Mark 23 kun oldin
Well it fit in my Miata
Haste And Fury
Haste And Fury 23 kun oldin
That mustache is horrid. Btw, you have a lot of errors going on in your shops... bummer, hoonigan jokes. Can’t even educate either, just fed us BS about what you did. Horrible channel.
Alex Alvarado
Alex Alvarado 23 kun oldin
Isn’t a 572 block a 9.4 liter*
arnulford66 23 kun oldin
Thanks for sharing this big block build. That staccato idle must be heard at the end of the exhaust to fully appreciate.
john doe
john doe 23 kun oldin
Awesome boyz
Andres Rodriguez
Andres Rodriguez 23 kun oldin
How much for the 454
RumRunner 82
RumRunner 82 23 kun oldin
They never say the price! 10k, 20k?
6BT_ Str86
6BT_ Str86 23 kun oldin
Oh it's gonna make liberals CRY!! (Chop)
Russell Baker
Russell Baker 24 kun oldin
Yo people that know what's up, what is that handle in the dyno room that he pushes forward? At first I thought it was the throttle buts the rpm goes up after he clicks the keyboard. I thought I knew how these thing worked but now I'm so confused. Thanks
Tabor Tackett
Tabor Tackett 24 kun oldin
And that is what freedom sounds like
Connor 24 kun oldin
I bet 100million chinese dongs Banks Power could make more power with a K-series
EpicBulletStudios 24 kun oldin
That displacement is almost an entire honda civic for each cylinder
Erik Capozzi
Erik Capozzi 21 kun oldin
Not really...not really at all
Kristofer FC
Kristofer FC 24 kun oldin
Jesus Christ that engine is stout, I love it
Zack Cernok
Zack Cernok 24 kun oldin
8.8 on the chop
Chuck J
Chuck J 24 kun oldin
What happened to the donk project
Ahats5 24 kun oldin
I rate the chop at 6.9420/10 until I see some 4 wheel drive burnout tire slaying.
MickeyD100 24 kun oldin
I started laughing out loud with glee watching the HP and torque dials on that first pull.
D. Hernandez
D. Hernandez 24 kun oldin
How much for this glorious engine????
Akash Kumar
Akash Kumar 24 kun oldin
You just gotta love the rs 200 at the beginning
Benr.y 24 kun oldin
I’m only a 1.3L lol
Justin 24 kun oldin
9.3L gas tank is like - "OK we are all filled up- AND IT'S GONE!"
Malcom Mooney
Malcom Mooney 24 kun oldin
That sack of sh its frame wouldnt support it ,nor does it have enough brakes or suspension to stop it
Hoonigan Project Cars
Hoonigan Project Cars 24 kun oldin's glorious.
Mario Martinez
Mario Martinez 24 kun oldin
snapperhead 1
snapperhead 1 24 kun oldin
Gotta love a Chevy Big Block
fOwl play
fOwl play 24 kun oldin
"you wanna see some real torque?" 00:02
Danny Garcia
Danny Garcia 24 kun oldin
Bout a solid 6 on the chop
Brennan Blicharski
Brennan Blicharski 25 kun oldin
Finally somebody that makes sense. So many tards on UZpost.
Nick Thompson
Nick Thompson 25 kun oldin
When will you be getting a thosand inch Sonny Leonard engine?
Money Grip
Money Grip 25 kun oldin
Chop 5/10 needs more pro mod lope
VL_TURBO420 25 kun oldin
Windows on the MacBook. Good man
Jeremy m
Jeremy m 25 kun oldin
It would be way cooler if it was pre smog California sucks
Evan Dorsett
Evan Dorsett 25 kun oldin
I give it a 9.2 on the official Chopometer.
Daniel Niemeier
Daniel Niemeier 25 kun oldin
That guy is dead nuts on the break procedure
Chris Gardner
Chris Gardner 25 kun oldin
Even my neighbors cat would appreciate that chop
Eric Lock
Eric Lock 25 kun oldin
That engine is going to DESTROY those 1/2 ton I see an 8 lug 60/14 bolt swap in the near future.
Christopher Wilson
Christopher Wilson 25 kun oldin
Torque Pig. 👍👍👌
fastnate 25 kun oldin
that chop...12 out of 10 go zack go!!
Guns Cars and Digits
Guns Cars and Digits 25 kun oldin
1.28 foot pounds of torque per cubic inch, measured with a mechanical water pump installed. That's a solid no-BS figure. In terms of how that engine revs and makes power, it's comparable to modern engine efficiency in a lot of ways. The only person that doesn't like a good 730hp big block, is someone that wants a 900hp big block, and that's just hot-rodding for you.
Jaden Wilson
Jaden Wilson 25 kun oldin
Rest In Peace to the axles💀
deathcards 25 kun oldin
Who uses 9.3L? 572 freedom units
deathcards 25 kun oldin
On a side note cringe
Darren Hoden
Darren Hoden 25 kun oldin
Sound good
SoullessMeatVehicle 25 kun oldin
Maximum chop
Claude V.
Claude V. 25 kun oldin
Very similar to our street 505 Mopar but we run 11.5:1 cr. We made 725lbft and 696hp. Big blocks are the best for a street dig car.
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