Zac Goes to Utah! Bringing the Jimmy to Currie Enterprises to Beef Up the Driveline

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Hoonigan Project Cars

5 oy oldin

If you’ve heard of Casey Currie, AND Currie Enterprises, you best believe they’re the same organization. Since Zac’s K5 needs a whole lotta help to be able to handle the ignorant power levels he’s about to throw at it, he left it to the pros at Currie for some upgrades.

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Bryan Cosio
Bryan Cosio 26 kun oldin
the gti tho
Joshua Nicolai
Joshua Nicolai Oy oldin
That little bolt in old gm rear ends is so terrible I was so so gentle with it when I was working on the diff in a monte carlo I owned
Joshua Nicolai
Joshua Nicolai Oy oldin
I thought the gmc jimmy was a small suv
Cody Gores
Cody Gores Oy oldin
Still less miles than Vinnies porsche
Djch3Y Oy oldin
I can smell the gear oil from here 🤢
Flasher Trasher
Flasher Trasher Oy oldin
Pretty sure Casey was the first American to win the overall in any class
Woodie Withnohoodie
Woodie Withnohoodie 2 oy oldin
Who put a chevy grill on a jimmy😭
alfonso sanchez
alfonso sanchez 3 oy oldin
We need an update !
Zach Thompson
Zach Thompson 4 oy oldin
When’s the next build bud Zac? Bring her back...
Joes welding
Joes welding 5 oy oldin
43 thousand more like 243000 looking at that bearing. Zach u fibbin
Mike Walsh
Mike Walsh 5 oy oldin
Need a clear pumpkin to show off those beautiful gears!
Collin Caskey
Collin Caskey 5 oy oldin
Heck yeah mang! I love the zack builds. Reckon he’s either super legit or his algorithm on UZpost just told him/Hoonigan, that he’s the American horse power guy. Regardless, I love that he keeps the doc. look. I just keep waiting for a huckleberry response.
TRIPx Sosa
TRIPx Sosa 5 oy oldin
I hate it the non top looks ugly
Anon Ymous
Anon Ymous 5 oy oldin
Yes no topper !!!!
bigghoss762 5 oy oldin
Glad I watched this video. I wasn't familiar with the TrueTrac before. Might be just the ticket to replace the toasted clutch type limited slip in the back of my Ranger. You say you like it with the top off but next time you drive it on a hot day you're gonna want to use that AC you just put in.
Hot_Pink_Bitch _
Hot_Pink_Bitch _ 5 oy oldin
Coal Wagon
Coal Wagon 5 oy oldin
Next vid. got Dana 60’s...
hadden justice
hadden justice 5 oy oldin
ZAC BROTHA! What your doin is real cool man. When i get back from deployment ill be building up a sweet k5 myself and cant wait. Down the road ill be getting a new motor at some point and was thinking of a 572 myself. I dont know if you were planning to make a list of what tour doing aside from mentioning parts in the vids but id love to follow how you go about droppin that motor in. Keep it up man!
Evan pelkey
Evan pelkey 5 oy oldin
Shit zac if you don’t want the top on you should’ve just rebuilt the c10 to be a trophy truck
jesse f
jesse f 5 oy oldin
Must be nice to upgrade shit you don't even plan on keeping
Aptrgangr 5 oy oldin
Blower blower blower blower blower blower blower
Mech Head
Mech Head 5 oy oldin
How does the kei truck get a Ford 8 inch with disk brakes and that thing is tiptoeing around in stock axels and drum brakes???
Vincent Latham
Vincent Latham 5 oy oldin
Should not get rid of the c10
adrock265 5 oy oldin
bought an 87 4runner back in the day, guy advertised the top never was taken off. Took that thang off day 1 and left it off
TellYouWhat 95
TellYouWhat 95 5 oy oldin
Waste of time and money??? If your going bigger axles anyway
Jake Dungan
Jake Dungan 5 oy oldin
That 12 bolt is pretty strong it about as strong as a 9”
dusty2206 5 oy oldin
That thing is dead saxy.
Rick Whitmire
Rick Whitmire 5 oy oldin
Nice Jimmy!!
Ethan Miranda
Ethan Miranda 5 oy oldin
Those gauges are fire the whole cluster is fire
TheBmxrider1234 5 oy oldin
Does a video at a shop and then doesn't link them lol
M. B.
M. B. 5 oy oldin
The editors are obsessed with zooming in on this guys face
Joseph Samsor
Joseph Samsor 5 oy oldin
Was the 572 big block confirmed before? Holy shit that’ll be crazy.
Manufalket 5 oy oldin
Nice video 😀👍
Jerid Andes
Jerid Andes 5 oy oldin
Please do a ranger next and make it basically smaller more driftable lightning
kevin jones
kevin jones 5 oy oldin
In park city utah... Maybe some more of zac and the HHIC??? That k5 blazer is sweet!
Ryan McCormick
Ryan McCormick 5 oy oldin
You need a 14 bolt rear and D60 Front!
JamesTK 5 oy oldin
I just love how I get some randoms playlist at the end of the video.
asazeal021 5 oy oldin
so if the c10 was called boomhauer should this project be called boomhigher?
Sincityz1989 5 oy oldin
43k miles. More like 143k
JD Guillot
JD Guillot 5 oy oldin
/Love/ that Zac still wraps episodes.
Klassen Kustoms
Klassen Kustoms 5 oy oldin
Get a soft top for it. I love mine on my 2wd k5 Best Buy ever
Masaharu Morimoto
Masaharu Morimoto 5 oy oldin
Gotta love the full rub-down from Curry!!!!! They went to town on the Jimmy :)
Playing With Horsepower
Playing With Horsepower 5 oy oldin
curt bonner
curt bonner 5 oy oldin
I love and hate these videos! I miss my ‘78 Jimmy...Mine was the shit brown and not the diarrhea red...
Ben H
Ben H 5 oy oldin
"That's a wrap" needs a comeback. I miss daily transmission.
ROYO 5 oy oldin
Why 456 gears? Whats that 55 mph 4500 rpm lol
Caleb Nation
Caleb Nation 5 oy oldin
Taller tires effectively reduce gear ratio for example, a Miata’s stock 185/60/14 is 22.75” tall. Car came with a 4.10. The paco Motorsports offroadster kit is sized for a 31 inch tire and comes with a 5.38 gears to make the same gear ratio at the road.
Adan Heredia
Adan Heredia 5 oy oldin
One of the greatest ending of all time
DopetheWind 5 oy oldin
572 cu in, for when 8 mpg is too high.
Beaudoin Motorsports
Beaudoin Motorsports 5 oy oldin
Start the Poll Which breaks first from 4WD Burnout? A. Axles B. Steering C. Driveshaft D. *THE INTERNET*
Teku XVIII 5 oy oldin
So does Zac work for Ken now since he lives in Utah?
BBCharger5spd 5 oy oldin
Gotta ditch that 12 bolt... C-clip axles and a crush sleeve.... that's like two strikes right there. Plans? Dana 60 Front Dana 80 rear?
Vanessa Camp
Vanessa Camp 5 oy oldin
When you put 1 tons under “Square Jordan”, Can I have the 44? My 84 K5 could really use an upgrade from the lame pinner 10 bolt.
Jeffrey Rios
Jeffrey Rios 5 oy oldin
All the chamorros got excited when zac said the blazer was "cherry"
RXQ3 5 oy oldin
Who pays for all of this?!?!
Daniel smith
Daniel smith 5 oy oldin
Your right about that dana44 and the 12 bolt. They're crap! You should ship em to me. I'll throw em away for you.
PaceWorks 5 oy oldin
Noooooo put the top back on. Stuff wont get wet then or stolen
K Hoshino
K Hoshino 5 oy oldin
Casey was great in Young Guns and Mighty Ducks.
jonokiller 5 oy oldin
spoiler alert: both rear tires spin
Crusieth Maximuss
Crusieth Maximuss 5 oy oldin
I low, mid, and high key like this build's progression already.
quadir reed
quadir reed 5 oy oldin
It's crazy that he has close to 3million + in just motor home chillin in his shop
Johnathon Naumann
Johnathon Naumann 5 oy oldin
Why does his gmc jimmy not have a gmc badge
jason 5 oy oldin
I too have long days haha
bob sled
bob sled 5 oy oldin
Gotta love when she heats-up bofa [You'll get it later] Edit: a word
Finn O'Loughlin
Finn O'Loughlin 5 oy oldin
Top on is nicer
Pedro 5 oy oldin
Baja Update
Michael Latham
Michael Latham 5 oy oldin
Yeah bro! Roxking the Blackhawks Hat! Go Toews!!!
Michael Latham
Michael Latham 5 oy oldin
Also Zac no more top! Ever
John Kuehne
John Kuehne 5 oy oldin
Thay make soft tops i had one for my 83 k5 blazer
CoCYungDey 5 oy oldin
Second s10 on the channel the first was the bad daddy brad special
David Lineberry
David Lineberry 5 oy oldin
Sand dunes stat!
Mikeys Garage
Mikeys Garage 5 oy oldin
Hmm, those old rear end parts looked like they'd done a good hundred thou or two more than the rest of the truck.
Sean Forehand
Sean Forehand 5 oy oldin
Please bring back daily transmission. I fucking miss that shit.
Jeff Locke
Jeff Locke 5 oy oldin
Please tell us that you are going to be doing a disc brake conversion on the rear! With a proportioning valve. Can I also ask that you keep the rims small? Like 16" beadlocks?
Nathan Bergmann
Nathan Bergmann 5 oy oldin
Can't wait for that 572. Gonna be so nasty
mtassface 5 oy oldin
Titties out ftw 👏
Jeff Locke
Jeff Locke 5 oy oldin
Yep, LB to Corona at any time other than 3am is going to take foreeeeeeevvvvverrrr!
Jack 5 oy oldin
What rims are those
Marvel Fan Alliance
Marvel Fan Alliance 5 oy oldin
Zac, you should see about tracking down another set of Nascar boom tubes for that 572 ci Big Block you trying to put in that thing. Just a thought. 🤔
Justin Galvan
Justin Galvan 5 oy oldin
Km3 37s aren’t actually 37s and are lighter than most so that helps
Charles Frati
Charles Frati 5 oy oldin
I'm literally replacing the rear axle on my blazer as I'm watching this
Jamie Krueger
Jamie Krueger 5 oy oldin
Tool, tool bag, or tool box however you want to label it wrap around shades, mustache, backwards hat, and a modern day mullet this man is my hero. Anyone who has the guts to not only be every part of a stereotype from looks to actions is my hero. stay golden my friend and by my friend I mean not in my back yard lol. Mad respect major hatin!!!
David Gonzalez
David Gonzalez 5 oy oldin
Wtf! I get a 500 mile notice before doing anything crazy with my truck and zac just rebuild his rear end and fully sends it! Lol
Caleb Richter
Caleb Richter 5 oy oldin
Been too long since I’ve heard anyone wrap and episode. Miss DT
Automotive Anatomy
Automotive Anatomy 5 oy oldin
Hoonigans: We need to make sure it is mechanically sound Quality control at Hoonigans: Burnout
GoingEvenFuthur 5 oy oldin don't do it bro! get another top and chop it like my bronco!
Ernest Quinones
Ernest Quinones 5 oy oldin
Zach my young man you better put back on the top on the high Sierra jimmy. It belongs on it you have pick up already.
Robert Gordon
Robert Gordon 5 oy oldin
Not for long, it's being given away
cekmore Gato
cekmore Gato 5 oy oldin
Put the top back on! Now it's just a pickup......
Ken_the_Bigfoot 5 oy oldin
Not a pickup if it has a factory rear bench
Klassen Kustoms
Klassen Kustoms 5 oy oldin
Taking the roof off a k5 is literally....the point...of owning one....
Jarot 5 oy oldin
damn i wish i could afford new stuff just to break stuff and buy newer stuff
Slotmech 5 oy oldin
darthhuman1 5 oy oldin
Zach shows us how to turn a K5 into a C10 in one simple step
kunu98 5 oy oldin
Swap it out for a beefy Dana 70/80 and a lift
Adam Dehner
Adam Dehner 5 oy oldin
8:30 how you make RWD burnout with 4WD???
thomas green
thomas green 5 oy oldin
Because the 4x4 wasnt engaged. The front hubs weren't locked in so its Rwd until you lock the front hubs.
Recruit_Life07 5 oy oldin
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson 5 oy oldin
Carriers and bearings or carrier bearings? Zac is not exactly the sharpest tool in the garage is he.
Cloudy McLeod
Cloudy McLeod 5 oy oldin
That's how a K5 should look... Topless
Iamdeadpool420 ___
Iamdeadpool420 ___ 5 oy oldin
Showing more love to the S10 LIFE
Chris Emerson
Chris Emerson 5 oy oldin
I feel a BJ Baldwin inspired build happening
Connor O
Connor O 5 oy oldin
Dang I haven’t heard anyone wrap an episode in a while
Gustavo Figueiredo
Gustavo Figueiredo 4 oy oldin
Flashbacks haha.
Kevin Temple
Kevin Temple 5 oy oldin
You should do a roll cage and a soft top
The SJV Workshop
The SJV Workshop 5 oy oldin
Chewing gum while talking on camera makes you look a bit of a twat to be honest.
Andrew Snyder
Andrew Snyder 5 oy oldin
joe blow
joe blow 5 oy oldin
Why does his jimmy have a chevy emblem on the front