Vin Got SCAMMED. 402,000 Mile Porsche 911 Hot Rod Build!

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It happened: the king of buying, selling, and trading cars got played. If you play the game long enough, it’s bound to happen. What was originally advertised as a 102k 911, turned out to be a 400,000+ mile 911. Oddly enough… we’re even more into it now.
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Jerzey Boy1995
Jerzey Boy1995 3 kun oldin
I hope you used and got some of your money back. I do think it's still a federal crime to roll back an odometer?
why? I dont know
why? I dont know 8 kun oldin
Have you ever been to the great white north? You call your Porsche rusty, but that looks like the bottom of a 5 year old car in Wisconsin.
xZugzwang 8 kun oldin
isn't tampering with the odometer a felony? wouldn't the feds get involved?
Grayson Escue
Grayson Escue 10 kun oldin
Y’all need an undercarriage pressure washing attachment!!!!
Trinidad Sanchez
Trinidad Sanchez 11 kun oldin
When he works on a car He Works OnACar! 🍺🌮😁
StatTack 13 kun oldin
"only 200hp" dude I'm here in europe suffering to get 160 out of my vw
F1SH_ST1CKS 18 kun oldin
500k at laguna is such a cool goal. Now drive that thing!
D o c
D o c 19 kun oldin
If you aren’t hiring a cameraman, you should be. LoL
Roland Powell
Roland Powell 20 kun oldin
Ratchet straps no channel locks
Fasstv8 21 kun oldin
@15:00 really?? Bro your arm hair in the way
Green Goat
Green Goat 22 kun oldin
Dude honestly if you want to hit half a million miles don't touch anything
Simone Trafford
Simone Trafford 23 kun oldin
The feeble feigned gemini incidentally dislike because damage hepatosplenomegaly inject onto a decorous swordfish. old, minor step-uncle
B Burton
B Burton 26 kun oldin
Hahaha! I have a couple pairs of those channies. Pretty much a necessity in the plumbing world, especially in commercial apps
Daniel DeHut
Daniel DeHut 27 kun oldin
make it happen love it i never have the right tool but got to run
Miko Lakabobo
Miko Lakabobo Oy oldin
the first bolt you said got rounded, you turned the wrong way!
Eric Robison
Eric Robison Oy oldin
Has anyone EVER had an EZ out work? I highly doubt it.
Almost A Boomer
Almost A Boomer Oy oldin
Vins over here looking like and extra from no mans land 😂
John Kosky
John Kosky Oy oldin
Shoulda kept welding once u get it down past that first thread they usually come out fairly easy I have to do that a few times a week
Oved Appr
Oved Appr Oy oldin
dam i hate those oil hose clamp ! spring loaded clamp is way better ( big rig seller usually sell those)
Oved Appr
Oved Appr Oy oldin sorry if i am later ! better late then never
JP Oy oldin
Both my car's front CV axles tore the boots and flung grease everywhere inside my engine bay. It's a royal mess in there. F
Jesse Renn
Jesse Renn Oy oldin
You call that rust? I've poked holes through fenders with my pointer finger. I've had subframes disintegrate and snap. Ask Fitment Industries about RUST
Jesse Renn
Jesse Renn Oy oldin
Thank you for giving me more reasons to love my Corolla. Fuck this nightmare.
Cameron Haverfield
Cameron Haverfield Oy oldin
I’m waiting for a vin wiki story
Cody Gray
Cody Gray Oy oldin
Here's another DIY tip to get seized bolts out I went to diesel school for 2 years and my instructor showed me a trick while I was in there if you go and get paraffin wax they use it in Canning food you can usually find it at Walmart but heat up the bolt put the paraffin wax on it and the Heat drawers the paraffin wax around the threads and breaks it loose
Maxime Vhw
Maxime Vhw Oy oldin
we have bigger chanellocks xd super usefull to squeeze brakecalipers
Jacob Mobley
Jacob Mobley Oy oldin
Honestly though, I'm glad you guys ended up with a 400,000. Watching you pull out those drain tubes was so satisfying to watch knowing there's nothing but gains while cleaning this.
alireza bayat
alireza bayat Oy oldin
That sounds sooo good
Standert Names
Standert Names Oy oldin
Cleaning the engine on the road and just letting the oil run onto the road is the worst thing I've seen in a long time. Environmental protection is not known to you?
eXQUiZiTMiMe Oy oldin
did yall at least clean the rust off the bolt when you welded to it? ive done that countless times at the shop i use to work at and it always worked, honestly looks like you didnt clean the rust off first.
Glenn Porteous
Glenn Porteous Oy oldin
Are they not called push rod tubes?
david Daniels
david Daniels Oy oldin
When it comes to buying a car for me miles mean nothing ive seen lady's come in for the first oil change at 30k because there husband says thats when its due or in your case odometer rolled back or swapped a million other scenarios
Cole Corbin
Cole Corbin Oy oldin
First mistake removing rusted fasteners is using 12 point sockets...
Henning Pfenning
Henning Pfenning Oy oldin
Did you tell Porsche about this? Maybe they could help you guys. A few years ago you could give back a Mercedes with 1 Mio km and got a new one.
H5N1 Oy oldin
wowowow, wtf that guy doing welding with open exaust next to it??? and you won't weld a nikeled nut onto a rusty bolt... noobs
Justin Davis
Justin Davis Oy oldin
The fact that they use rigid power tools in the shop has me worried
Mike Bresnahan
Mike Bresnahan Oy oldin
points at pristine exhaust bolts and calls them rusty. i want to live in CA so bad lol
Ryan Schieble
Ryan Schieble Oy oldin
Drain tubes... 3 hose claps, one on each side and the third goes between the other two. Tighten first two then tighten the third kinda like a reverse jack screw
CrazyDuck Oy oldin
I have a 1989 Porsche with 368,000 miles on it. Original engine that has only had the head rebuilt. I don’t really drive it much anymore because 175hp really isn’t that much fun lol
VDuro1 Oy oldin
Lorin Sabin
Lorin Sabin Oy oldin
3.6r swap dawg. ill tune it if you want ..............i need practice.
MI T YT Oy oldin
wizzy wheel in two
Matthew Kesterson
Matthew Kesterson Oy oldin
Scotto is life
Ray Raz Reptile
Ray Raz Reptile Oy oldin
Harbor freight comes through with left handed titanium $5 throw away drill bits rather then extractors Definitely like it more with 400k I had a Jeep Cherokee sport two door that had 468k on the original 4.0 , I literally changed everything copper and rubber on the Jeep and ended up selling it after beating the heck out of it for 3 years like normal lol , Seen the dude 6 years later with my Jeep with like 30 sheets of plywood on the roof 😂, knew it was mine due to body work
James Bond
James Bond Oy oldin
Tighten.. then loosen... you'll break substantially less bolts..
MrGarycoww Oy oldin
You should race it against the hoonicorn ,another pointless match up.
Baron of Livonia.
Baron of Livonia. Oy oldin
10,000 miles a year, in a Porsche. I thought rolling back odometer was a felony in CA.
Cameron Oy oldin
Can’t have loud cars that only make 200hp...... -me and my 91 v6 camaro with a huge exhaust leak- well yea, i agree with you vin :/ lol
Zeffrey Doolittle
Zeffrey Doolittle Oy oldin
I realy like the thermo tech sleeve. I have always liked keeping a i.c.e. cooler for some reason.
Lou Primo
Lou Primo 2 oy oldin
Buddy you run a shop. I don’t understand why you don’t have a legit car lift in there. It would easier to work on your projects. I hope it’s on your to do list for 2021, but all in a nice video. Thanks.
Katie Mohler
Katie Mohler 2 oy oldin
I am the Porsche mechanic you ask for... and yea.. that’s how we’d do the oil tubes in the dealer 😅
Joe Knowski
Joe Knowski 2 oy oldin
Weld the holes on the rear bumper paint it white and call it a day.
Vic 97
Vic 97 2 oy oldin
Vin: "Can't have a car that loud that makes only 200 hp" Me/Half the fans: 👁👄👁
Hudson 2 oy oldin
Lock the vice grips on and hit them with an air hammer 😁
Rebel Oakley : Kustom Designs
Rebel Oakley : Kustom Designs 2 oy oldin
402,000 miles, that’s bragging rights as is.
Mitch Mac
Mitch Mac 2 oy oldin
how do you not have pb at your shop?? lol
jdmspug 2 oy oldin
Suppy from lm24?
Zeus .Edwards
Zeus .Edwards 2 oy oldin
scam? nah you turn out great you did your check it turned out good for you , push it to half a mill miles do it ... now the car got character, and the thing is you guys fix your stuff...
overbuilt automotive
overbuilt automotive 2 oy oldin
never use a 12 point on a bolt/nut 6 point rounding very likely and hammer the closest wrong size on rusty header bolts so all have semi cheap sockets to beat on
Sebastian Leister
Sebastian Leister 2 oy oldin
bro ... u need the rite tools to work on german cars :D
Egor Shwiester
Egor Shwiester 2 oy oldin
half a million?!?! sounds like these guys never drove a 'yota. pretty sure half a mil is the calling card for the first oil change. (YES! i know Vin has/had a 4runner.)
Trapgod Nah
Trapgod Nah 2 oy oldin
Like 10 ads this video
baby yoda partake
baby yoda partake 2 oy oldin
What's this guys pay grade that he can afford a 911??
J A Y D E E 2 oy oldin
19:06 insert cod multiplayer “throwing smoke” sound effect
Mr Invisible
Mr Invisible 2 oy oldin
Whale tail ill take it. I cry in my soul everytime i see a 911.... Vin hold on to her make it yours and keep up inspiring us surfs wishing wr could drive something as majestic.
Jmelgar 2 oy oldin
Holy fuckn ads
Shawn Squires
Shawn Squires 2 oy oldin
Man doesn’t know what a rusty bolt is. He was saying the ones on the muffler was rusty. That’s nothin compared to my Jeep where the bolts are falling apart
Duncan Allen
Duncan Allen 2 oy oldin
“oil drain tubes” you mean push rod tubes...
Jesus Jesus
Jesus Jesus 2 oy oldin
BROOO I WAS GOING TO BUY IT FOR $42K on craigs list and you bought it about 3 months ago
Jesus Jesus
Jesus Jesus 2 oy oldin
Yeah on Craigslist a couple months ago
scaduch 2 oy oldin
come on, that was 42K??
light werehog
light werehog 2 oy oldin
Divine Drift
Divine Drift 2 oy oldin
In the makings of the highest milage porsche ever. That's gotta be something lol.
jose escamilla
jose escamilla 2 oy oldin
even better now that you know it has so many miles
ZoogleBoogle 2 oy oldin
Its not rusty unless you cant lay under it for fear of rust in your eyes
Christian Alvarez
Christian Alvarez 2 oy oldin
Rwb it
Tiitan Rutse
Tiitan Rutse 2 oy oldin
Take the cluster out and just take the back plate up and just spin it by hand don’t ask how I know worked at (foreigncarsitallia) Car dealers are crooks 🤣🤣..
your daddy
your daddy 2 oy oldin
Another rusty bolt story..........
danrid1982 2 oy oldin
That is definitely not that rusty come to Illinois we can show you some rust.
Zapsurf 13
Zapsurf 13 2 oy oldin
Its crazy how many car guys use PB instead of KROIL...
Crispy 2 oy oldin
Don't hate the car, hate the channel locks.
Aaron M.
Aaron M. 2 oy oldin
Committing felonies trying to get the car back to stock lol
Weinmiller14 2 oy oldin
Sooooo I'm not the only person that does the "foot jack" floor jack method?!?!😂🤣😂
Andrick Archundia
Andrick Archundia 2 oy oldin
Just subbed. Great Content, Great Edits, & Great Info 🔥
Kas b
Kas b 2 oy oldin
13:00 instead of using the clamps like that, could you like, twist the two vice grips you had on the tubes to break their seals loose?
Ayomide Ogundiran
Ayomide Ogundiran 2 oy oldin
So sorry about that..... I'll advise you to contact cailyfunds on instagram for you reliable money refund. He helped me recover my $2,900 from some scammers. You can thank me later.
D21 Jay
D21 Jay 2 oy oldin
It’s okay my Nissan Hardbody has 437k miles ftw!
Ollie Higton
Ollie Higton 2 oy oldin
“Makes a bunch more of power” on a 402k engine 😂😭
Drive Tastefully
Drive Tastefully 2 oy oldin
Er, just remove push rod and cut off the old push rod tube with some tin snips?! 😳
Kas b
Kas b 2 oy oldin
Porsche engines don't have push rods. They're OHC engines. Those are the drain tubes from the head back into the case.
gopro shreddits
gopro shreddits 2 oy oldin
Vin: u can’t have a car that loud with 200hp 350z owners
Brian Grogan
Brian Grogan 2 oy oldin
This is the reason I hate working on cars in my older age. I have set aside one day to work on my daily driver shit box and spend the next 3 days replacing stupid ass shit that broke when trying to fix something unrelated!
Josiah Hein
Josiah Hein 2 oy oldin
That thing sounds spicy with that exhaust!
popomomo12 2 oy oldin
I never used an easy out as a drill bit 🤔
popomomo12 2 oy oldin
Lamo insanely tight. Wait until you get those hex heads stuck on a subaru cam
Jesse Warren
Jesse Warren 2 oy oldin
lol super rusty.... you're in california. come to canada and check out real rust
thelloyd87 3 oy oldin
I like to drill out with left hand bits... sometimes you get lucky and the bit grabs and spins your broken bolt out.
Kevin Collins
Kevin Collins 3 oy oldin
3:48 "super rusty" lmao, yeah right. Those look immaculate compared to what we get in the rust belt
Necrodead 3 oy oldin
13:00 let me help you guys out, they are called C-Clamps. C-CLAMP. any size. you don't need 2 burly men just a little clamp, lol.
Richard Markle
Richard Markle 3 oy oldin
Where is the Duramax camaro?
Jeremy Pike
Jeremy Pike 3 oy oldin
Definitely need to buy some rbrt mac Allen sockets. Pretty much the best Allen or torx ever they don't slip they just dig in harder. Replace bolt afterwards.
Raymond Johnson
Raymond Johnson 3 oy oldin
Cut a chunk out of the longer side, then wiggle the halves out. Badda boom.