The Rotary Swapped Kei Truck is DONE! First Stop: Shred Session at Irwindale Speedway

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Hoonigan Project Cars

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Yeah, believe it: we finished a project. A forever project. The 13b swapped kei truck is officially built and ready to rip with all 166 of those mighty dorito powered ponies. We brought the whole crew out to celebrate, of course - including a few special guests. Next up: turbo swap?

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1Thatstrangeguy 10 kun oldin
Their sponsors get mad if they arent wearing masks.
Hoonigan Project Cars
Hoonigan Project Cars 10 kun oldin
No. We are just being responsible. Doesn’t take much to wear a mask.
Chris Iollich
Chris Iollich 11 kun oldin
Now that truck is B@d @$$ !!!! Thank's from NOR-CAL
Jcorons 2127
Jcorons 2127 11 kun oldin
imagine not being able to see it and it sounds like a rx7, comes around the corner and its just a k truck lmao
Grady Harper
Grady Harper 11 kun oldin
How much would a kei truck with a similar set up cost? no mention of a retail sale price i may not wanna hear that number LoL the rent is to damn high i know you got your selves a Kaido Race Truck
Afonso Freire
Afonso Freire 15 kun oldin
Dude... 3 wheel drift is crazy
pasukan dunak dunuk cutting sticker
pasukan dunak dunuk cutting sticker 16 kun oldin
Jason Sisi
Jason Sisi 18 kun oldin
What happened to the rear diffuser?
Hash.Slinging. Slasher
Hash.Slinging. Slasher 18 kun oldin
most slept on page
**Mahina808** 18 kun oldin
Pretty amazing how much sound comes off that little thing.
Geoffrey Germond
Geoffrey Germond 18 kun oldin
Can we please get this kei truck in forza horizon 4 as part of the hoonigan pack?
troy ferguson
troy ferguson 19 kun oldin
Or maybe the grand ma baja vs the trophy bronco
troy ferguson
troy ferguson 19 kun oldin
Hey hoonigan crew look up the super nats and this thing called the toaster
Chaz Arkansas
Chaz Arkansas 27 kun oldin
Imagine living in California.
Jose Soto
Jose Soto Oy oldin
Put a muffler on it.
12:51 this truck goes to top LMAO
Ahsan Azhar
Ahsan Azhar Oy oldin
🤣🤣🤣 When hert fells how suppy should drive tye kei truck
goodq Oy oldin
It sounds like a Yamaha banshee
Every Body
Every Body Oy oldin
I want one to haul shit around in
Gregorius Ergi F
Gregorius Ergi F Oy oldin
The car is so loud that I had to turn off my volume.
joewall01 Oy oldin
AdrianDeadly Oy oldin
Dammm she shreds 🔥🔥🔥
Chicken Foot
Chicken Foot Oy oldin
How the F did I miss this episode?!?
drumboarder1 Oy oldin
Christ rotaries sound terrible
Sean B
Sean B Oy oldin
@4:50 I keep hitting the like button
jey Lee
jey Lee Oy oldin
you guys need one of those knobs on the steering wheel for this thing.
xhovisx1 Oy oldin
That is legit the coolest thing I have ever seen XD
abnormality16 Oy oldin
Tbh if this had a more reasonable exhaust note id daily that stuf
Dylan Meyer
Dylan Meyer Oy oldin
What ended up being the exhaust setup? Hopefully it's not directed straight at the body kit like with the original setup 😯
Thiago Cordeiro
Thiago Cordeiro Oy oldin
This definily needs a turbo. Its fucking rotary!
Bradley Goins
Bradley Goins Oy oldin
I have 2 of these... looks like the subaru is getting some upgrades!
Christian Sanchez
Christian Sanchez 2 oy oldin
Why the loud engine sound warning half of us are wearing earphones so we can properly blow out our eardrums
Rex Weird
Rex Weird 2 oy oldin
Cat eye kie truck is more gorgeous.
Paul Barks
Paul Barks 2 oy oldin
Short wheelbase rotary death machine
Rasputin 2 oy oldin
weight distro has left the chat
Katsche mit K
Katsche mit K 2 oy oldin
Brudi, das ist zu wild
John Daniel C. Rosas
John Daniel C. Rosas 2 oy oldin
Wow just wow
Dustin Clement
Dustin Clement 2 oy oldin
Scotto knows what’s up with watermelon. Yooooo that shit sucks bro. It’s just WATER, it’s gross.
Gavigg75 2 oy oldin
Lame asses wearing masks outside
PatrickAndre -KFP Company Car
PatrickAndre -KFP Company Car 2 oy oldin
These guys. Like give them any car, they turn it into a beast.
Deacon O'Keeffe
Deacon O'Keeffe 2 oy oldin
Awesome build guys, as per your usual. I double dog dare you to put some of those eyelashes on the front headlights.
Austin Mohr
Austin Mohr 2 oy oldin
Someone @jimmyoakes
Jarmezrocks 2 oy oldin
It needs a little bit more spice? I've heard that chili snails go well with Doritos! 😁
Andrew Thomsen
Andrew Thomsen 2 oy oldin
What is the top Speed in this truck?
team 180sx
team 180sx 2 oy oldin
Nice car!!!!!
Yshak Nicolaas
Yshak Nicolaas 2 oy oldin
A cool idea is put a snuzzle that would spray fire exting right on the motor if a fire broke out... by the push of a botton
J A Y D E E 2 oy oldin
ThirtyFiveEDU 2 oy oldin
The only thing that truck needs is eyelashes and a weird obsession with it’s high school teacher.
ItsMostlyJustCars 2 oy oldin
How much does it even weigh?
ItsMostlyJustCars 2 oy oldin
Of course they found the smallest car they could fit a 13b in, and then went and did it. Im surprised Hert didnt tip the thing when he was drifting.
Krisna Dwipayana
Krisna Dwipayana 2 oy oldin
Builded from suzuki carry😍
Akaash Nand
Akaash Nand 2 oy oldin
Hopefully Might Car Mods Kei tipper truck turns out like this 🙏🏽
Nelson grante
Nelson grante 2 oy oldin
The offbeat united kingdom locally frighten because language substantially mess up without a aquatic gliding. married, actually tv
Broken Camber
Broken Camber 2 oy oldin
i Have that Suzuki truck mine is a white and red colored and its low and have some brembo brakes im still looking for some loud pipe I love that wheels ≥﹏≤
Muranaman 2 oy oldin
For a rear wheel, you might want to get more weight on the rear. Like transform it into a minivan or something...
Muranaman 2 oy oldin
Wot'z zat nigga noise in the intro? Anyway, you guys got to put a proper exhaust muffler on that thing, it sounds like crap!
олександр швандер
олександр швандер 2 oy oldin
Imagine if this had a massive turbo in it
CalvoG 2 oy oldin
bro your asses are gonna be on fire wtf no heat shielding at all under that seat
Duck____Prime 2 oy oldin
I love this thing
Rossinaround *
Rossinaround * 2 oy oldin
I want one!
Gabe Solomon
Gabe Solomon 2 oy oldin
Forget body shape, what's it like to drift something with a solid rear axle and leaf springs?
Knight Gaming
Knight Gaming 2 oy oldin
9:11 I love the sound of weedwacker in the morning 😂😂😂
Costdelta 3 oy oldin
What a rotary usually does when it blows up is it spits an apex seal into the iron. Or it will burn the rotor
Costdelta 3 oy oldin
He was eating hot fries instead of doritos. Sad
Richard NZ
Richard NZ 3 oy oldin
put a nice long exhaust on it wrap the headers and pipe all the way back so it sounds nice its obnoxiously loud
Carlos Barraza
Carlos Barraza 3 oy oldin
Cantaloupe > Watermelon don’t @ me 🤣
john moser
john moser 3 oy oldin
I was trippin' when Hert was pulling the inside front tire.... flex much? Epic
john moser
john moser 3 oy oldin
I almost forgot we never got to see the kei truck in action.... damn covid
john moser
john moser 3 oy oldin
Cantaloupe best melon ever no doubt hands down
Adam C
Adam C 3 oy oldin
Finally finish the truck when worthouse doesn't have an FD team anymore. Damn
JdmJanitors 3 oy oldin
7:30 plants vs zombies music
Dane MacFadden
Dane MacFadden 3 oy oldin
Ever put more fuel in your pit truck than your race car? Still a cool build
Vutivi Mashele
Vutivi Mashele 3 oy oldin
You guys need to take this to Ebisu
Avil Georgescu
Avil Georgescu 3 oy oldin
check this one out
romilo romilo
romilo romilo 3 oy oldin
is the kei truck project already finished.?
Random Ryder
Random Ryder 3 oy oldin
Side note. That is the WORST sounding engine/exhaust I've ever heard... 🤦🏼‍♂️ Quite possibly may even be worse than a baby crying which has always been #1. 🤮👎🏻
Janne Andersson
Janne Andersson 3 oy oldin
It's cute.
Random Ryder
Random Ryder 3 oy oldin
I stopped watching these channels earlier this year and check in to find this thing has finally been completed!? 1.5+ years to get this crap finished.... 🤦🏼‍♂️😂 Knowing these clowns though, it's probably been done since April, it just took them this long to upload...
prismo 3 oy oldin
hotwheels cars be like:
Carmemes_and_coffee 3 oy oldin
bruh imagine if they added this to forza!!!! copy and paste this comment so they can see it
Terra Tundra
Terra Tundra 3 oy oldin
If Justin made it look easy then Hert made it look even easier...
DarynRod 3 oy oldin
Cantaloupe is fuckin amazing. Throw some salt on that shit.
Felipe Jardim
Felipe Jardim 3 oy oldin
Must be a fast little truck with 3x the original power! cool stuff!
Olwin Euceda perez
Olwin Euceda perez 3 oy oldin
Istg there’s nothing more Japanese then this
Dizzy DoodlesYT
Dizzy DoodlesYT 3 oy oldin
In the Philippines we call it a multi-cab
MIFSUD 3 oy oldin
Turbo it! It needs boooooooost
Nathan 3 oy oldin
Seat warmer? Ass Charmer...
RooringNos 3 oy oldin
Beautiful and delicious
Winston Pratt
Winston Pratt 3 oy oldin
The Doritos are strong with this one....🤣
Winston Pratt
Winston Pratt 3 oy oldin
That's gotta be the sexiest kei truck ever built.... 💯% period
Scott Kennedy
Scott Kennedy 3 oy oldin
Brothers, take a small seedless watermelon get the rind off and cut it into cubes. Put the cubes in a sealed tub and leave them in the fridge until REALLY cold. Eat a few of those and you will change you mind about watermelon!!!
Pat Riot !
Pat Riot ! 3 oy oldin
Can't believe there's a fem fresh advert on this video 🤣🤣
Daddo And Son.
Daddo And Son. 3 oy oldin
Masks don't do shit. 99.98% chance of survival
Daniel Pierce
Daniel Pierce 3 oy oldin
Lots of hand wammying 😂
Adam DiSalvo
Adam DiSalvo 4 oy oldin
I want this truck more than anything
Shane McMillion
Shane McMillion 4 oy oldin
Wow you could have had a V8 sounds like crap sorry just saying
PhlyinPhenoix Gaming
PhlyinPhenoix Gaming 4 oy oldin
most American thing ever: big block v8 in any american made car most japanese thing ever: one rotary swapped small boi truck do drifts
Asia M
Asia M 4 oy oldin
Kiel Lasala
Kiel Lasala 4 oy oldin
Big D Mcc
Big D Mcc 4 oy oldin
Holy shit
Cktime ThirtyTwo
Cktime ThirtyTwo 4 oy oldin
Wasn’t this supposed to be that drift teams pit truck like a year ago? 😂
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