The Polaris RZR Gets Beadlock Wheels + We Do the Slowest Space Race Ever!

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Hoonigan Project Cars

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We’re getting our Polaris RZR prepped for something… and that something needs beadlock wheels from Method Wheels. So we do what any prudent company would do: we take the three guys who have the least experience with beadlocks, and put them on the job. And in the meantime, behold the slowest space race ever: Scotto’s Audi vs. Hert’s Corolla. But hey, at least they run!
Thanks to Method Race Wheels
Instagram: @methodracewheels
Special thanks to Polaris for trusting us with this RZR Turbo S 4!
Instagram: @polarisrzr
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Edoardo Migliavacca
Edoardo Migliavacca 20 kun oldin
erik hairgrove
erik hairgrove 29 kun oldin
The fact Saun ripped a hole in the tire and everybody was like aw we got a new tire guy hilarious 😆
Jaap Oy oldin
Dude, always line up the valve with the tyre label.
Jack Novak
Jack Novak Oy oldin
Scotto rippin back and slamming the brakes was the most scumbag thing. Love it
stephane farnes
stephane farnes Oy oldin
Another tip ......sort out the leaky pedal valve.....shissssssssssssss
forty inches
forty inches Oy oldin
Funny cause i had that book in the early 2000s when i owned one. Miss this car. And jealous big time.
Gustavo Figueiredo
Gustavo Figueiredo 4 oy oldin
Yes, bring it back.
Païen Forn Siðr
Païen Forn Siðr 4 oy oldin
0:25 Exactly the same voice as illiminate. 😳
Shawn Stafford
Shawn Stafford 4 oy oldin
Well, the one guy is really annoying. Also probably has a bunch of experience with tires. Likely stolen
Zodiam 4 oy oldin
More Audi vids please!
evokur 4 oy oldin
holy shit suppy is annoying. basically makes any video with him in it unwatchable.
Braden ublish
Braden ublish 4 oy oldin
2 weeks no upload😭 *punchin the air*
Ken Valena
Ken Valena 4 oy oldin
Yo I got a v6 nissan motor for sell or trade if u guys r wanting
Allan Janetzki
Allan Janetzki 4 oy oldin
Bring back space race
Alex Hedge
Alex Hedge 4 oy oldin
Did anyone see the Supra 😂
Iain Angus Freeman
Iain Angus Freeman 4 oy oldin
A week and no posts are you OK
Derek g
Derek g 5 oy oldin
Does suppy do anything I can do his job
Spectre223 5 oy oldin
There definitely needs to be a V2 Daily Driver space-race, but it needs to be at the Burnyard so the right lane can go all out without worrying about slamming into the dock ramp
jake willis
jake willis 5 oy oldin
is supy the new hert? never workin smh
nacostacos 5 oy oldin
Why is Hert's fuel pump louder than his car?
dave IIIBB
dave IIIBB 5 oy oldin
Bring back space race
miguel ariel Santos lopez
miguel ariel Santos lopez 5 oy oldin
Herts Tshirt is fire
M 5 oy oldin
Imagine a BMW pickup truck 😄, that be interesting, it would probably be the most boujee pickup truck ever 😂
Daring Dave
Daring Dave 5 oy oldin
That was a good episode when Dan ran and beat the smart cars. Yall threw that clip in hella quick
Jesse Gregory
Jesse Gregory 5 oy oldin
Souuuupy u where obviously ghenghis khan ;)
Building Dreams Garage
Building Dreams Garage 5 oy oldin
Feels like the last few videos have been “how to change a tire” but I’m ok with that
RandomGuyWithaMazda 5 oy oldin
suppyvising next level
Tyler Dahl
Tyler Dahl 5 oy oldin
suppy grinding the loco moco 😂
collio23 5 oy oldin
intro music?
Home Chopping Network
Home Chopping Network 5 oy oldin
We have a video ‘How to mount bead locks without a tire machine’ check it out. 🤷🏻‍♂️
Jaden Mason
Jaden Mason 5 oy oldin
Osha violation @1:16 😂
White Stallion
White Stallion 5 oy oldin
Bro supply is still paying the drill off relax
Jlitch 5 oy oldin
Hope Sean got a raise
432 hz or die
432 hz or die 5 oy oldin
uhh how do you not have anti-sieze? you could use anything from 3 in 1 oil to beeswax
douglas 5 oy oldin
does anyone else notice notice that Suppy's always complaining how about everyone else work or how slow they work?
matt hill
matt hill 5 oy oldin
Are those new pizza seats in the hachi goku? They look baller as fuck
matt hill
matt hill 5 oy oldin
My UZpost is tripping... Where was my notification man... Here 2 days late and shit 🤦‍♂️🤣
Brendan92298 5 oy oldin
miss the old hoonigan
HAND MADE 5 oy oldin
This channel has fallen pretty far.
Old Evolution
Old Evolution 5 oy oldin
Dam, When did they get rid of the crates :(
wheelsgoaround 5 oy oldin
I spit my soup out laughing with you guys. Keep it up!
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 5 oy oldin
@02:00 this is how you can tell they know nothing about maintenance. 1. You need a torque socket, the black socket, not the shiny one. 2. Also that impact gun will not put out the right amount of reverse torque you need. It's not because it "old". 3 when removing wheels you keep them on the ground, then take off the nuts, then jack up the vehicle. ...
Baasith Risardo
Baasith Risardo 5 oy oldin
is that a SUPRA?!?!
Asphelite 5 oy oldin
its so sad youre damaging the rims so bad when takin off the rubber like that smh
notamexican91 5 oy oldin
"Its all about to get smoked by an old f#$%in truck" 😂
Kamal Stringer
Kamal Stringer 5 oy oldin
Are you really even working in a shop if there isn't a hidden air leak somewhere???
xanzar21 5 oy oldin
scotto with the I almost had you line can't wait to he finishes a build.
Thomas Dijkhof
Thomas Dijkhof 5 oy oldin
Hell yeah bring back space race And I want so see that race between herts 86 and the truck
John3yflame 5 oy oldin
Whats that gold 350/370z at the begining of the video?
Zion Foeerster
Zion Foeerster 5 oy oldin
Need more barnyard single car content always love those but still charging none the less
Alex M
Alex M 5 oy oldin
That's cool and all, but we need more of that Grand National
Sebastian Morrison
Sebastian Morrison 5 oy oldin
Guys I missed space race. I have a galaxy painted, space themed Saturn that we should space race 🤯
Mitch Arthur
Mitch Arthur 5 oy oldin
You don't need a tire machine to mount beadlocks, did 5 methods with tensor 33's in my garage by hand. & good luck getting them off later with no anti seize.
Shane O'Hara
Shane O'Hara 5 oy oldin
I spin tires like that all day long.
Beaudoin Motorsports
Beaudoin Motorsports 5 oy oldin
Emilio Naranjo
Emilio Naranjo 5 oy oldin
UncleManuel 5 oy oldin
There's a Method to this madness. See what I did there? ^_^
ZoltarSoulFunk 5 oy oldin
AE86 and Audi 80 in the thumbnail and 80% of the video is mounting an off road tyre. 👎
outdawazoo 21
outdawazoo 21 5 oy oldin
space race could be another level at the burnyard, the old daily space race tourney is one of my favorite videos, it’s due for a sequel.
Token650 5 oy oldin
We not gonna hand tighten these..proceeds to use a impact on the bead bolts lol
ryan rempel
ryan rempel 5 oy oldin
Aamir 5 oy oldin
I bet the forklifts faster than Scotto’s Audi
Einar Andreas Ølstad Bjølgerud
Einar Andreas Ølstad Bjølgerud 5 oy oldin
4:26 is that a supra
Justin Burbidge
Justin Burbidge 5 oy oldin
It's painful to watch you guys do tyre fitting. Rule one..don't clamp wheels on inside on wheel. Get me over there I will show you how to as I fit tyres for a living
Wade Preston
Wade Preston 5 oy oldin
It takes a village to mount a tire!! Kind of like raising children!
MR. Buffallo
MR. Buffallo 5 oy oldin
Yo can I have the accord book 😁
initialSpeed 5 oy oldin
We are all learning together !!
Ramiro Zuñiga
Ramiro Zuñiga 5 oy oldin
Bring space race back!!!
rob will
rob will 5 oy oldin
Who’s 5.0 is that ?
Yee Juinn
Yee Juinn 5 oy oldin
Hold up. Where's kyle?
s_G Walls
s_G Walls 5 oy oldin
🤣Dan beats any car to the eighth
Alexander Fielding
Alexander Fielding 5 oy oldin
I need a mate with the same level of energy as Zac being a hype man for me in everything.
Mike Ocksbig
Mike Ocksbig 5 oy oldin
ham no burger... i died
Jake Zablow
Jake Zablow 5 oy oldin
Bring brad back
Jacky Stuntin
Jacky Stuntin 5 oy oldin
Who’s viper is that @ 9:03
DelinquentDJ 5 oy oldin
Im liking this Mitch fellow just because he looks almost exactly like me😂
parptarf 5 oy oldin
That CQ is sick though!
Quetzalcoatl 5 oy oldin
Weird how the Donut Garage lot looks smaller without the shipping containers.
Kincaid Harrison
Kincaid Harrison 5 oy oldin
So I have been gone for a while because of college, but when I come back I see two new guys. And I fucking love both of them. They’re hilarious and a good addition to hoonigan. I like that soupy is now a regular
Tjeerd 5 oy oldin
Yes please do another Daily Driver Space Race! #BringBackSpaceRace
Key 5 oy oldin
Shouldve raced the donk against the olds before tearing the donk apart
Gypsy 5 oy oldin
Hahaha dude those 7A’s in coupe quattros are so slow man sounds good though
Bald Bastard211
Bald Bastard211 5 oy oldin
If this joker says “we cherry “ one more time I’m gunna find him and punch him straight in the face. Dead ass
Mark 5 oy oldin
More of Sean’s bimmers , less of Scotto’s shitboxes
Tim Randazzo
Tim Randazzo 5 oy oldin
Herts diff definitely gave him the upper hand
Tim Randazzo
Tim Randazzo 5 oy oldin
Mathew Sanford
Mathew Sanford 5 oy oldin
It's been said before but I'll say it again suppy and Sean are totally rush hour
Brandon Deel
Brandon Deel 5 oy oldin
Suppy is eating his fame shit up...
Frankie M
Frankie M 5 oy oldin
I'm surprised Scotto got around to actually "bolting" his hood, grill, and lights in. I was waiting for them to fall off during the launch. Unlike Hert's hood that take flight.
thekiddlevi 5 oy oldin
Is Suppy eating a loco moco?
Josh Dobson
Josh Dobson 5 oy oldin
Souppy......I feel you 1995 auto tech in high school got me farther than most of this! ;)
colormesarge 5 oy oldin
Why are there so many people at Hoonigan that don't know fuck all about vehicles? You know there are plenty of people that work in every field that actually like and enjoy cars? Edit: Also, why does Hoonigan lack so many basic tools? Are you literally only getting stuff you get for free + making shop workers bring their own tools? No one should have to bring their own tools to a shop. Y'all nasty. Wikipedia knowledge is obvious.
Maxwell Clark
Maxwell Clark 5 oy oldin
My favorite vids hoons just fucking around 😊
Alex K
Alex K 5 oy oldin
7A powa!!!!!!
iNk FpV
iNk FpV 5 oy oldin
what did you wrong thats easy LS in a FD.
Paul_ The_Nerd
Paul_ The_Nerd 5 oy oldin
remember when scotto says "someday" it means never
Robert hope jr.
Robert hope jr. 5 oy oldin
He just Suppyvising
Ramon Villa
Ramon Villa 5 oy oldin
It's cuz your a suppy visor that's why your here suppy . These guys need suppy vision
Taylor Davidson
Taylor Davidson 5 oy oldin
What’s with the viper😍😍😍
Ian Fairbanks
Ian Fairbanks 5 oy oldin
bout time there's a got dang space race.
CAGE QUEST 5 oy oldin
yeah B, I’d honestly do the same thing with those books
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