Scotto’s NEW Audi Project: Carcaine Problems Strike Again (And It Runs, Kinda)

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We’ve cracked the infinite Carcaine loop. Get stressed, look at classified ads for rat trap cars, buy rat trap car, Get stressed, repeat.

This is Scotto’s life.

He got too many cars on the road for his own good, so of course he couldn’t say no to an insane deal on this D2 Audi S8. And so begins another tale of rescuing a car from impending doom.

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Six Foot Four Mike
Six Foot Four Mike Oy oldin
If you haven't seen Ronin, go watch it.
Bren Õispuu
Bren Õispuu 11 kun oldin
@cavemanvi to
john moser
john moser Oy oldin
It's a VW Audi guys version of bullitt only a lot better acting and story line
Samuel Arango
Samuel Arango Oy oldin
“Going to need bigger injectors and two nitrous tanks”
Alexander Langdon
Alexander Langdon Oy oldin
Garbage movie with great action. it's perfect.
Chris Walker
Chris Walker Oy oldin
Ronin = nap time
AJ Kun oldin
Love that Audi and Ronin, hate your neck hair, figure it out bro, be an adult.
Shockerbp 3 kun oldin
Can yall talk more about using Diesel Oil to help clean the engine. I cant find much about it online.
BajaMedic 5 kun oldin
V10 all day!
Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin 5 kun oldin
Man, i miss my s8 soooooooo much
G K 6 kun oldin
The brave gazelle byerly scribble because rest oddly phone from a private blinker. neat, uneven tomato
Johnathan Doe
Johnathan Doe 8 kun oldin
V12 TDI from a VW Taureg would be perfect.
Jason Bielecki
Jason Bielecki 8 kun oldin
My brother has one sitting because the transmission started to slip bad. The only way to fix it is a new transmission. I hope this doesn’t happen to your a8. 🙌
Aaron Howe
Aaron Howe 9 kun oldin
oil level sensor, oil level sensor
Ralph Menta
Ralph Menta 10 kun oldin
Every VAG car ive had has ALWAYS had the multiple mifires code either in the ecu history or it throws the engine light. I basically learned to ignore it.
Ralph Menta
Ralph Menta 10 kun oldin
The S8 is one of my dream cars too. I have always had VAG cars and my kids too. We bought my oldest a GTI last year. That 4.2 can be built up pretty easy.
Aaron Rivera
Aaron Rivera 11 kun oldin
For the love of all that matters: please do EXACTLY WHAT YOU DESCRIBED for all us no-funds working slobs - V10 manual swap! Live the dream. Let us live vicariously... with plenty of videos...
john rosciolo
john rosciolo 12 kun oldin
Holy shit I'm having the same window problems lmao
leon spider
leon spider 12 kun oldin
Scotto man you work your tail off so I say to you If not Why not carcaine for ever
Ryan Henak
Ryan Henak 13 kun oldin
Seafoam is a car killer.
Meteor Media
Meteor Media 14 kun oldin
No, that V10 is actually the same one you'd find in a first gen R8 or facelifted Gallardo. The RS6 is the car that had the same V10 as a non-facelift Gallardo, with the addition of two turbos.
Meteor Media
Meteor Media 14 kun oldin
Not many people know this, but this car (facelift version of the Audi S8, 1999-2002, D2 chassis code) was actually the worlds fastest production sedan for a short periode of time.
Mads Høst Pedersen
Mads Høst Pedersen 15 kun oldin
Why not the rs6 twinturbo v10, I know you didnt get the car in america, but the engines Are not that expensive in Europe I've seen Them from around 7k USD and they make 700+hp just with a tune. With supporting mods they can go even higher, and a friend of mine put nitrous on his so it made 1000hp 🤣 check out "sportmile" in poland, they did the tunes on all of the ones he had(yes he had several) 😅
sonofthor86 15 kun oldin
I had an 01 a6 with the 4.2 straight piped and that fucker was so good until it stretched the timing chain and smashed valves. But my wife was in school to be a mechanic so we built it at my college and sold It for 2x's what we originally paid. I still miss that car.
Mason 16 kun oldin
Wasn’t it in the Transporter aswell? You definitely need to lower it and get some BBS dished wire wheels for it 🔥
URBN 18 kun oldin
Somebody tell Scott to cut his kitchens... If you don't know; ask somebody.
Daniel Boon
Daniel Boon 20 kun oldin
I have a love hate relationship with Audi....have a new Audi loooooove....Bought my son a first car A6 on FB marketplace....been dumping money into it and haaaate it .....125k engine way into it with money.....does he appreciate it???? Idk BUT it gets my wife Angry just to hear I'm dumping more 🤑🤑🤑🤑💰💰💰💰💰💰......ok I like Audi again
Trapgod Nah
Trapgod Nah 20 kun oldin
How do you know this man actually owned the car tho?🤨
NuisancePanda 20 kun oldin
I bailed on the surprise civic build video for this... S8 is my FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE Car!!! (HOLY NECK HAIR BRUH)
darknmy 21 kun oldin
Best neck hair
Nicolas Fletcher
Nicolas Fletcher 22 kun oldin
AAN swap
Parker LeClair
Parker LeClair 22 kun oldin
Have a 2002 A6 quattro with a 4.2 v8.. blew the transmission in it but want to build it kinda quick.. this doesn’t help..
DBGMLV 22 kun oldin
Turbo VR6, please !!!
Adam 22 kun oldin
Started watching hoonigan as a JDM boy, now I’m a euro boy, I have a b6 a4
Nash 22 kun oldin
With oil pressure, be worried when it drops below 15. 29 at idle at full op temp is fine
Allan Almet
Allan Almet 22 kun oldin
About that engine, as much i have heard and seen, those engines can be pushed up to 800hp without a lot of problem. Some have said that this engine is the easiest to modify regarding adding turbos and making great power. But if you are thinking of changing, I would go for the V10.
Blane Davis
Blane Davis 22 kun oldin
This sounded a like Ed Bolian story from way back.
jiggyretrokidd 23 kun oldin
Such a good platform to build off of, I’m such a slut for big body yachts 🤤
Logan Lake
Logan Lake 24 kun oldin
TURBO VR6!!!!!!!
Limit-R 24 kun oldin
Other than the Nova I really think Scotto just likes Euro stuff more than USDM.
DanelExx e
DanelExx e 24 kun oldin
First thing you do when buying car you like is wash it!!!
Asr Ast&Hru
Asr Ast&Hru 25 kun oldin
bro shave the back of your neck sir
Kenny Powers
Kenny Powers 25 kun oldin
V10 all day, or if ur really about that carcaine life pick up one of those fancy dancy w12’s
Andrew4181975 25 kun oldin
Most kids these days haven't even seen Ronin. That is a Classic car chase movie,the S8 and M5 are the real Stars in that movie,but that old 450SEL 6.9 Merc was damn cool too. "What's In the case?" I guess we will never know. You should keep the stock motor,and just add NOS like Larry did in the movie.
KNIGHT FALL 25 kun oldin
You are putting a vr6 in this and that’s that. That’s the content we need, seems I never see ppl build these and it’s so sad.
A-Camp *
A-Camp * 26 kun oldin
V10 Scotto
Michael Simoneau
Michael Simoneau 26 kun oldin
making gods work damn OwO
Ervins Kozuls
Ervins Kozuls 26 kun oldin
Cool S8!!! I like it About your oil fault, check out in oil pan oil lever sensor, last week in my shop was the same problem with D2 V8 engine. And VCDS (VAG DIAG) will help you to work with Audi/vw cars. In Ebay cost 30-40 dollars.
Kharon Smith
Kharon Smith 26 kun oldin
Hunter Nelson
Hunter Nelson 27 kun oldin
the music volume is wayyy too loud lmao
Teemu Myyryläinen
Teemu Myyryläinen 27 kun oldin
im not exactly sure.. but i have gut feeling that dunking chromium wrench on oil after heating and bending does not re harden it in any way. And even if it does add carbon to metal.. it will do an film like layer anyway and by heating the tool , it softens the whole way tru ...
Guitarnut Bolinuli
Guitarnut Bolinuli 27 kun oldin
I love that van; the Audi is cool too.
Stefan Chiritescu
Stefan Chiritescu 27 kun oldin
I have the same car, bought for the same reason (Ronin). It's a tank. And it actually IS lightweight (1750kg) for it's size. A VW Passat is 1650kg... Mine is a 2000 year model and NO RUST! Like...anywhere! As for the engine itself, it will accept a lot more power, it's very flexible. No need for the V10. But it will fit if you want it. This car was also available with a 6.0L W12 engine. Also, it's surprisingly economic, especially on the highway. Good choice man, I love this car!
milk4 26 kun oldin
There is no rust because it is aluminium body.
baddbradd89 27 kun oldin
atleast braid the neck hair man
Hila P
Hila P 27 kun oldin
Still got ur skills hahaha mean bro
Brofessor _
Brofessor _ 28 kun oldin
chrome the entire car
Russian Wolf86
Russian Wolf86 28 kun oldin
scotto if you need parts there is a whole 2002 Audi A8 near me that runs and drives,4.2 V8 for 1000$
Daniel DeHut
Daniel DeHut 28 kun oldin
hey if we are gunna match hoodies all the time you need to get that neck lined up
Fred Williams
Fred Williams 28 kun oldin
Big body v8 sedans! Yes!!!
Romeo Victor
Romeo Victor 28 kun oldin
Idk if anyones said it but if theirs a keyless entry fob it might be the fault of your window issue, key fob or body control module. Also, harbor freight sells a scan tool that will read abs codes for cheap.
AWD Obsession
AWD Obsession 28 kun oldin
“For a basic set of johnnies, I got this car” -Brian
Matt R
Matt R 23 kun oldin
What is a set of Johnnies?
Peter Piccolo
Peter Piccolo 28 kun oldin
bro trim ur neck hair.. just looking out not trying to shit on u
Dobbz Motorsport
Dobbz Motorsport 28 kun oldin
vrt yep yep yep
Michael Mignone
Michael Mignone 28 kun oldin
When my windows detect any pressure going up they automatically stop and go down. That might be what's upbwith your windows?
BadBrad61169 28 kun oldin
Time to put some KWs on and let it set for 10 years. Nice!
Aaron Henderson
Aaron Henderson 28 kun oldin
I wonder how tough and expensive a W12 swap would be...
rekinpurgis 28 kun oldin
omg go work on your ls tractor engines you not smart enough for euro v8. also im euro and i ihate europ stuff, ls ftw
Vendetta 31
Vendetta 31 28 kun oldin
Should’ve got c5 rs6 if you wanted turbo 4.2
Vendetta 31
Vendetta 31 28 kun oldin
Why do I love Audi’s so much?
andrew freer
andrew freer 28 kun oldin
Carcaine. Remember you audience age who watches this cars and cocain brilliant roll models you are.
Justin Krieg
Justin Krieg 28 kun oldin
17.01 NOS?
Tony Pintarelli
Tony Pintarelli 29 kun oldin
Scotto's Specialty Audi Tools
Synthetic Danimal 90
Synthetic Danimal 90 29 kun oldin
The tightness and double firewall kinda reminds me of my g35.
Samus5164 29 kun oldin
Put a 5-cyl in it and twin-turbo it ;)
David Witcher
David Witcher 29 kun oldin
This dude is a glutton for punishment.
Jack Powell
Jack Powell 29 kun oldin
This V8 isnt that good, not going to bother with it. Actually its good we're going to keep this V8. V10... definitely V10. all in like 6 minutes.
Freddy Smith
Freddy Smith 29 kun oldin
That board in the PS footwear looks like that for a reason, it got wet. Don't forget to "pinch the nipples" One on both sides above the front wheels, 2 big ones on both sides of the transmission and 2 for the AC condenser drains on the inside of car. Looking at the engine bay next to the firewall there is a lot of leafs and other debris.
Rudy Suarez
Rudy Suarez 29 kun oldin
I cannot relate more to Scotto than: @ 7:41 "Random Misfire that's like the code you get all the time" yessir! That damn misfire code smh!
funda delgado
funda delgado 29 kun oldin
Yup had to make a fan clutch tool once or twice and had to cut and extend a cam lock tool so it would work lol
beans301 29 kun oldin
holy shit....i'm looking at one of these around my way right now. i've always been a fan of them....but Ronin really sold me on it. just have to manual know...bc EU versions got them.
Nick Wilson
Nick Wilson 29 kun oldin
did you check if VCDS can log oil pressure on this 4.2 before this nonsense?
Ben Broke-Smith
Ben Broke-Smith 29 kun oldin
Why buy a new cluster when you could spend hours of your time adding another gauge and live with a flashing red light on the dashboard. This is a very me thing to do. haha
Connor Leyland
Connor Leyland 29 kun oldin
Powerstroke Van!?!?!?!? So sickkkk
Heavy hauling Idaho
Heavy hauling Idaho Oy oldin
Hey Scotto how about focus on finishing a car..... just saying
Impslap Oy oldin
Nice come up! It was satisfying to watch tackling all the little problems and end with a nice cruise.
Steve McRichards
Steve McRichards Oy oldin
Absolute bad ass car! Have to put NOS in it because: unsuspecting assassin. No smoking in Scotto's car, bad for night vision.
utbdoug Oy oldin
Literally using a she-wee as a funnel.. Brilliant!
Gabriel Carvalho
Gabriel Carvalho Oy oldin
After he gets it fully running. It would be dope to get total cost of what it took to get it fully running
Leadfoot_j Oy oldin
I think you should turbocharge the car. Would be interesting to if you could swap s more modern transmission in it too. Would be sweet with a zf 8 speed or a twin clutch transmission
Marcel Nawrocki
Marcel Nawrocki Oy oldin
Swap RS6 c5 engine it's almost the same but with twin turbo
Darin Nederhoff
Darin Nederhoff Oy oldin
Don't V10 that... it won't be that fast. If anything, get the RS6 4.2 engine and build that and manual swap it. It's been done before as well so you don't have to blaze the trail in the dark. Also, I have a D2 S8 parts car if you need something.
BobbyLite203 Oy oldin
V10 man sounds dopee
Diego Alvarez
Diego Alvarez Oy oldin
Can someone at the shop hook my man up with some clippers. Mans is growing a mullet
Ian Derzsi
Ian Derzsi Oy oldin
the reason the windows go down when you try to make them go up is because of the pinch sensor, every german car has them, including all your old VW's. It think that the window is going to chop off your hand and thus makes it go back down again. Lube the window regulator and clean the rails and it should fix it.
Fabian Rosales
Fabian Rosales Oy oldin
V10 all the way
Charlie Brown
Charlie Brown Oy oldin
I had one, like 13 years ago, my god time flies. Great car. Unbelievable stamina and speed.
DJ Blochu
DJ Blochu Oy oldin
Put 4.2L v8 Frombork a8 with abz engine code that engine holds up power
nacostacos Oy oldin
I love early 2000's big bodies. My friend had a W220 and I've always loved E38's but this is the first time I've really explored the Audi side. Really looking forward to this one!
Midwest Chris
Midwest Chris Oy oldin
the d2 a8/s8 has the best booty of all the audi's
goldtoaster1512 Oy oldin
Seafoam is amazing stuff especially on Audis. I've used it to fix several check engine lights.
Kennie Smith
Kennie Smith Oy oldin
V10 be money
Jordan Henderson
Jordan Henderson Oy oldin
Yeah! Nice. I have a 2000 S4. I want this next :D
Aj Lauzon
Aj Lauzon Oy oldin
Dude, with your connections, why the fuck would you go through the bullshit to swap the 4.2 out? Honestly, all you need is twin turbos, haltech elite 2500, 1000cc injectors, hot and cold manifolds bam, 700 all wheel hp and everything works. Trust me you do not want to swap a v10 into that thing itll take you a very very long time to get happy and reliable. Trust me when i tell you to have a good automotive electrician come in and delete all the stupid sensors and install the haltech. Im a 12 year Audi technician and i can for a fact tell you other than the 2.8 n/a v6, the 5v 4.2 is the most reliable and capable OEM Audi engine in the '98-'04 range. HMU if you want more advice. I am the Audi doctor my friend. Also, i can tell you possibly the oil pressure sending unit was causing a false reading like every other sensor. Coolant temp sensors arent to be trusted either in that generation of Volkswagen product. If the low oil pressure reading was accurate, first thing you do is drop the pan, drop the windage tray, and check the pick ups. Theyre not large. Good luck my friend. Buy a 4.2 R8 and drop the v10 in it. That would be worth it. Then you can make it rear wheel drive too 😎
Jake Small
Jake Small Oy oldin
V10 for sure
Club Audi Vic
Club Audi Vic Oy oldin
To be film correct, it needs nitrous!
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