Ruining Your Daily Driver is the Best! Danger Dan Gets his Drift/Grip Miata Track-Ready

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Hoonigan Project Cars

24 kun oldin

Danger Dan got this Miata as a nice, reliable daily driver that can hit the track sometimes too. So anyway, now we he has entirely new suspension arms/knuckles/bushings/brakes/cooling/etc on this thing. MIGHT AS WELL THROW SEATS / STEERING / ROLLBAR AT IT TOO. This is why we can’t have nice dailies.

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Alec Rinko
Alec Rinko 11 kun oldin
Anyone wonder what happened to daily transmission?
lester nahe
lester nahe 11 kun oldin
yasin adams
yasin adams 13 kun oldin
Rim and tire size pls ? 😢😢
bliglum 14 kun oldin
You get a thumbs up just for that thumbnail. We need a little positivity in today's negative, victim role world.
Jason Bishop
Jason Bishop 16 kun oldin
That damn steering wheel is 🔥 I love it
John Great
John Great 19 kun oldin
Subtitles said "music" while the roots screamed on the track
Uriah 19 kun oldin
In case anyone here wants to put a Mishimoto rad in their NB2 Miata with the stock fans, you’ll need to cut a bit of the plastic fan shroud off of the bottom driver side for it to fit past the A/C lines.
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi 20 kun oldin
Makes me want a miata, then i realize im 6'4 and i would need a taller cage.
GrindhousePE 20 kun oldin
Hoonigan could post videos of Dan building IKEA furniture and I'd still watch it
Rhadison Stambaugh
Rhadison Stambaugh 20 kun oldin
Brendan Fitness and Money
Brendan Fitness and Money 20 kun oldin
How to un-daily your daily
Gustavo Figueiredo
Gustavo Figueiredo 20 kun oldin
I'm really digging this build.
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi 20 kun oldin
My miata has been sitting since 2018 and this has gotten me pumped to get get home and get to work on it.
Gustavo Figueiredo
Gustavo Figueiredo 20 kun oldin
I see no reason why Dan shouldn't be singing *"GARAGE GARAGE"* 🎶 in the intro.
pida siouy
pida siouy 20 kun oldin
When was this filmed because if he's talking about being at Adams this weekend I'm there
Nicholas Ruiz
Nicholas Ruiz 21 kun oldin
Dan said Bitch😳😳
Nicholas Ruiz
Nicholas Ruiz 21 kun oldin
What’s IS THE NAME OF THE Intro song?!
Back2duh90s 21 kun oldin
Steering wheel looks fresh as hell!! Nice Em1 Tony! 🤘
pida siouy
pida siouy 20 kun oldin
Can we get more info on the parts you put in as you go?!
William Henderson
William Henderson 21 kun oldin
Was wondering if this Miata was going to make it to the shop ever.👍
Chader Burton
Chader Burton 21 kun oldin
I want to see that black honda coupe that was in the background
notamexican91 21 kun oldin
About 3min in and I'm witnessing a man strip wire with sidecutters like its no big deal. Thats a like outta me, dawg.
Triston Williams
Triston Williams 21 kun oldin
Dan what are your thoughts on Gale Banks review of the Camaro???
SilentBeast133 21 kun oldin
Are they in Australia
Obe Wan
Obe Wan 21 kun oldin
when your daily needs a cage.
Draconis Equus
Draconis Equus 21 kun oldin
"But I forgot it" Should be your catchphrase.
Robert Walker
Robert Walker 21 kun oldin
Is my mans' wearing a GD chain to hold up his face mask?? That is some BallerA**Sh*t!! Please sell $50 Hoonigan branded chains (that hold up your face mask) :)
Robert Walker
Robert Walker 21 kun oldin
I'm thinking like the little clamps you would find on the end of a multimeter welded at the ends (Maybe rubber tips for Ergo?)
Asher Gallegos
Asher Gallegos 21 kun oldin
My miata has been sitting since 2018 and this has gotten me pumped to get get home and get to work on it.
Mark A
Mark A 21 kun oldin
Challenge Donut media Miata !!
1983paparoach 21 kun oldin
We need more Danger Dan Fab
ElMuerto 21
ElMuerto 21 22 kun oldin
Is it me or does Dan looks a little more like Chuck Norris with ever Video
Gang Gang
Gang Gang 22 kun oldin
I don’t understand how people really use those cheap Grip Royal steering wheels. Those and NRG steering wheels. Literal rice. 🤮
David Lopes
David Lopes 22 kun oldin
Do k24 swap Dan 😁
David Schmidt
David Schmidt 22 kun oldin
Can we get more info on the parts you put in as you go?!
Danger Dan
Danger Dan 21 kun oldin
Check the video description
David Schmidt
David Schmidt 22 kun oldin
Yo dan what what angle kit is that? Zerk maybe?
Danger Dan
Danger Dan 21 kun oldin
Destroy or die kit
Serial Grillaz
Serial Grillaz 22 kun oldin
Dan vs Zach Jobe
Dead Pixel Media
Dead Pixel Media 22 kun oldin
I honestly expected more from dan than linesman pliers and a lighter when he was wiring in the fans...
Danger Dan
Danger Dan 21 kun oldin
Gotta do what ya gotta fo
explodeder 22 kun oldin
What happened to the 200mph diesel? It got me through the early part of quarantine.
BustDaNinja 22 kun oldin
I daily'd an E34 all summer, only to get this ambition to turn it into a stripped out, ratty race daily. So I bought an E38 to daily in the meantime... And now I wanna turn that into a ratty slammed bimmer truck. So I'm looking for another E34 to daily in the meantime...
headsetlucky13 22 kun oldin
Transmission gana go
Ding Dong Drift
Ding Dong Drift 22 kun oldin
so you got hoonigan autofocus, this channel should be called hoonigan out of focus.
Mark Swinhoe
Mark Swinhoe 22 kun oldin
This is cool and all but wheres Kyle?
Krampus 22 kun oldin
xXquackiXx 22 kun oldin
True garage wrencher: Has a lift available, but uses the car jack anyway
Oriel Gmez
Oriel Gmez 22 kun oldin
Rear brake calipers on the Miata, MX-6, 626 and Protegé of the same era uses the same 4mm allen type adjusting screw.
la_Plata 22 kun oldin
It's cool that the miata has the same break design as my buggy same wheel bolt spacing
Thomas Cooley
Thomas Cooley 22 kun oldin
3:40 come on man it's clearly microwave popcorn use those man skills get u a stove top popcorn and try again
Johnathan Ellis
Johnathan Ellis 22 kun oldin
Hoonigan miata vs Donut media miata?
Jake Hinz
Jake Hinz 22 kun oldin
I have an 05 nb2 miata and even though this doesnt show how to install the parts, Im definitely gonna steal some of the mod ideas such as the antigravity battery
That Fiat
That Fiat 22 kun oldin
Watched half the video, just got my 8th ad, Ill edit this comment if EVEN more ads show up
Karvon Ripa
Karvon Ripa 22 kun oldin
Anyone know what control arm kit that was 🤔
Team Pizza Crazy
Team Pizza Crazy 22 kun oldin
I love this Miataaaaaaaaaaaa!
Sean campbell
Sean campbell 22 kun oldin
Respect to the outfits my guy
Sprain Ankle
Sprain Ankle 22 kun oldin
Shout out money pit🐍
PaintHam 22 kun oldin
Miata and that ridiculous rear brake adjuster. What do they think they are drum brakes?
RnmdudeFB 22 kun oldin
Yo my brakes on my 323 are the same it makes it so easy to change then when they get older
Christopher Morrison Photo
Christopher Morrison Photo 22 kun oldin
Where did Brad go :(?
Mike Medeiros
Mike Medeiros 22 kun oldin
I don’t understand the point of this Miata. What happened to the s14 and the purple e36? Seems like you’re going backwards in vehicles
Finnan Cobb
Finnan Cobb 22 kun oldin
Where is coalmaro?? I need to see the rest of this project and see it actually run under full anger
MadCarTK 22 kun oldin
Get it?... He's "pumped" about his new brakes....
Stan Hilhorst
Stan Hilhorst 22 kun oldin
You got tools for those kind of rear brakes: these are like one of the kits you can buy. Just a hint from a dutch mechanic. I like the content keep up the good work!
Thedynojumper 22 kun oldin
We want duramax we want duramax we want duramax! Who with me?
cam nat
cam nat 22 kun oldin
Do you know what they haven't did in awhile is thats a wrap
Kai 22 kun oldin
Dan singing at 6:20 reminded me of "Garage, Garage" and I want a singing Dan back.
Atrophy 22 kun oldin
you can fit two seats if you take out one hehe
Zack Froud
Zack Froud 22 kun oldin
'Look who i have to look upto here" Dan 2021, Answer is EVERYONE're the shortest in the fleet :D
The Rx7 roadie BURPLE RX7
The Rx7 roadie BURPLE RX7 22 kun oldin
Danger Dan the creative powerhouse! Unfortunately it seems like we have found his weakness! Wiring is definitely not his forte
Scott Reed
Scott Reed 22 kun oldin
So you buy titanium wheel nuts but put a 100 kg roll bar in 😜😜😜😝😝😝
Jas Sandhu
Jas Sandhu 22 kun oldin
Don’t worry Dan we’ve all done that bolt thing #themoreyouknow
Aj Dude
Aj Dude 22 kun oldin
i find it funny how im 6 foot 5 an dhave an na miata and hes whats 5 foot 5 lol i have a rool bar and its mounted way different but in saying that you go dan the man
Itz_Miah 22 kun oldin
That camera angle in the track clip tho , spicy 🔥
Aj Dude
Aj Dude 22 kun oldin
that rad fan wiring is so maori . but at least he used semi crimps hahah
Not J
Not J 22 kun oldin
Apparently, doesn't understand how microwaves work....
Michael Beard
Michael Beard 22 kun oldin
I've gotten to the point where if it's not dan or ken i don't watch the videos. You learn from dan and he's not trying to be funny, he's just working. Ken is just out driving and pushing the limits nothing to fancy.
Nicholas Rehmer
Nicholas Rehmer 22 kun oldin
DMax M249
DMax M249 22 kun oldin
It’s always awesome when you can afford to buy so many parts before the build!
Frankie M
Frankie M 22 kun oldin
Dan what's wrong with you? You have a perfectly good parts kart next to you. It's also already stripped so you can take measurements and such for finding locations to drill and cut on your miata without guessing.
Pierre Sauve
Pierre Sauve 22 kun oldin
K swap it my guy
colormesarge 22 kun oldin
Legit would prefer the valve stem caps in abs plastic. Aluminum bonds to the threads in cold weather
Benr.y 22 kun oldin
When that bass came in at 7:40 sheesh
MrLincoln87 22 kun oldin
once you get this car setup, can you do some intergarage drifiting like you did in DT episode XXX
Pat Locke
Pat Locke 22 kun oldin
OK !!!! where is SUPPY ??
Anthony Miller
Anthony Miller 22 kun oldin
Holy shit Dan. Get some wire crimpers!!!
Anthony Miller
Anthony Miller 21 kun oldin
@Danger Dan I will if you send me swag!
Danger Dan
Danger Dan 21 kun oldin
Send me some
moto W
moto W 22 kun oldin
Did and cam man great combo
Tre Funk
Tre Funk 22 kun oldin
Miatas arn't cool, unless you're Dan's size, then they look like a real car ;)
Sheep Dog69
Sheep Dog69 22 kun oldin
What kinda machine you running? is that a multimatic 220, 235 or 255? i'm getting ready to pick up a new 255! it's gonna be my first personally owned machine!
Nico_beingBeeGee 22 kun oldin
donut miata vs dans miata vs shart......
white fang
white fang 22 kun oldin
6:19 fully expected to hear "welcome back to garage garage"
Corbin Sadler
Corbin Sadler 22 kun oldin
Corey Stuber
Corey Stuber 22 kun oldin
EXCELLENT job on that roll bar install! looks so nice along with the rest of the interior
Earnest Bunbury
Earnest Bunbury 22 kun oldin
Danger Dan: "Because I'm an idiot" Cameraman: "Oh yeah, right" Tries to microwave popcorn on a manifold
Emmanuel Velez Polanco
Emmanuel Velez Polanco 23 kun oldin
Where is the camaro????
Bhinx Bidness
Bhinx Bidness 23 kun oldin
Better cooling , Better Breaks , Better pizza Papa Johns
Spadookie 23 kun oldin
Lol, cars name should be "Jiffy Pop".
Banjo Yokel
Banjo Yokel 23 kun oldin
"Let me tell you a story about how I'm an idiot." That will be on my tombstone.
Ramon Villa
Ramon Villa 23 kun oldin
That came out great 👌🏼
Michael Muller
Michael Muller 23 kun oldin
can someone buy dan a fucking heat gun.... just saying
iwikeu 23 kun oldin
Is Danger Dan the illegitimate love child of Chuck Norris? This is the real info we need Hoonigan.
Gustavo Figueiredo
Gustavo Figueiredo 20 kun oldin
It would explain the facial hair.
Mr Curtis
Mr Curtis 23 kun oldin
Yes Dan Tig everything.
Kyle Merriman
Kyle Merriman 23 kun oldin
Danger Dan you should use the oem fans... Those baby fans aint gunna cut it. On a real note
Danger Dan
Danger Dan 21 kun oldin
My temps went down 20%
Ronny Chavez
Ronny Chavez 23 kun oldin
Oh and best believe if my homie repin the new hot stem caps, I gotta have them to
Ronny Chavez
Ronny Chavez 23 kun oldin
I love Dan content as well, one day I’ll meet you man I have to see how tall you are because I have a suspicion we about the same height, if so ask one auto tech to another I respect the short man struggle homie💯