Revving our Honda K24 to 10,000rpm, it Sounds INSANE

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Hoonigan Project Cars

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Holy crap. Suppy pretty much just built an F1 motor, except for Honda heads. Do we really have to give this thing away?? Yes. Yes we do. Because there’s already a lucky SOB of a winner named Morgan who’s taking this thing home. But that’s not stopping us from building another…
Thanks to JDM of California:
Instagram: jdmcalifornia
Facebook: jdmofcalifornia

Thanks to GEARWRENCH for the tools:
IG: gearwrenchtools

Thanks to K Series Parts:
Instagram: @kseriesparts

Thanks to Skunk 2:
Instagram: @skunk2racing
Hoonigan K24 Engine Build List:
Skunk 2 Racing Pro Intake Manifold:
Skunk 2 Racing Pro 70MM K Series Throttle Body:
Skunk 2 Racing Ultra Fuel Rail:
Skunk2 Racing Timing Chain Cover:
Used Honda K24 Engine from JDM of California:
Pro 156v2 CNC Cylinder Head From 4Piston Racing:
Ferrea 6000 Valves:
Ferrea Valve Spring Kit:
Ferrea Valve Locks:
RR3 Kseries Camshafts:
Viton Valve Seals
Bronze Valve Guides
Wiseco 87.5mm 11.0:1 Pistons:
Manley K24 H-Beam Rods:
King rod and main Bearings:
ATI Street Damper:
ARP Head Studs:
Hondata Intake manifold gasket:
K-Tuned Oil Pan with Hardware:
K-Tuned Swivel Thermostat Housing:
K-Tuned Tensioner:

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Ahmad Amir
Ahmad Amir 3 soat oldin
What oil pump was used? The ported 4piston pump barely clears 9k rpms.
Morsalin Nissan
Morsalin Nissan 6 soat oldin
Just wondering why was the compression ratio and throttle body size limited to 11:1 and 70 mm?
Juan De Jesus
Juan De Jesus 8 soat oldin
Is that the same cam gear that goes out on every 2.4L mid 2000s accord and causes that deathrattle? I don't like Ks for that reason smh
rahjah_dat_888 9 soat oldin
Made so much power the guy had to stand up
IamKy 22 soat oldin
AWD HONDA VS HOONICORN would be a dream
EGB18 Kun oldin
Been Honda For Life Honda The Literal Definition of Legacy Hoonigan Catch up
Bernardo LaCosta
Bernardo LaCosta Kun oldin
Vamp's BBQ
Vamp's BBQ Kun oldin
that was cool 😎 you guys should do more liek that
Vamp's BBQ
Vamp's BBQ Kun oldin
were can you win this engine?
Trevor Seals
Trevor Seals 2 kun oldin
What is the creature at 1 min lol it’s also a Snapchat sticker
Ras Papi
Ras Papi 2 kun oldin
Anyone else seen the latest video from Angel Motorsports? 😤 😆
Autotune Indonesia
Autotune Indonesia 2 kun oldin
It's nice sound!! We like Vtec!! Awesome! Thumbs up from Autotune Indonesia dude...
Mo McKinsey
Mo McKinsey 2 kun oldin
Yoooo, shes been delivered and is for sale boys and girls. Hmu if any serious interest.
chip 2 kun oldin
Build and battle... winners vs winners
Miah McBride
Miah McBride 3 kun oldin
I need one of these for my daily.
David Bell
David Bell 3 kun oldin
Oh buddy!
Kelland Mclellan
Kelland Mclellan 3 kun oldin
How much would a motor exactly like this one cost if I were to order one
Lentz Dejean
Lentz Dejean 3 kun oldin
thanks you suppy for getting me the engine that will go into my ae86
Vince i
Vince i 3 kun oldin
Man I need one of these for my car.
Steve McRichards
Steve McRichards 4 kun oldin
Spicy revs!
Justin Breen
Justin Breen 4 kun oldin
After project after project finally coming to realization, wait hondas are like better built than anything. Yes they are, name 2 bad honda engines, then take those 2 engines and they still better than most engines
narrwass 4 kun oldin
Can i just put rods and pistons , oil pump and titanium springs and retainers with some cams and rev my k20 to 9200-9500 without balancing the crankshaft? Whats the maximum rpm i can go without balancing the crankshaft.(There are no good shops in my area to balance it right)
Roger Sandoval
Roger Sandoval 4 kun oldin
How do you win this motor ??
HaterHurter sirG345
HaterHurter sirG345 4 kun oldin
Which s2 cams were used, stock valve springs retainers and was the head ported or is it a stock head??
Anthony 18
Anthony 18 4 kun oldin
Which K24 is this?
ThisGuy 177
ThisGuy 177 4 kun oldin
Respect them hondas people.......
steven murphy
steven murphy 5 kun oldin
where did the valve cover come from cant find it on the skunk website
Muhamad Zulazizi
Muhamad Zulazizi 5 kun oldin
Ship it to malaysia please..i need that motor😂..
T Hman
T Hman 5 kun oldin
Does the dyno sheet come in the box?
Muhammad Abroor Amrullah
Muhammad Abroor Amrullah 5 kun oldin
Meanwhile... Zx-25r : (laughs in 17k rpm) :D
SavageHobbit 5 kun oldin
SilverCaliber 5 kun oldin
Where to buy the Skunk2 Valve Cover?
Joseph Lesnar
Joseph Lesnar 5 kun oldin
"Hoonigan Honda Channel", official new name for the UZpost page
Deejay Lucore
Deejay Lucore 6 kun oldin
should have gave nads this In his car
Paul Paul
Paul Paul 6 kun oldin
Can’t wait to see how much these vids trash the K series market with inexperienced people buying shit they don’t need for swaps lmao
Brian Whitty
Brian Whitty 6 kun oldin
Can we get a grand total of the build price??
Frausto DGAF
Frausto DGAF 6 kun oldin
I wish I could win this motor perfect for my rsx 2 months and I can't get the motor rebuild ☹️☹️☹️☹️
QuezCuh 6 kun oldin
Bahhhhhhh‼️ *james pumphrey voice
Ralph Wiggum
Ralph Wiggum 6 kun oldin
lol the poor thing drops over 60hp but it made it to 10k :D
Danies Alex
Danies Alex 6 kun oldin
Hell yeah
Allen Isley
Allen Isley 6 kun oldin
How do I get this engine??
Sophanara Kann
Sophanara Kann 6 kun oldin
Honda K-swap Everything! 🔥🔥🔥
Hidden Cloud
Hidden Cloud 6 kun oldin
How much does a engine like that run
Ronnie jr
Ronnie jr 6 kun oldin
Stop playing give this to nads!!!!!!! Do it! Just do it! Then do it again. Give it to him in a whole other build one street car one to play. The crx... its sleeping somewhere
F165 6 kun oldin
So if you have a Ford 300 cuin inline 6 and the engine make 125 hp @ 3400 rpm. Install a bigger cam and it could make 225 hp @ 4400 rpm.
Jeremy Neil
Jeremy Neil 6 kun oldin
Man, wish I knew about this contest
The OldSchoolGamer
The OldSchoolGamer 7 kun oldin
Never really liked Honda (no hate at all) but would love to k-swap my daily! Keeping it N/A, around 250whp if possible and an awesome exhaust to give low end in it's sound
Jonathan Rico
Jonathan Rico 7 kun oldin
I want it for my rsx 😩
paolo Sol Cruz
paolo Sol Cruz 7 kun oldin
Dang. Should've stuck to the name GROUP A.
Stevie Jo
Stevie Jo 7 kun oldin
10K ....thats such a beautiful thing . Essentially the only thing Honda tho, is the block..and the general design, maybe the head. But it's all aftermarket internals/ externals. Essentially pushing the engine beyond the original designed performance
Victor Negrete
Victor Negrete 7 kun oldin
Love the video..💯.Where y'all get that valve cover too sick kkk
Stevie Jo
Stevie Jo 7 kun oldin
Yea cause Honda makes essentially great engines that are just great!
Slick Raccoon 556
Slick Raccoon 556 7 kun oldin
The more you know 🌠
august jenkins
august jenkins 7 kun oldin
Skunk2 is some good $#!+. I had some lowering springs and struts that were amazing af.
Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin 6 kun oldin
iirc, the owner is a scumbag. But I also have his coilovers
Andy P
Andy P 7 kun oldin
Damm...can I order just a box from you guys ? 🤣
The Edge
The Edge 7 kun oldin
Jim Hiscott
Jim Hiscott 7 kun oldin
As all Hoonagin productions start ¾ into the video. Go to 11 minutes. Good place to start
Nathan Mellott
Nathan Mellott 7 kun oldin
Ask Dave what cams I can use in a K24z7!!!
bigtexas7947 7 kun oldin
Work on the DONK!!!
steven latre
steven latre 7 kun oldin
Had to give the video a like specifically for the Hurt shake test.
gprime70 7 kun oldin
Should do another for Suppy's teggy build, I prefer N/A but a boosted k20a (jdm) build would be sick 👀👀👀 No giveaway I just wanna see more content!
Robin Schiller
Robin Schiller 7 kun oldin
K24 at 10k rpm results in pretty high Piston speeds. Impressive. I saw 101XX rpm. 10100rpm & 99mm Strokelentgh are resulting in 33.3m/s average Pistonspeed. And again, impressive!
Genichiro Ota
Genichiro Ota 7 kun oldin
why is hoonigan always building things and giving them away
Batii20 7 kun oldin
and this proves you don't need a lot of money for a great car! just need 10k :)))
Crypto Miner
Crypto Miner 7 kun oldin
So very interesting.. according to hondata you should never run the engine that high (past 7000rpm) because it can damage the loss motion assembly.
Zatiti Cherry
Zatiti Cherry 7 kun oldin
A K24 is a bad candidate to make power that high; you're better off revving a k20 that high and looking for power. The K24 piston speed is too high to make power that at that high of RPM. Unless it's a full race engine and cammed to hell. 10k power is only made by cams where VTEC has been eliminated. Knheads flow amazingly; but a street cam gives up way before 10k. 11.0:1 is mild for a K. This motor is not in the proper form to make power that high up...
Jon Lee G
Jon Lee G 8 kun oldin
congrats to morgan! one hell of a starting motor
Puder McGavin
Puder McGavin 8 kun oldin
I wanna see this as a version to counter banks doing it's lp5 build to try to kill the duramax. Give me dyno cell pulls
Puder McGavin
Puder McGavin 8 kun oldin
Sounds like it's breaking up hella
Josh Lepley
Josh Lepley 8 kun oldin
And still sounds like a weedeater
Google Crazy
Google Crazy 8 kun oldin
No torque 😆
jtessman86 8 kun oldin
Nigel Fox
Nigel Fox 8 kun oldin
Mental engine but lets just take a minute to appreciate the level of box flex going on right there!!!.... that's better than getting parts from
Kyle Candy
Kyle Candy 8 kun oldin
I need this in my blobeye 😂
Quirky Car Stuff
Quirky Car Stuff 8 kun oldin
That guy's hilarious😆
Joe Rogers
Joe Rogers 8 kun oldin
Please make a V8 k24squared buzzing10k and making 600+.
G_Ferret 9 kun oldin
Gear heads: Man that sounds cool Tesla people: Engine?
Beau Wirtz
Beau Wirtz 9 kun oldin
I left a like just because you're editors never disappoint
Kristopher Webb
Kristopher Webb 9 kun oldin
My stock A2 hit over 10k. Wife drove it and down shifted on accident. Tuned ok V4 no rev limit. Somehow she survived 😉
alex357ist 9 kun oldin
That motor is sick
CaneAtvse 9 kun oldin
Hell yeah
Cameron 9 kun oldin
Aw why was I expecting this to go in suppy's teggy
EG MAX 9 kun oldin
6:38 HELLLLLLLLLL YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 9 kun oldin
that was a really good way of explaining efficiency simply.
Jack Tearman
Jack Tearman 9 kun oldin
Suppy may be able to fabricate, but the lord didn’t bless him with carpentry skills😂
Steve 9 kun oldin
I need that engine for my Si
Luis A
Luis A 9 kun oldin
K-series ftw
RebornX 'N Cars
RebornX 'N Cars 9 kun oldin
This video makes me wanna build a K series 🤔
RebornX 'N Cars
RebornX 'N Cars 8 kun oldin
Honda makes great engines. It's hard not to love them 😉
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 9 kun oldin
Y’all Like them rice rocket engines 😂😴
Simmo PM Hunter
Simmo PM Hunter 9 kun oldin
Holy shit that is sick. Would go well in my odyssey.
AppleGuy670 9 kun oldin
Vtec is dabomb
Deagan Giannas
Deagan Giannas 9 kun oldin
He'll yeah
dannyb20 vtec
dannyb20 vtec 9 kun oldin
christopher williams
christopher williams 9 kun oldin
Aiight I’m coping a Honda tomorrow.
93egclt 84
93egclt 84 9 kun oldin
I need that skunk 2 valve cover where can I get one!!!!
Jesse Plouvier
Jesse Plouvier 10 kun oldin
Sounds insane: Sounds like a Honda
XOZ Industries
XOZ Industries 10 kun oldin
Are you loading the motor on the dyno at 6,000 rpm?
adrian dalmacio
adrian dalmacio 10 kun oldin
Help me with my 1986 civic please. Its a 4wd manual
Hoonigan Project Cars
Hoonigan Project Cars 10 kun oldin
We’ll help by buying it off you!
Chat Motorsport
Chat Motorsport 10 kun oldin
there's been quite a lot of HONDA content on here lately!! well done guys :)
Ian Mercaldi
Ian Mercaldi 10 kun oldin
Hondas, this is the way.
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 10 kun oldin
Soo...When ya'll gonna rename the channel? Think HONDAgan is still available, and just as many letters 🤣
Hoonigan Project Cars
Hoonigan Project Cars 10 kun oldin
Nads NERDS Out at Honda Museum!
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