Kei Truck Gets its Sequential Transmission Mounted up + Jamo Spec Wiring

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Hoonigan Project Cars

6 oy oldin

The kei truck is inching closer to being done, one weld and roadblock at a time. We’re gonna go ahead and guess that this might be the first sequentially shifted, 13b powered kei truck project, so every single step of the way is another fabrication puzzle. Good thing we’ve got Suppy on the case, with his kids at work and kitchen equipment making this build a reality.

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mchawk315 4 oy oldin
God damn do I wish I had like even a small modicum of Suppy's skills and knowledge.
Smokers corner with Bobby Johnson
Smokers corner with Bobby Johnson 4 oy oldin
I don’t like how much supply said “tranny”its transmission and 2020 lmao your on notice sister hahhahahah
Dicks X McIronCocke
Dicks X McIronCocke 4 oy oldin
The only 'complaint' more concern is Jamo's use of cloth tape in the bay, that stuff gets really sticky and greasy after some time near any kind of heat. :(
Mauro Villegas
Mauro Villegas 5 oy oldin
Whatever happen to brad ?
batch 5 oy oldin
Pitty that Worthouse Drift isn't a thing anymore
nela nikolovska
nela nikolovska 5 oy oldin
charles gilbert
charles gilbert 5 oy oldin
You're gonna give away this one next? I'll buy it!
High Flya
High Flya 5 oy oldin
I wonder how long it would take Suppy to finish all of Scotto's projects? A week? Two?
Will M.
Will M. 5 oy oldin
" I got overnight parts from Japan. Nah, kidding, they're from 'jersey" 😂😂😂
FireplaceNinja 5 oy oldin
this is pretty amazing to watch, suppy is a machine!!
NEMESIS NY 5 oy oldin
Love the fab work, suppys a beast!
Amir Pomen
Amir Pomen 5 oy oldin
That took a long time.. but its so good to see this truck finally in finished form
Shinigami Garage
Shinigami Garage 5 oy oldin
Gotta say are one hell of a fabricator. Two thumbs up. 👍
Magnus Giswold
Magnus Giswold 5 oy oldin
does anyone know where brad went
Mike Smith
Mike Smith 5 oy oldin
Incredible! Such a fantastic episode!
TomB Stone
TomB Stone 5 oy oldin
Buy a bike
scruffy 5 oy oldin
Bruh, sad Canadian noises because the giveaway is for the US only.
Kyle Green
Kyle Green 5 oy oldin
The real question I have is what the hell blew that hole in his garage door?
xXdonjulio 5 oy oldin
"Mail it to suppy, itll get done" - someone at hoonigan, probably.
sidemotion 5 oy oldin
Sup-Dogg is doing all this shit out of a one car garage and on the floor. Imagine if he had access fullly equipped garage?
Harvey • Meyrick
Harvey • Meyrick 5 oy oldin
Where’s the massive wing on the back?
Sam Kipling
Sam Kipling 5 oy oldin
A craftsman at work - Great job Suppy!
Sprree52 6 oy oldin
I wanna see that corrado!
Paladin 6 oy oldin
I’m building and playing with my Hijet as well I was going for fun drift truck but it’s more slow and show than go now ... but I did pick up a Beat and Cappuccino last week, so I’m planning on having some fun with those
Kevin Clark
Kevin Clark 6 oy oldin
I have missing stoked.
Trunks 6 oy oldin
suppy is a mad scientist
mahmoedasaari 6 oy oldin
The exaust? Behind the fender?
Kamil D
Kamil D 6 oy oldin
sick burn by Jamo at the end ;D Frenchie=Suppy
Alekzander Delatoldja
Alekzander Delatoldja 6 oy oldin
Awesome Jammo the spaghetti man
UserCid 6 oy oldin
I love all the jams 🎵🎶
goiZ 6 oy oldin
suppy is gonna finish this thing in like two episodes if he isnt careful
JB86 6 oy oldin
song at 530
William Amaya
William Amaya 6 oy oldin
Suppy is a freaking beast
Jack Dawson
Jack Dawson 6 oy oldin
calcagno4545 6 oy oldin
Suppy and Jamo go together like peas and carrots!
Terrance Collins
Terrance Collins 6 oy oldin
I gotta make friends with a fabricator
Miz mila
Miz mila 6 oy oldin
The BlazerSociety
The BlazerSociety 6 oy oldin
Who is Suppy again because this man Can build for sure. His throw together is some of the highest grade work I have seen in a min
Chris Goldsbury
Chris Goldsbury 6 oy oldin
suppy is a fuckin boss
luisszyramirez 6 oy oldin
Suppy doesnt waste material or time 🤙🤙
Daniel Peck
Daniel Peck 6 oy oldin
Does Suppy owe Hert a bell housing now?
Alex Sanchez
Alex Sanchez 6 oy oldin
I mean the man managed to retrofit a kitchen strainer to be used for the oil 🤯 anything is possible with suppy around 🤙🏽
Metalthing fab
Metalthing fab 6 oy oldin
Put the ECU right on top of a Hot engine..Good call
Kolby Kelley
Kolby Kelley 6 oy oldin
Suppy looks like your garage was built for the size of the k truck
BeauBacardi 6 oy oldin
Shout out Suppy being like 5min from in Deer Park, Long Island 💪🏼💪🏼
Shane Davis
Shane Davis 6 oy oldin
oh neat. another giveaway thats probably void in NY because this state sucks
Travis Moore
Travis Moore 6 oy oldin
We need more Jamo! More Jamo! More Jamo!
Brenton n
Brenton n 6 oy oldin
Suppy is awesome!
mje19D 6 oy oldin
Y'all need to keep Jamo in your vids!
Emotional Content Media Unltd.
Emotional Content Media Unltd. 6 oy oldin
Nothing beats some good ol' New York shit talk!!! bahahahahahah
Daniel Lindsay
Daniel Lindsay 6 oy oldin
Suppy: we can put the oil filter here becauses it’s too tight Ford engineers: bet
WHAT THE HELL 6 oy oldin
"come here suppy , oops thought that was suppy" 🤣🤣
voiceisclear 6 oy oldin
deep in the heart of Brooklyn...👊💕💯
Chris Hakel
Chris Hakel 6 oy oldin
Wow my recommended lineup was literally full of these trucks 😂 a bunch from hoonigan an Danny Duncan
Jaydog200309 6 oy oldin
I veto zach giving away boomhour
Adam Loader
Adam Loader 6 oy oldin
Supy has got the patience of ten men and the skill of ten too. Well done you killed it.
Raeshaun Roman
Raeshaun Roman 6 oy oldin
I just wanna say, i Vastly underestimated Suppy
Steven Capriglione
Steven Capriglione 6 oy oldin
Freaking wizards 🤯
Mr Ian Tchernegovski
Mr Ian Tchernegovski 6 oy oldin
Hey im from New Zealand just like the link ecu
SO KO 6 oy oldin
Suppy and jamo best duo from hoonigan
gen3v8 6 oy oldin
Not watching your shit anymore! should have got this guy years ago so it would have been finished then.
John Ramon
John Ramon 6 oy oldin
Okay but why is Zac getting rid of this C10?😭😭
Orrco Racing
Orrco Racing 6 oy oldin
Awesome that it is FINALLY getting finished, shame Worthouse aren't competing this year to use it... Heat shielding for your legs, but not your ass..! And I hope the notched frame rail got boxed in :D
matto 6 oy oldin
The shifts are going to be backwards aren't they? That rod went from above the pivot point to below the pivot point
tenzin khechok
tenzin khechok 6 oy oldin
Cody J
Cody J 6 oy oldin
back when i was a autosparky i seen all sorts on wiring nightmares. one of the best had to be blue tack holding the starter motor main power together.
Krampus 6 oy oldin
Great guys 😊
MrLincoln87 6 oy oldin
Smol garage smol truk smol supp
JSxxxxxxx 6 oy oldin
Get the A team on the case - and BAM Kei truck is virtually done ...
BIGGIE CHEESE 6 oy oldin
Playwme Bawls
Playwme Bawls 6 oy oldin
Whats the big ass electric motor sitting in the back Suppy? You doing a Hybrid conversion too? Actually, probably not a bad idea for when the rotary shits itself. At least you can then get it back to the trailer.
isaactezza01 6 oy oldin
suppy and jamo are the best combo ever
Anthract 6 oy oldin
Suppy’s brain must be enormous, the man always has a solution for everything
UCF10 CyclopS
UCF10 CyclopS 6 oy oldin
@2:00 is suppy’s garage haunted? Floating orb going right to left.
Grumpy Mercado
Grumpy Mercado 6 oy oldin
Did dude notch the frame and motor for a shifter
hansel gretel
hansel gretel 6 oy oldin
what is suppy's descent?
Kevin C
Kevin C 6 oy oldin
Gotta love a mechanic who hase a whole shelf of different types of WD-40 😆
Casey Nowlin
Casey Nowlin 6 oy oldin
Don't worry noone saw the 1.8t in the Corrado
Unnamed Brand
Unnamed Brand 6 oy oldin
R I P Worthhouse Drift Team unfortunately no 2020 season hopefully them both come back to Formula Drift 2021
Unnamed Brand
Unnamed Brand 6 oy oldin
This truck running after the team has ended haha
TJ 6 oy oldin
Damn homie has mad fab skillz. Much respect.
Bill Cutlip
Bill Cutlip 6 oy oldin
"Ooops, thought that was Suppy!" ;-)
Glen Wright
Glen Wright 6 oy oldin
Heated seats.
King Taco
King Taco 6 oy oldin
It’s a good little truck for New York City
King Taco
King Taco 6 oy oldin
And I think I want to buy it
J_Redd_11 6 oy oldin
If yall wanna bring this truck to northwest Arkansas and rip it through the Ozarks id be glad to tour. Landscape fits the truck
Glen Wright
Glen Wright 6 oy oldin
Suppy’s Kei Truck Road Trip back to Cali will be lit.
Bill Cutlip
Bill Cutlip 6 oy oldin
Suppy and Jamo are #TheBossTeam
PRTYOF4 6 oy oldin
Quick tip I saw on wings world, bolt a shim in between the two side plates of the frame end of the transmission mount that way if you paint/steel it or powdered coat it. The shims will mimic the thickness of the coating and bolt together easier.
Franco Runco
Franco Runco 6 oy oldin
Suppy is the best. But.. is that swirl pot built correctly?
stephen worthington
stephen worthington 6 oy oldin
Too broke to afford boomhuaer.
Jon and Jessica Lantz
Jon and Jessica Lantz 6 oy oldin
Please fit, please fit, you suck. Lol
Elijah Acosta
Elijah Acosta 6 oy oldin
Is bad daddy still apart of the team?
Sarbelio Lara
Sarbelio Lara 6 oy oldin
I love how aggressive this sounds
Dani over
Dani over 6 oy oldin
Sitting on top of a rotary... toasty
luis moreno
luis moreno 6 oy oldin
Sick! Bro!
Zool Fadli
Zool Fadli 6 oy oldin
Jamo in the house
Schem Simon
Schem Simon 6 oy oldin
Suppy is technical and entertaining...Best Combo for a good show.
Joe Ramirez
Joe Ramirez 6 oy oldin
Suppy is the baddest one. Hands down. It amazes me how skilled he is.
Tony Brown
Tony Brown 6 oy oldin
Did I click on the Skid Factory by accident? Waaay too much progress for this to be Hoonigan.
Zach m
Zach m 6 oy oldin
This must be old bc suppy is back in cali
erwin bergania
erwin bergania 6 oy oldin
suppy’s work is so fine❤️