Jason Ellis’ NEW Drift Car! Tire Mounting, and Tire Destroying 101 With Danger Dan and the Scumbags

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Hoonigan Project Cars

5 oy oldin

You’ve seen the homie Jason Ellis do anything from racing UTVs, to wrestling alligators, to slinging knives and podcasting his face off with interesting people from all over the world. Now, he’s conquering his latest interest: drifting. After buying Danger Dan’s beater Bimmer, we go to Irwindale to teach him the basics of automotive scumbaggery… and the work that comes with it.
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Luis Gonzalez
Luis Gonzalez 16 kun oldin
This is like seeing someone do heroine for the first time
Leon beardface
Leon beardface 27 kun oldin
So this is why he's ducking the fight with gomez?
M M 2 oy oldin
"Hi, I'm elegant Ellis, and this is my tire changing palace."
Arturo Ortiz
Arturo Ortiz 2 oy oldin
What car is that and the year of that car.
Chad Damron
Chad Damron 3 oy oldin
🔥🔥💥 awesome vid
thesonofmorris 4 oy oldin
Glad to see Ellis again!!
Gustavo Figueiredo
Gustavo Figueiredo 4 oy oldin
When are we getting Evo and FD content from Ron?
Kyle Perkins
Kyle Perkins 4 oy oldin
Also in all realness. You should never reach over the tire like he is when filling a tire. Have one explode and you’ll understand.
Kyle Perkins
Kyle Perkins 4 oy oldin
I was teaching a kid to patch a tire, I told him to take the air out. He grabbed a pen from his pocket and pushed the core in while trying to deflate it. I threw a core tool at him and told him.
Stephen Hogan
Stephen Hogan 4 oy oldin
This jon Ellis is this the same guy that in an MMA fighter ,radio host and is potentially fighting Louis Gomez.!!! I respect the shit out of this guy ✊
spookyandy 5 oy oldin
Where are your helmets?
Kelly Teras
Kelly Teras 5 oy oldin
Deff need more Ellis!!!
ryansollly 5 oy oldin
46 baby
Alec Rinko
Alec Rinko 5 oy oldin
Ahehehem. *shrader core*
Ashitaka 5 oy oldin
Love Ellis so much. Always Elegant.
John Bobby
John Bobby 5 oy oldin
E46 gang
matthew smith
matthew smith 5 oy oldin
Trockless mantatar I need about 3 fiddy
matthew smith
matthew smith 5 oy oldin
Paint job idea lord of the rings forrr horse men frontier skyline mini chop natty widebody skyline rainbow road me precious 25 beers cutin grass you guys party animal I'm late tbro
matthew smith
matthew smith 5 oy oldin
Rivot ripbit
Tobeu Richard
Tobeu Richard 5 oy oldin
I love it, he said ‘Bob’s ur uncle’ like I would say ‘There ya go’. Freakin Brilliant.
MapleHero 360
MapleHero 360 5 oy oldin
@wolfmate sent me here.
Grizzly XJ
Grizzly XJ 5 oy oldin
Why’d you make him Elegant Ellis man lol
Matt 5 oy oldin
Love seeing Ellis with the crew driftin! I want more!!!
Shay Harper
Shay Harper 5 oy oldin
You never grab alloy rims from the inside!
SVTRonDogg 5 oy oldin
Ellis Mate is the only reason I've kept Sirius over the last 10 years or so. Ellis x Hoonigan in my backyard of Long Beach is legit 🤟🤟🤟
NesserDan 5 oy oldin
Me too! I've been listening to him since the beginning of his show. It sucks he's sitting in a hospital bed right now.. his heart went into AFib and wouldn't come out of it. Pulling for ya Ellis! Red Dragons!
Timahh12 5 oy oldin
Fat Cock Friday > Fancy Friday
Sebas Tian
Sebas Tian 5 oy oldin
How did danger dan get those facelift taillights on a preface lift e46?
Matt Hunt
Matt Hunt 5 oy oldin
Telling an Australian to not be full throttle all the time is sacrilegious 😂
Matthew Mckenzie
Matthew Mckenzie 5 oy oldin
We need more explained by Ellis 😂 👍
DefinitelyNotWhoYouThink 5 oy oldin
Ah I used to listen to Ellis' Faction show nearly daily back in highschool. Good to see the 7th best skater in the world is still around doing cool shit.
The Angry Italian Scotty Piffin1
The Angry Italian Scotty Piffin1 5 oy oldin
As a 01 BMW 325Ci 5 speed car owner... I’m honored to have the same “drift car” that dan continues to buy, fix and pass on.. You’re a good dude Dan
Anthony F
Anthony F 5 oy oldin
As a tyre fitter who fits 25tonne dumper truck tyres by hand this annoyed me 😂 firstly you could’ve slapped that first bead over by hand no problem
Alex Frazier
Alex Frazier 5 oy oldin
Wtf are those!!!!!!!
Ryan Underhill
Ryan Underhill 5 oy oldin
This thing I just met goes in this hole and takes out the thing thats in the thing that holds the air in.......(valve stem) when you put it back in, hold on to it or it flies off and who's going to find that? Best technical video ive ever seen. Thank you
adrock265 5 oy oldin
Last time heard jason ellis he was talking about how he loves to get pegged. Now he's hanging with y'all 😂🤠
Adam Wetzel
Adam Wetzel 5 oy oldin
Aw Dinky Dan
Brad Markley
Brad Markley 5 oy oldin
More Ellis doing basic car stuff!!!! I need more elegant Ellis!!!
Derrick Schultz
Derrick Schultz 5 oy oldin
More Ellis please
CHKNSTU 5 oy oldin
More Ellis
Wreckerboy 5 oy oldin
Now EVERYONE is getting into “Supyvising.”
Slimphattz MrJamdown
Slimphattz MrJamdown 5 oy oldin
Valve stem is the part that stays with the wheel..... what he removed was the "valve stem core"
Matheus G.F.
Matheus G.F. 5 oy oldin
Maxwell Clark
Maxwell Clark 5 oy oldin
Love it 😊
chris baker
chris baker 5 oy oldin
Pro tip: leave the wheel locked in to the machine while airing up so if the tire blows off the bead you don’t have a tire and a wheel flying across the room
Ser Stark25
Ser Stark25 5 oy oldin
chris baker pro's wouldn't clamp alloy wheels on the inside of the wheel...
SurGhostly 5 oy oldin
How to rubber up
Justin Burbidge
Justin Burbidge 5 oy oldin
Clamping wheels on inside of rim. oh dear
Edon Kanto
Edon Kanto 5 oy oldin
Dan teaching drifting 👍
Ricardo Pino
Ricardo Pino 5 oy oldin
Gone in 60 seconds stuff no brake petal to be pushed💩📦 special
Daniel Broad
Daniel Broad 5 oy oldin
Y'all actual need to open a drift school for real, would love to practice like this with you boys!!
Captain Kirks
Captain Kirks 5 oy oldin
Freakin glorious 💙
zuesmondo1 5 oy oldin
I am going to recommend that this be shown to all nebis in my shop at work.
BlueHokage 5 oy oldin
Wtf is up with that Zombie Penis - looking shift knob??
MadMan 5 oy oldin
Weak. Didnt show how to set the machine. It's easier to put water/soap on the bead rather than to over inflate it to get it to seat
Joshua Arango 99
Joshua Arango 99 5 oy oldin
Dans drifting lessons needs to become a video so more hooning will happen around the globe !!!
Fugazi Garage
Fugazi Garage 5 oy oldin
Anyone know the intro song?
Ian Weingartz
Ian Weingartz 5 oy oldin
Glad to see Jason coming around again lately. I love that man!!!
Lonewolf Lowbedder
Lonewolf Lowbedder 5 oy oldin
I vote Ellis should be in more if not all videos!!!
Dylan Warner
Dylan Warner 5 oy oldin
Can't wait to see this guy fight Luis J Gomez
j marb
j marb 5 oy oldin
Ill mount all of ur tires for free at Honnigan .
j marb
j marb 5 oy oldin
Ill mount all of ur tires for free at Honnigan .
Culture Kiwi
Culture Kiwi 5 oy oldin
Dan is The goat lol love this channel lol
That_Guy 5 oy oldin
Red Dragons!
Zoey Carey
Zoey Carey 5 oy oldin
I love seeing Ellis doing shit with the Hoonigan’s this is awesome.
Robert Heffington
Robert Heffington 5 oy oldin
I love seeing Ellis as part of the gang. He’s awesome!!
CarCultureSweden 5 oy oldin
What kind of wheels are the bronze, anyone know?
The Postman
The Postman 5 oy oldin
Dude I started listening to Ellis in like 2011. Hes the fuckin man
Matthew Goins
Matthew Goins 5 oy oldin
Russ Corbin
Russ Corbin 5 oy oldin
Valve stem core...just saying
mazdiggle 5 oy oldin
Ellis is the best... more Ellis, mate!
joeydotexe :D
joeydotexe :D 5 oy oldin
I work at Discount Tire, this was painful.
Spiro 5 oy oldin
@Alan Wittner yeah rip the duckhead
Alan Wittner
Alan Wittner 5 oy oldin
Same here...inside clamping and then the last guy removing the old tire with the wheel weight still on the lip made me cringe lol
Spiro 5 oy oldin
lmfao same
Fred Kennedy
Fred Kennedy 5 oy oldin
Love seeing that middle class suburban housewife mobile drifting!
Daring Dave
Daring Dave 5 oy oldin
Petition to have jason apart of the hoonigan crew and make more videos. Hoonigan been on there shit. Quality, funny vids despite covid love you guy's .
Jon Rowland
Jon Rowland 5 oy oldin
Ellis is such a kook
Axel Mota
Axel Mota 5 oy oldin
Can you guys re-release the old knock off supreme burnout shirt?
Matt 5 oy oldin
Luis J Gomez is gonna kick this guy's ass. Hes clearly distracted
SOULESS 5 oy oldin
See tuxedo shirt... tries to go buy one... all they got is 10 yearold sizes. p.s. the valve stem is what mounts in the wheel it self. what he removed is called a schrader valve.
Spadookie 5 oy oldin
Blind leading the blind is a beautiful thing.... Jk, RIP Bob Marley, one love.
calvincheng14 5 oy oldin
Almost closed the video when he said rims instead of wheels.
Benny Carpenter-Deason
Benny Carpenter-Deason 5 oy oldin
AKCHUALLY, that was a 'Valve Core' not a 'Valve Stem,' and the tool is called a 'Valve core remover'
Chris Farr
Chris Farr 5 oy oldin
LOL Ellis is great. Keep it up!
Yvolve 5 oy oldin
Pro tip for balancing: once the tire seats, it will sit against the lip, but might be off the rim itself and won't be round. Let all the air out, so the tire can settle on the rim and re-inflate. This will save a lot of balancing, as the tire is round and sitting true. Otherwise you're counterbalancing for a tire that will reseat as soon as you drive away, messing up the balance.
Spiro 5 oy oldin
that's why some balancing machines have road force indicators to see if it's sitting improperly
VeryUnskilled 5 oy oldin
now we would need a dan vs hert drift video
Hard luck
Hard luck 5 oy oldin
Valve core ...
Tom 5 oy oldin
Dan was that annoying cool kid from school that was good at everything.
Powerful Jack Glass
Powerful Jack Glass 5 oy oldin
I'm here taking notes for the puerto rican rattlesnake! LOS
Jay LA
Jay LA 5 oy oldin
From now on I'm expecting Jason Ellis featured videos to be at least 30 mins long the dudes hilarious
Janne Heino
Janne Heino 5 oy oldin
Yeah just keep adding air till itseats... Please dont give bad advice.. Too much air and a violent bead seating can break the rim and give you summerteeth...
Janne Heino
Janne Heino 5 oy oldin
@Spiro im from Europe and did work For 12 yrs in a tire Shop. We had the recommended max pressure To seat beads at 3.5bar. Yeah the advice on this vid sounded pretty stuipid and dangerouis.
Spiro 5 oy oldin
those machines don't really push enough air to do that, those beads will seat at at least 40 psi too, but yeah definitely not smart to say that to the camera
Matt Lewis
Matt Lewis 5 oy oldin
But is he going to beat Luis at ellismania?
John Tunstall
John Tunstall 5 oy oldin
Not to be “that guy” but the “schrader valve” goes into the “valve stem”
Jeff Juarez
Jeff Juarez 5 oy oldin
*valve core, goes in the 'valve stem. Get it straight! :)
Yvolve 5 oy oldin
@Glawen the Goy If you can inflate it faster, the speed of the lip of the tire would make it easier to clear the bump. Also saves quite a bit of time as you can put much more volume through an open valve.
ron baer
ron baer 5 oy oldin
@Terrance Johnson it would be more correct because there is another valve style that is used in high end bike tubes called pesta that is a thinner build
chris baker
chris baker 5 oy oldin
Spiro trust me it cuts the time from a minute to 20 seconds I work in a tire shop and it makes a big difference
chris baker
chris baker 5 oy oldin
I was thinking the same thing 😂
Robert Kennedy
Robert Kennedy 5 oy oldin
Needs more torque
Robert Kennedy
Robert Kennedy 5 oy oldin
What doesn’t Ellis do?
Alex Vandenheuvel
Alex Vandenheuvel 5 oy oldin
Love Jason Ellis can tell he's really trying to learn! Looks a little nervous in his new car yet but live the enthusiasm!
Jonas Rud Jensen
Jonas Rud Jensen 5 oy oldin
This is legit some of the funniest shit i have ever watched!
GREG RICHARDS 5 oy oldin
hert its a valve core on the valve stem buddy
SilvaTech _956
SilvaTech _956 5 oy oldin
Valve core btw
That Fiat
That Fiat 5 oy oldin
What engine spec. is the e46
ryansollly 5 oy oldin
Looks like 325i
Sparkmovement 5 oy oldin
The biggest issue with ellis is the amount of pure homophobia he has. He talks a lot of shit about people who have done nothing to him. Hopefully he grew up a bit but there is no reason for him to talk the way that he does and don't like the feeling he is just playing PC in front of a camera. Hell, don't believe me? Ask him what he thinks of rollerbladers and watch the hate & drivel spew from his mouth.
Jayzem 5 oy oldin
Naw fam. You remove the Schraeder valve from the valve stem not remove the valve stem 🤦‍♂️
nunoh33 5 oy oldin
Dan with the MANDALS at the track?!?.....LEGEND
Evan Murry
Evan Murry 5 oy oldin
Massage the beed, or use a deadblow hammer 🤣
Spiro 5 oy oldin
or air it to 65 psi till it pops then lower it back down
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