Is Vin’s Street Spec e92 M3 Faster Than His Track Prepped E46 M3?

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We feel like the e92 M3 is still slept on as one of the most perfect comfortable daily cruisers, that’s also right at home at the track. But, can it be even faster than a more track focused version of a previous-gen m3? Vin finds out, with a few new parts and a crucial addition of Falken’s new RT660s.
2009 M3 6mt (3380lbs)
Bimmerworld x-pipe (resonated)
Agency Power Muffler
Eventuri Intake
Evolve Stage 2 tune
KW Suspension Clubsport 3-way
Fikse Profil 10
Falken Tires RT660
Thanks to Falken:
IG: falkentire?hl=en
Thanks to Stoptech:
IG: stoptech?hl=en
Thanks to Mother’s:
IG: motherspolish?hl=en
Thanks to Recaro:
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Ma Broken Leg
Ma Broken Leg 12 kun oldin
Vin my man, i have to make you a compliment. You modify your cars very carefully and tastefully. Mostly quality parts and clean looks. But man get rid of these BBS LM-R ripoff wheels and buy the real shit. Greetings from Germany, hau rein Alter!
rrfa5cy 17 kun oldin
So which is faster?
HOFF 21 kun oldin
Man that looks dope.
jason brown
jason brown 21 kun oldin
I like your head
Ethan Breckenridge
Ethan Breckenridge 21 kun oldin
How are 660’s in the rain because I’m trying to find a grippy tire that’s good in the rain of the back of my 350z
Griggs Whigam
Griggs Whigam 23 kun oldin
Good camera angle when you backed out the shop looked like you was going straight off the dock lmao 🤣😂
Don’t Test It.
Don’t Test It. 24 kun oldin
Does it really matter it’s 2 beamers they slow at no matter what. I don’t wanna hear about your trash ass 335 don’t even try me I’ve been through the whole lineup of beamers nothing’s impressed me and the aftermarket for them is honestly laughable compared to any other car manufacturer
Charles Shamseldin
Charles Shamseldin 24 kun oldin
Jeeeeeeez Vin, because of you I just ordered the Carbon Sportster GT's and my wallet is a hefty bit lighter now 🤣
Sean Remmen
Sean Remmen 25 kun oldin
Lowe’s sells a craftsman single person brake bleed kit and it’s only like $25. Works amazing! Specially for clutches.
Erik Holifield
Erik Holifield 25 kun oldin
P I’m p Like p
Erik Holifield
Erik Holifield 25 kun oldin
Ok lol
Robert Vaughn
Robert Vaughn 26 kun oldin
The grip at 28:06 is amazing
Jonny Aperture
Jonny Aperture 27 kun oldin
28:31 - Nice save man!
Zachary Graham
Zachary Graham 27 kun oldin
Vin without a bread makes me feel like I’m watching a Hoonigian show from a slightly different universe.
Ruben Villalobos
Ruben Villalobos 28 kun oldin
Wheres the donk???
Jay G
Jay G 28 kun oldin
Is that Johnny (s)Vins?
AWD Obsession
AWD Obsession 28 kun oldin
Vin without glasses is weird 🤓
Alfie Wisker
Alfie Wisker 29 kun oldin
that wireless charger is verrryyy cool
Connor Leyland
Connor Leyland 29 kun oldin
This m3 is just absolutely clean as fuck.
Peppermint Nightmare
Peppermint Nightmare 29 kun oldin
@0:18 Is that a 240z?
Adam Taylor
Adam Taylor Oy oldin
Vin has some really good taste 👌🏼
Cole Corbin
Cole Corbin Oy oldin
Always bleed the furthest brake cylinder from the master cylinder first and work your way closer
Brandin Wetzel
Brandin Wetzel Oy oldin
So link for those Amazon lights?!
Chesten VanPelt
Chesten VanPelt Oy oldin
I think we need a series on who's the "best" at any given racing series. Track, auto cross, drag, dirt, drift. same car, for everyone. Vin looks like he's got some track chops, I'd be interested to see how everyone else fairs. Just an idea. Thanks for all the content, keep it up!
Your Fan
Your Fan Oy oldin
Pedro Brass
Pedro Brass Oy oldin
Holly Fu{k! How much $$ do you guys make?
Mohamed Deek
Mohamed Deek Oy oldin
The tip with the pry bar would've been really great at the junkyard for me a week ago lol
Dominic Soto
Dominic Soto Oy oldin
I've seen that Datsun in the background in a couple videos now.......WHAT IS IT FOR!?!?!?!
Johnn E-Boy
Johnn E-Boy Oy oldin
Clean af
Ryan Glahs
Ryan Glahs Oy oldin
Where did Vin's S14 go?
Charles Troutt
Charles Troutt Oy oldin
Vin : installs a shit ton of expensive parts.... Also Vin : doesn't know what a ball joint separator fork is.
DeAndre Jefferson
DeAndre Jefferson Oy oldin
just a lil addition to the cigarette lighters, idk if its true for the e92's but i found another cigarette lighter port under my glove box on the left side in my e90.
Gav Hirt
Gav Hirt Oy oldin
No its called use a pickle fork its the only thing to beat besides your pickle
daniel guzman
daniel guzman Oy oldin
What's the link for those lights lol
Lowboi drifting
Lowboi drifting Oy oldin
so can anyone at hoonigan drive round on the hoon1gan plate ? is it legal to do so ? i live in England and don't understand the american road rules. any help would be useful
biggabenne Oy oldin
what happened to your kove speaker?
Northside Speed
Northside Speed Oy oldin
Been waiting so long to see more of Vin's dope E92! Looks great!
Christopher Holt
Christopher Holt Oy oldin
Buttonwillow is pretty fun.
Joseph Harief
Joseph Harief Oy oldin
damnn vin drives hard
Jacob Ferdinand Jener
Jacob Ferdinand Jener Oy oldin
Im sorry, if it got allready mentioned in the Video. But what wheels are those?
Yiotis Oy oldin
8:37 something is leaking, oil pan?
Chris Garrity
Chris Garrity Oy oldin
Vin or anyone, what lights are those in the garage?
Kendell -
Kendell - Oy oldin
This will be really helpful when working on my E92 M3. Thank you
R.B.S III Oy oldin
Who else was taking shots everytime he said compliance. 🤣🤣
nightcrawler c
nightcrawler c Oy oldin
What seats are those?
For Odin4823
For Odin4823 Oy oldin
So, where’s the link for the wireless chargers?
Brett Oy oldin
Get some Legato in the bends, will shave you some seconds.... white knuckles cost time. Sick build though, will it be as good as the 46?
Michael Miller
Michael Miller Oy oldin
Y'all should build a dajiban there awesome and I'd love to see one built
tjlovesrachel Oy oldin
Lolll waiiiit ... that beam comes out and the garage really isn’t sealed up?
Charles Shamseldin
Charles Shamseldin Oy oldin
Best Hoonigan vid in some time. It's like AC/DC albums. The less produced they are the better they are.
Timothy H.
Timothy H. Oy oldin
Loosen your grip a little. It will make you drive a bit smoother and not seem so twitchy.
wah panda1
wah panda1 Oy oldin
oh boy another BMW coupe owne by a 16yo 86 month loan build.... i wish we could bring back magazines so there was more control over people builds instead this mass inudation of 3 white BMW coupes with different rims. :/
Lucas Warren
Lucas Warren Oy oldin
I see that there's no NASCAR style wheel lug install. Disappointed
You did a compression test and leak down test and the rod bearing are fine? Huh?
GT SPORT Tour Oy oldin
More people need to run the Sportster GTs! Good work Vin!
Steven witt
Steven witt Oy oldin
Next year oh man I just built this why am I giving it away already oh no hahaha 🤪
quick shotzz66
quick shotzz66 Oy oldin
Wtf happened to his beard
Alex Rico
Alex Rico Oy oldin
Awesome video. Learned a lot in a short amount of time.
Andrew Levitt
Andrew Levitt Oy oldin
"What do you mean it's about nothing? It has to be about something." "ITS ABOUT NOTHING! What did you do today?" "I worked on my M3" "THERE'S AN EPISODE!"
Yvolve Oy oldin
Normally not a huge fan of BMW's but this one is so nice! I'd daily this! If I may humbly offer some racing tips, based on this clip: Try to get all your braking and shifting done before the corner, because it upsets the rear end of the car. This way you enter the corner with all wheels loaded equally, making it less likely to slide. Now you shift right before the corner, which makes the rear step out and suddenly loads the front end. This overcomes the grip and you understeer. Your drift experience makes you get into corners too fast, because you need to with drifting. Road racing is more a slow in, fast out way of racing. If you are at the right speed, you won't get understeer from the momentum of the car wanting to go forward. At the right speed, you have maximum grip, so all inputs are more effective. Not only steering, but also acceleration. Now you're braking mid corner often, losing momentum, while if you can accelerate mid way through the corner, you build momentum that helps you get a clean exit. The difference between these is the direction of the momentum, where the car wants to go. If it has been going straight, it wants to go straight. If you point it at the exit, it wants to go there if you build momentum after you made the direction change. It is better to get on the throttle in one go, than having to pedal it. It doesn't unsettle the car as much, so you'll have a cleaner exit. Not trying to be a keyboard warrior or a smart-ass, I mean this in the most supportive way possible. Vin is flying in his M3, but if he wants to improve, this is what I think would a good starting point. If I'm wrong, let me know, but please be an adult about it. Have a conversation, not a shouting match.
Danny Lam
Danny Lam Oy oldin
Vinny sell me your light bar!!
Nicolas smith
Nicolas smith Oy oldin
Yo he fucking rips man, definitely a better driver then me lol
Rasheed Sabir
Rasheed Sabir Oy oldin
What are the floor mounts Vin is using under his seat sliders? They're really low, much lower than the Corbeau ones I have. Do they have mounts for a stock seat belt buckle?
sirt_hooligan Oy oldin
Why does Vin film like he's a BMX vlogger 😂
Danimal Savage
Danimal Savage Oy oldin
mad jelly at how sick that car is
Chooze Wizely
Chooze Wizely Oy oldin
what does a headlight adjuster do??
Russ Dyment
Russ Dyment Oy oldin
3 weeks still waiting for my Honnigan order no emails answered nothing they took my money and ran away
T Hman
T Hman Oy oldin
Man sounds great on the track 👍 nice car Vin
Odri Oy oldin
Larry Chen: "As you all know I have a Z" Vin: "It's the same as I run on my E46" Hert:" She looking Spicy!" Scotto: Doesn't work on his car.
patrick B
patrick B Oy oldin
how does the car drive on the street with the heim joint control arms?
Michael Young
Michael Young Oy oldin
Mabs Kha
Mabs Kha Oy oldin
Those Falkens arent available in the UK...which sucks
Peter Rollins
Peter Rollins Oy oldin
18:00 for all my broke fam out there. You can make the exact same thing with a piece of vacuum line and a soda bottle. Make a hook using a coat hanger if you want to get real fancy with it. Been doing it This way for years. Honestly more efficient than using a vacuum bleeder. It honestly is the best way to bleed your brakes. AND You can see exactly when the new clean fluid reaches the caliper.
Josh Story
Josh Story Oy oldin
Genesis using the jack as a brake caliper holder
GildanBlank Oy oldin
how tf u have pit viper safety glasses lmao
tjlovesrachel Oy oldin
What’s wrong with them
Emic Moto
Emic Moto Oy oldin
Vin always reminds me how poor i am
Why not 6 pots on the front with bigger discs. ST40 front kit is smaller disc than stock.
notamexican91 Oy oldin
As a garage door installer, I gotta say, that's a damn nice setup Vin's got. The stepped windows fit very well with the 60s-70s California vibe and the Liftmaster 8550 operators are built like tanks. 10/10 garage update
Lorenzo Salese
Lorenzo Salese Oy oldin
Bungletronics Oy oldin
Mike Migs?!? Now that takes me back to the mk3 days!
DRIVER46 Oy oldin
Thanks for taking time to talk about tires at the end. I was trying to find some info how those are performing and I will definately order those now.
chris P
chris P Oy oldin
Whats going on with the Duramax camaro
Toby Smith
Toby Smith Oy oldin
Best thing about the hoonigan team is they have the full range of car guys - not only in terms of style (Drift, track etc) but how they build their cars; missiles in a way for Hert and full clean spec for Vin
Ruben Magana
Ruben Magana Oy oldin
Vin stays carrying this channel no cap
Schmuk Norris
Schmuk Norris Oy oldin
The track footage at the end was 🔥
Soero Oy oldin
Who else thought there would be a race between the two BMWs?
Jacob Anderson
Jacob Anderson Oy oldin
Easily the most informative and accurate tech video hoonigan has done. Well done Vin.
ZeroFLM Oy oldin
That track part of the video was sick. Those mods were put to the test !
ijoshie365 Oy oldin
Ohh bimmer content! Im in!!
raceadvantage Oy oldin
No pad chamfer...
ME10920 Oy oldin
Awesome work
Benjamin Amos
Benjamin Amos Oy oldin
Can you dig it? Vin " I can dig it"
Aron Bennett
Aron Bennett Oy oldin
It's always nice to see the rare spotted German car.
Ross Young
Ross Young Oy oldin
Word of the day “compliance”
Rok Gundaker
Rok Gundaker Oy oldin
Yo Vin do you have a Santa Cruz Nomad V3? Thought I saw the yellow and orange in one of the shots around 21:35
sector888 Oy oldin
5w50 redline is what troy jeup believes in
Jason Paul
Jason Paul Oy oldin
Man, I did those LEDs and they made a HUGE improvement for just $40.
Dicks X McIronCocke
Dicks X McIronCocke Oy oldin
15:42 I caught that lil Fox laser there, what's that beat?
J V Oy oldin
Sounds good too 💯
Levi Johnson
Levi Johnson Oy oldin
Vin's word of the day: compliance