FULL Suspension Re-do on Dan’s Drift/Grip Miata. AKA 5 Things Dan Hates About Miatas

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You think Danger Dan would get a Miata and just be ok with the stock slop in the old ass suspension? Nah son. Dan is replacing all the right parts: arms, joints, and (very importantly) new hubs too. All in the name of more steering angle, and a better driving experience.
Thanks to Destroy or Die:
Web: www.destroyordie.com
IG: destroyordie
-MX5 superknuckle kit, front/rear
-adjustable control arm kit, front/rear
-braided brake line kit
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Andrew Craige
Andrew Craige 2 soat oldin
Feel like destroy or die are putting mx5s on the map as way more capable drift cars than what they have been in the past. Great to see someone making propper high quality parts for them!
shyguy4no1 7 kun oldin
So... get new hub, new race, new snap ring. Got it. (and obviously new calipers for dual caliper set up.)
Brett Markewich
Brett Markewich 8 kun oldin
I can't figure out the background music around the 00:26 to 00:56 mark. It's killing me that I don't know it.
Gio Sanchez
Gio Sanchez 10 kun oldin
Dan better be in drift week 3
4Trouble 11 kun oldin
Buy SKF bearings next time, snap ring will be included.
jdegiuli 11 kun oldin
You guys need some torches!
supersevenn 12 kun oldin
**All new parts...snap ring scoffs at you
Oved Appr
Oved Appr 12 kun oldin
lol the ads . she say all i wanted was a body wash ! i think he intentionally ignored her valentine need ! nice ad
Trent Buescher
Trent Buescher 12 kun oldin
where tf is hoonigan at #wheresthecontentat
SunflowerArcher 15 kun oldin
I love that you went through all that for a snap ring
Toby Adams
Toby Adams 15 kun oldin
Tabor Tackett
Tabor Tackett 15 kun oldin
day one of asking to bring back the duramax Camaro
JamesTK 16 kun oldin
Wheel bearings generally come off in two pieces. Don't know why he was surprised :P
Terminalogical Inexactitude
Terminalogical Inexactitude 17 kun oldin
What a cute little car, like Casper the friendly ghost, cute.
Leo Tovar
Leo Tovar 17 kun oldin
Carnerd101 17 kun oldin
More Dan projects.
Ian Bhalai
Ian Bhalai 17 kun oldin
Who’s holding the camera bc I appreciate him
Alex _
Alex _ 17 kun oldin
Raining in long Beach -40 here. Must be nice
M4RZ 17 kun oldin
the song at 15:35 was a banger tho also miatas are fucking awesome, i cant wait to get to working on mine!
Linc H
Linc H 17 kun oldin
I think if anyone deserves to go thrash drift week it is Dan.
Nkululeko Msiza
Nkululeko Msiza 18 kun oldin
Ya I ain’t gone lie when I saw that mk1 I lost interest in what Dan had to say after ... plz do make a video with that mk1 one of my favorite car in the world
prod by siid
prod by siid 18 kun oldin
Bro ...ok WHAT is that trap instrumental w the flute y'all always play. That shit go stupid lmao I want to listen to it. please send the name
carlos4point8 18 kun oldin
video on that green vw!!
Connor Chisholm
Connor Chisholm 18 kun oldin
Okay who owns the mk1
Monygy _
Monygy _ 18 kun oldin
I got one of your license plates, and in a parking lot, a dude drove up and asked what “Hoonigan” was. I said “a bunch of guys on UZpost who make cars that make your hyundai look like an rc car” and he said “hm... I’ll check it out!”
Carlos Rosa
Carlos Rosa 19 kun oldin
That car was grey and he did a video about clean windows. About hes finishing it
Mark Swinhoe
Mark Swinhoe 19 kun oldin
That flip though!
Kody zabelle
Kody zabelle 19 kun oldin
in the intro the cars are driving back wards.
Thomas Tran
Thomas Tran 19 kun oldin
Why not buy new hubs? Hahaha save time. Cost and time
Joanna H
Joanna H 19 kun oldin
More on the VW
NeedForWeed 19 kun oldin
fuck that long bolt in rear lower control arm to the knuckle
Manisandjr8 19 kun oldin
Scotto could learn something from how quickly Dan works on vehicles
Yves Dempsey
Yves Dempsey 19 kun oldin
All this fab equipment and no oxy-acetylene torch.......
gate access
gate access 19 kun oldin
yo i got my monitor on max brightness. i cant see shit inside those wheel wells or under car. everytime you guys go in for a closeup of whats being worked on i cant see shit. please use a shop light. please!!!!
jose puello
jose puello 19 kun oldin
DANNY BOI, WHAT WHERE U DOING!?!? You needed to remove the snap ring before pressing bearing out.
mikesvwcorrado 19 kun oldin
Show me more of that green MK1 GTI!!!
NekoWinters 19 kun oldin
Furries know the truth about 621
Brendan Howorth
Brendan Howorth 19 kun oldin
imagine complaining about rust while living in LA .... xD
Ben Setter
Ben Setter 19 kun oldin
Loving Scotto’s mk1 golf 🤤🤤🤤
ebirdsall38 19 kun oldin
Does Dan have grandma keepers on his mask??
yoke ma
yoke ma 19 kun oldin
I use your name hert
VWarmy 19 kun oldin
That VW Rabbit !! Need a video on that so bad !!
SuperSecretSquirell 19 kun oldin
We've got a 100-ton press at work. Things can get very interesting very fast with that thing.
Oscar Alvarado
Oscar Alvarado 19 kun oldin
Got pressured by the commies to put a mask on, huh?
Old Dirty G1ant
Old Dirty G1ant 20 kun oldin
So like when does the MK1 vr swap project start.
skuz34 20 kun oldin
YEW! damn kyle is getting good at working on cars! ooh shit thats dan! wow couldn't tell with that flow could have sworn kyle was back
CuteCloudyNight 20 kun oldin
This vid was all about trying to catch another peek at that green MK1
Nu :d
Nu :d 20 kun oldin
Talk about opening a can of worms
joao pedro
joao pedro 20 kun oldin
You guys need an air hammer they work wonders
gken69 20 kun oldin
Why no heat before pressing out the spindle?
Chris Trotchie
Chris Trotchie 20 kun oldin
Idea: higher Blake and run Baja 1000!
taylor scott
taylor scott 20 kun oldin
Dude vw holy shit 😍
Simon Bevan
Simon Bevan 20 kun oldin
It’s not called a Miata it’s a Mazda mx5 Japanese not American
Luis Corona
Luis Corona 20 kun oldin
Didnt donut do it like two weeks ago? THE SIMPSONS DID IT!
Toby Mobilia
Toby Mobilia 20 kun oldin
Dan what ever happened to the landspeed Camaro?
btickson 20 kun oldin
Looks like you're adding a TON of unsprung weight
Styrbjörn Båtsman
Styrbjörn Båtsman 20 kun oldin
Why the mask? conflux is a hustling of the masses.
Wes 20 kun oldin
watching how the knuckle was being supported (or not) when pressing that axle out....yeah, called it and 20 seconds later "broke the knuckle". ha. I'd be lying if I said I've never been in that sort of situation.
Matt Hackwell
Matt Hackwell 20 kun oldin
Should have just ordered one of those C-clamp type bearing tools, would have been way easier. The axles get stuck in Honda hubs too you can usually get them out with heat while in the press
Diverse Motors
Diverse Motors 20 kun oldin
may probably be able to cross reference snap rings from pre 98 bmws😬😊
Daan Prins
Daan Prins 20 kun oldin
Dude love the vids. But please, never ever fucking hold you hands under the press again. Thank you
scott moore
scott moore 20 kun oldin
Yes, dan should go to driftweek 3! Absolutely no question.
UnnamedDeath 20 kun oldin
Dan for DriftWeek 3 ! ! ! !
Mazjolfcal 20 kun oldin
You are meant to take the snap ring out before pressing the bearing out..... invest in some circlip pliers
Patrick Sandberg
Patrick Sandberg 20 kun oldin
Use a induction heater
Bobby Breland
Bobby Breland 20 kun oldin
What kinda wheels? Those are sick!
G Stizzaff
G Stizzaff 20 kun oldin
As soon as I saw the rear knuckle on the press I knew what was going to happen. Been there done that hahaha
Kooky Garage
Kooky Garage 20 kun oldin
Had the same issues with all my rear suspension on my NB and here in the UK it gets very rusty :'(
Alex Elrod
Alex Elrod 20 kun oldin
2 things Yes dan, do drift week Also, it needs a 13b
Alex Elrod
Alex Elrod 20 kun oldin
2 things Yes dan, do drift week Also, it needs a 13b
Vexing Cordite
Vexing Cordite 20 kun oldin
God I miss my Golf, didnt have room to keep it and it was worth so much more than I paid for it. Really wish I'd finished that project, such good looking cars, that back end with the square lights, oof
Dub Tub
Dub Tub 20 kun oldin
yoooo, that MKI Golf! gimme!
Blue Collar Originals
Blue Collar Originals 20 kun oldin
Now im a little confused. I dont know miatas but wouldnt you have to take the snap ring out before pressing the old bearings out.
Samory Harris
Samory Harris 20 kun oldin
Can you guys get your shit together and put lights on your camera rigs please!
Antonio Rodriguez
Antonio Rodriguez 20 kun oldin
Cokenfold 20 kun oldin
Soooooo, who's making a metric fucktonne of snaprings for NB Miatas. Goldmine...
Cokenfold 20 kun oldin
Hmmm, so you can buy them? I'm confused. uzpost.info/vision/video/stJ5sq6fiaKHfJc.html
Syed Rehan Fida
Syed Rehan Fida 20 kun oldin
Chuck Norris is pretty good with cars! :D
MrBmxblur 20 kun oldin
After watching this I am so freakn motivated to work on my car once the semester is over
MadCarTK 20 kun oldin
What ever happened to that kid who was washing his car in the background of an episode? You guys were talking to him about it and it didn't sound too good lol.
Inspire_Greatness74 20 kun oldin
@17:05 mark he Kinda looks like Chuck Norris!!!
Matthew Cherrington
Matthew Cherrington 20 kun oldin
That set up will shake loose every 50 miles. Keep an eye on all the bolts. 1 minute she will be fine. You hit a bump and the steering wheel is clocked.
Allan Janetzki
Allan Janetzki 20 kun oldin
Why not steal the rings of shart cart. Or are they different
Casey Gillis
Casey Gillis 20 kun oldin
Bruh you take the ring out bf you take the bearing out
LEIF CAREY-ODDEN 20 kun oldin
Anyone know what the green car is at 17:17?
ethan hayes
ethan hayes 20 kun oldin
Y’all should get some lights for under the car/inside the wheel well. It’s dark af in there
Sean Smile
Sean Smile 20 kun oldin
that mk1 omg
JB86 20 kun oldin
So the miata ae86 eg & vw & dc2 hitting the track soon ?
Denzyl Casuela
Denzyl Casuela 20 kun oldin
Is this money pit but on speedrun?
Dang Drewgun
Dang Drewgun 20 kun oldin
Dan swaggin wit da glasses saver's
Chris Trujillo
Chris Trujillo 20 kun oldin
Are we just going to pretend there’s not a Volkswagen mk 1 in the back
Horia Goda
Horia Goda 20 kun oldin
What's going on with that green rabbit?
CombatCactus 20 kun oldin
That long ass control arm bolt also applies to NAs and it’s the worst
colormesarge 20 kun oldin
Dan, If you haven't done a jackstand and string alignment, I suggest you give it a try. It turns out pretty well all things considered.
NippyMoto 20 kun oldin
Fr miata coilovers installs suck, well the front ones do, it takes like 10 mins to do the rears.
Thor Cain
Thor Cain 20 kun oldin
Durago 29596060 www.rockauto.com/en/parts/durago,29596060,wheel+bearing+&+hub,1636 Bearing & Hub Kit; Includes Hub, Bearing, Retaining Ring, and Axle Nut DuraGo Wheel Bearing & Hub Kits are engineered to offer the total solution for non-integral wheel hub and bearing repair. Each kit includes all of the components required to restore the wheel hub and bearing to optimum condition. Kits contain all the necessary parts for a complete repair with the simplicity of ordering a single part number.
Thor Cain
Thor Cain 20 kun oldin
Dan lookin like a hockey player 🏒
MexicanHotFrie 20 kun oldin
So no ones gonna talk about the green goblin
Evan Malinowski
Evan Malinowski 20 kun oldin
Nick Greene
Nick Greene 20 kun oldin
Sooo wassup with that golf 👀
Diego García Gonzalez
Diego García Gonzalez 20 kun oldin
Dan, LS swap it, Tom's Turbo Garage has a how to series 👀
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