Evo 9 4G63 Teardown Science: How Bad is 76k Miles of Track and Street Use?

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Hoonigan Project Cars

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76,000 miles on the legendary 4G63 shouldn’t be bad at all. Keyword: shouldn’t. But we all know that track miles are like dog years, so in this case Roncar’s car has like 300,000 miles on it. How bad can it be?

We brought it to our friend Roni Almasi’s shop - aka Speedlab Inc - to find out.

Shout out to Roni for the knowledge drop!

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TheRipster777 28 kun oldin
Alright youtube CSI investigators, pause at 18:37 and tell me what the secret sauce is... I'm hoping it's a supercharger kit.
James White
James White 27 kun oldin
@Alpha Werks ​ Whilst not pure supercharging, take a look at Norris Design and their twincharge kit for the 4g63. Supercharger properly disengages as the turbo takes over for a linear 20+ PSI from 2k RPM. Looks very, very impressive.
Name Name
Name Name 27 kun oldin
You realize that would decrease power right........
David Chapel
David Chapel 28 kun oldin
Intercooler for turbo??
Upside down
Upside down 28 kun oldin
@Eric Marciniak on the android app i reduced the playback speed to the slowest .25 i think and kept tapping pause/play till i got a clean frame, screenshot it, then zoomed in to the pic to get the name, Too much spare time with no work atm lol
Meteor Media
Meteor Media 3 kun oldin
08:20 No no no. What is this guy even talking about? By altering the combustion chamber you are NOT changing the engine's displacement. Like, that's not at all how that works. 06:31 The way phrased the harmonics thing was totall wrong. A four cylinder has absolutely ZERO primary imbalance. Their first order harmonics are literally perfectly balanced, by desing. Any primary imbalance an inline four engine WOULD have, comes from bad manufacturing tolerances. You mainly need to worry about secondary imbalance, as with all inline engines. But saying that on an inline four, you need to worry about imbalance, especially BECAUSE it is an inline four and has "harmonics", is dead wrong. This dude is very clearly out of his depth.
Cerevo 4 kun oldin
it wasn't real clear but the dude looking at the bearings pulled the thrust bearing closest to the 4th cylinder, which is the non thrust side in an Evo because they have a pull type clutch. So the thrust side showed more wear, not the non thrust side.
Matthew Ouk
Matthew Ouk 5 kun oldin
76k miles is alot... people still daily driving their 150k mile evo 👁👄👁
Wayne Cruz
Wayne Cruz 15 kun oldin
I always thought you could toss a delete in and call her a day that was cool to learn about balance shaft deletes
isaac Shively
isaac Shively 16 kun oldin
The first actually fast car I ever drove was my buddy's AWD Talon back in the late 90's and it was in the 10's back then which for that time was insane, I had a 5.0 2 years later that ran 11.2 at 120mph and it was faster then damn near every thing at the track but the Talon put it to shame
Dani over
Dani over 17 kun oldin
8:12 not only are you increasing the displacement you are also increasing the min volume of the cylinder (decreasing the max pressure also other variables constant). I feel like you would need to counteract this maybe they do it by running more boost.
Meat.Eater.Meteor 20 kun oldin
Check out 'Jafromobile's channel for an *insane* amount of information on 4G63 teardown, assembly, and turbo setups.
C9H13NO3 •
C9H13NO3 • 21 kun oldin
Ron don’t go with a moroso pan, the moroso has fit problems and is focused for drag racing and acceleration load not cornering and track racing. Go with a racefab pan, it will actually address the issue which is oil slosh away from the pickup by surrounding the pickup with a diamond shaped offset baffle
Daniel Lysø
Daniel Lysø 23 kun oldin
LEIF CAREY-ODDEN 24 kun oldin
Super car suspects 2.0
Aaron Unknown
Aaron Unknown 25 kun oldin
Literally just built one of these to pretty crazy spec on the channel 🙌🏻
ProjectADV 25 kun oldin
Can we get someone that can use a camera next time. 🤣
Hugo Mora
Hugo Mora 25 kun oldin
Should get a better camera....
Brian Omar
Brian Omar 25 kun oldin
H22s have balance shafts too i just did an elimination kit yesterday so i can rev it to 8k 😂✈️
Christy Cullen
Christy Cullen 25 kun oldin
david woodbridge
david woodbridge 25 kun oldin
Not always a fan of Ron videos also I’m not a ricer but after accidentally seeing that intro clip I had to watch the whole thing that was hilarious
TheTyisAwesome 25 kun oldin
The engine was so clean for an engine that was apparently tracked "all the time" 4G63 is such a beast
ANDYblacks13 26 kun oldin
cat convertor thieve's move onto evo rear water pipes after this aired
fyrbyrd 71
fyrbyrd 71 26 kun oldin
What were the compression readings before removal and teardown? 76k is low for a N/A motor...
Rene Stanneveld
Rene Stanneveld 26 kun oldin
So what do we know. 1 : He drives his EVO 9 like a Grandma.. 2 : He uses wall mart oil..
2010WRXLimited 26 kun oldin
Good one Ron. The focus part cracked me up because it's hard to capture fine details on video in the moment. I imagine it would be a bunch more editing, but taking some 'beauty shots' that you could voiceover in those spots might be helpful. cool video with good information and had a chill vibe to it.
Cerevo 26 kun oldin
I love that the title card is "4G63 science, and a picture of a car without a 4G63 in it.
aj people
aj people 26 kun oldin
Macro lens
paradisespring 26 kun oldin
what oil clearance would be ideal for 4g63???? tightest to largest....
clorox bottle
clorox bottle 26 kun oldin
yoooo thass roni from supercarsuspects wtf
Nicholas Johnsen
Nicholas Johnsen 26 kun oldin
Jesus Christ learn how to focus the camera already
tjbugeye 26 kun oldin
Cool to see Roni. Saw a video of him up in Washington hanging with Josh Bader.
Rotor Head
Rotor Head 26 kun oldin
Basically an entire video proving: Why you never want to buy a Mitsubishi vehicle or associate with any person who has such a sickness. If you're a mitsy-bitsy guy reading this, you're in my prayers. I'm sorry you have to deal with this shit. There's help out there for you though. Hotlines you can call. You don't have to continue hurting yourself anymore. There are more enjoyable cars to waste money on, and healthier people to be friends with in this world. Don't sell yourself short by associating with Mitsubishi cars or people. - This has been a public service announcement -
Hashem Matter
Hashem Matter 26 kun oldin
Lol the shaft was bent based on 1-2 thou of movement hahahahaha hahah
Matt Smallwood
Matt Smallwood 26 kun oldin
Roni looks like buff Street Bike Tommy
Isaiah King
Isaiah King 27 kun oldin
What happened to the donk build 🤔
Hector Correa
Hector Correa 27 kun oldin
shitty video quality
Turbskii Addicted462
Turbskii Addicted462 27 kun oldin
God damn this focus is terrible fixxxx itttt I wanna actually be able to see all this!
Oikku Oek
Oikku Oek 27 kun oldin
"Increasing the volume in combustion chamber increases the displacement of the engine" BS. It only decreases the compression ratio. Engine displacement comes from cylinder bore x stroke length. No other factor affects on it.
XOZ Industries
XOZ Industries 27 kun oldin
76,000 is high mileage? Clearly he has never driven a LS motor
Manisandjr8 27 kun oldin
It’s funny to me 76,000 miles is considered “a lot” I wonder what he would say to an engine with 230,000 miles hahaha
avnax 27 kun oldin
Ronnie is the man!
J M 27 kun oldin
Bring back labcoat Ron
Mario Vukoja
Mario Vukoja 27 kun oldin
Holy mother of unfocused videos....
Tim Otheus
Tim Otheus 27 kun oldin
I could watch and learn all day. Thanks.
Brad Downes
Brad Downes 27 kun oldin
Larry! Help out with the cameras 📷!!!! For the love of God!!🤦‍♂️
FE_EVO_X 27 kun oldin
If you guys haven’t checked out Roni’s channel. Do yourself a favor and do it. This man has knowledge !!! Also: please have somebody pre set that camera. Your Iso, shutter etc. shits giving me a headache lol
Justin Smith
Justin Smith 27 kun oldin
Finally getting some real 🐤 done
Tim C
Tim C 27 kun oldin
I don’t know if Ron will read this, but if you like corners DO NOT fit an AMS/Moroso sump, they are worse than stock for anything but a straight line when it comes to oil surge.
bert pauly
bert pauly 27 kun oldin
did he just ? 08:12
Z.Z. Chops
Z.Z. Chops 27 kun oldin
Stroke stroke stroke! .... 4 pistons and 1 cylinder head....its like your other channels are so busy you can't do it yourself
Taylor Nelson
Taylor Nelson 27 kun oldin
“Kinda dodged a bullet there” Yea and got hit with a missile
meloSB 27 kun oldin
My 160k mile 4g64: 76k high miles 😄😄😄😄
LynxAdvert 27 kun oldin
Can we see the return of lab coat Ron?
Nicolas Rodriguez
Nicolas Rodriguez 27 kun oldin
I counted about a thou corrects lol
Nomad2392 27 kun oldin
Thanks for the vid but autofocus is legit hurting my eyes and irritating, its the worst I've ever seen on a Hoonigan post. :/
Dead Reckon
Dead Reckon 27 kun oldin
This is why I ignore mileage on a car when I go to buy one, especially considering I drive some damn clapped out pieces of shit. Hell, the nearly 250k mile 1.8 liter four banger in my 2000 Nissan Sentra is probably in better shape than this engine, had the valve cover off and the cams don't even look worn with 245k on the clock. And it's a 5 speed, so you know it's been abused at some point, and continues to be abused for that matter.
Chuck Montecillo
Chuck Montecillo 27 kun oldin
Poilishing and reshaping the combustion chamber doesn't increase displacement. It increases chamber volume, which lowers the compression ratio.
Sdmoparman in SD
Sdmoparman in SD 27 kun oldin
For an "engine builder" this guys uses the word "actually" too much, also increasing chamber volumes in a head decreases compression ratio, has no effect on displacement. Other than that he seems alright....
skippys vr4
skippys vr4 27 kun oldin
I have 40,000 miles on my ams built 4g63. With over 100 10 second pulls. No trailer. 4g63 ftw!!
Snape 27 kun oldin
8:10 Making the combustion chamber bigger does not increase displacement, it decreases compression
boltonky 27 kun oldin
Great video and nice knowledge drops...wish i could build my 4g63 i brought years ago but can't afford let alone replace parts that were stolen, did at one stage make a scary direct drive go-kart (i bolted a sprocket to flywheel with a centrifugal clutch) not recommended lol...keep safe and have fun just not at others expense
philip9175 27 kun oldin
I literally got a migraine from the non focusing autofocus, get a better camera ffs
2001chevycamaross 27 kun oldin
how does removing head material in the valve area increase displacement? the would lower compression.
Victor Verhagen
Victor Verhagen 27 kun oldin
8:16 is wrong, eliminating material from the head doesnt increase displacement, it increases non-displaced volume, so it actually lower the compression ratio. Which might be a good thing for turbo engines mind you, you can turn up the boost a bit higher before detonation occurs.
AUSTIN 27 kun oldin
8:00 LMFAO removing material from around the valves does not increase the displacement, only allowing the piston to move up and down further or making the piston bigger increases displacement. by removing material from the combustion chamber what you are doing is reducing the static compression ratio
AUSTIN 26 kun oldin
@Vivid Media it also wasn't sitting on any type of fixture that could be assumed to be even close to perfectly square. I would assume that 99% of the runout he found was due to that crankshaft saddle he was using to hold it on the bench.
Vivid Media
Vivid Media 26 kun oldin
Was thinking the same thing, and the part where he says the crankshaft is bent isn’t necessarily true, it could have also been out of round
Nick W
Nick W 27 kun oldin
Did this dude just say that removing material from a combustion chamber increases the engine displacement? I hope he meant it increases the cylinder head volume because..... yeah So is that from the factory? No it’s probably from wear or the factory..... WTF LMAO!! I’m done with this video, can’t even understand what this dude is talking about
nightcrawler c
nightcrawler c 27 kun oldin
Recruit_Life07 27 kun oldin
Dont bait me with the lab coat Ron
JB86 27 kun oldin
Donk get stolen ?
Ran Dom
Ran Dom 27 kun oldin
ur terrible with the focus jesus
Allie Joey Greenwald
Allie Joey Greenwald 27 kun oldin
Roni is one of the better humans you can meet. great choice.
301_aj 27 kun oldin
Roni knows his shit, Ron picked the right place to help em out
James White
James White 27 kun oldin
*Laughs in 130k mile (210k kms) stock 4G63*
Jigga Man
Jigga Man 27 kun oldin
Should get your Man Jamo from our side over here in New York to come to Cali and help you!! Gotta get Jamo back in some videos.
roni3910 27 kun oldin
Pat Locke
Pat Locke 27 kun oldin
Ah ya ! maybe this so called mechanic / speed shop guy might be nervous being on camera ? but the way he tries to explain things I don't think that I would take my lawnmower there !!
Anthony Farnan
Anthony Farnan 27 kun oldin
Genius works in mysterious ways...
MeinE39M5 27 kun oldin
Dude...time to upgrade the Hoonigan cameras and get a gimble. This video made me nauseous and gave me epilepsy.
Inu Prasetya Putra
Inu Prasetya Putra 27 kun oldin
Boom! Science
Sean Hatch
Sean Hatch 27 kun oldin
Always love listening to Ronnie talk 4g63
Keith Harris
Keith Harris 27 kun oldin
U got it right?
Carson Barbour
Carson Barbour 27 kun oldin
Let’s all say a prayer for anyone that made a drinking game out of how many times they said "this thing"
neong 27 kun oldin
Man can read MLS gaskets and thinks he can get away from engine building...
hyper 27 kun oldin
A evo :0
Davit D.
Davit D. 28 kun oldin
derek warner
derek warner 28 kun oldin
Well that engine “builder” kind of seemed all over the place to me and like he wasn’t very knowledgeable but that’s okay. Probably just misspoken but the chamber mods they did were getting rid of a phenomenon called machinist ridge which impedes flow through the engine and even though it would decrease compression ratio depending on cc removal in chamber I’m sure you would be advised to either get it back and then some by either milling the head, increasing stroke, getting valves with no reliefs, increasing dome on piston and fly cutting for valve clearance, and so on.
Anthony Farnan
Anthony Farnan 27 kun oldin
Genius can sometimes appear this way 😉
Dan Jennings
Dan Jennings 28 kun oldin
8:13 EHHHHHT WRONG. Bowl work reduces the compression ratio, does not affect the swept volume of the piston, which is displacement.
Eris Gh0sted
Eris Gh0sted 28 kun oldin
4GangGAnGgAnG.6ixteeeeeeeeeeeee.thr3333, GANG GANG! or don't banG!!!
Hunter C
Hunter C 28 kun oldin
Tons of subs and a camera that wont focus lol. shit boah
Alejandro Herrera
Alejandro Herrera 28 kun oldin
I'll be the guy to say it: Ron, you need to work on your camera skills. The camera isn't at fault, the frequent camera movement and Roni constantly moving parts and putting his hands in the frame is really screwing up the focus. Just some constructive criticism. Still looking forward to more videos!
Koi Captain
Koi Captain 28 kun oldin
I bet a $100. if that motor was 75k miles it won't be high mileage. It 76k is high mileage so that's make vin's Porsche Mega Miles(Mileage)?
David Chapel
David Chapel 28 kun oldin
Rons camera work is trash but I enjoyed the video!! Very knowledgeable 👍
DasWauto 28 kun oldin
Hold up. If you’re removing material from the combustion chamber you’re not increasing the displacement, you’re increasing the volume of the combustion chamber, thereby dropping your compression ratio a bit.
xXDrEggmanXx 28 kun oldin
Dope build and good vid bruh, but I’ll stick with my WRX STI ;) but still dope man, can’t wait to see finished product and the power you’ll get 👍🏻 respect from a subi guy :)
Matthew McKibben
Matthew McKibben 28 kun oldin
Ron, DUDE, lear how to control the focus. I (and others?) actually want to see the condition of the bearings. Please ??? (maybe set manual focal length and pay more attention to your set distance?)
Free Mar
Free Mar 28 kun oldin
76k alot Haha that's low miles here
Leonard Moore
Leonard Moore 28 kun oldin
Must be hard to focus while moving that much cause blurry af. Thanks for sharing
Hogiewan1 28 kun oldin
Darren Soldier
Darren Soldier 28 kun oldin
Whens Scumbag Labs coming back? I miss that shit, son.
dielauwen 28 kun oldin
new bearings and slap it back together. More is a waste of money.
Roman Macias
Roman Macias 28 kun oldin
Raise your hand if Ron's cinematography made you throw up two for two so far...
uneedh2o 28 kun oldin
Mmmmmk, definitely shutting the video off after this clown said removing material from the combustion chamber increases displacement.... time to find a new engine builder my dude
Chewy Lewy
Chewy Lewy 28 kun oldin
I love the way roni explained everything about how an engine wears and what certain signs mean
Callum Mcdonald
Callum Mcdonald 28 kun oldin
Next time can you please send someone else who can use a camera with him, that was so hard to watch
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