Bringing Ron’s Wrecked Evo Back to Life… Can it be Saved??

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Hoonigan Project Cars

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Now that Ron’s down to just one white Evo RS instead of two, it’s high time to start putting it back together. Needs a new frame leg, a total engine rebuild, new bodywork, and a big ‘ol diet if he’s serious about Gymkhana GRID competition… easy, right?
Thanks to Horns Auto Collision
Hit up Seibon for all of your carbon fiber bodywork needs
Yes, once upon a time Ron had TWO of the exact same car. He loves Evos:

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Krynis Oy oldin
we don't have an unlimited supply of cars like this, every time someone like you fixes one instead of just reshelling it is a gift to every lover of the cars.
Kwezzy 27 kun oldin
Jester's Toybox
Jester's Toybox Oy oldin
Couldn't agree more! They can always be saved with enough elbow grease. Love seeing Ron save this Evo RS ❤️
Evan pelkey
Evan pelkey Oy oldin
This is the truth. 240s are a perfect example, I remember only a few years back before I even had a license I could go look up 240s and find some clean ones/shells or whatever. But now that I could maybe afford one I can’t even find a clean one and if I do it’s overpriced. Ofc that’s also drift tax but still
Sam Cerwinske
Sam Cerwinske Oy oldin
That’s why the great guys at B&M Performance are so amazing. Restoring Evos for the past 10 years
Thump Er
Thump Er Oy oldin
What if I rebuild them, but never sell them, and instead drive the hell out of cars and trucks?
jake 4 kun oldin
I know I'm late to the party but our evo has a 2.3L built by Curt Brown.(which I just looked and apparently are permanently closed) We have it paired with a precision 6466 twin scroll. 550hp with a nice fat torque band running on e98. With that setup we are also able to push to 850hp and 680tq.
shleGomio 6 kun oldin
Sick that you fix it. That isn't that bad to trow that shell away.
Liam Foley
Liam Foley 7 kun oldin
I’m not sure if you’ve found an engine builder but MA performance is who I’ve heard of building some awesome evo engines. I know Adam lz used them so maybe they can help you out
David st
David st 8 kun oldin
Car is only tipped. Easy fix I don't know how u ever considered parting it out 🤔🤔🤔
Jonathan S
Jonathan S 12 kun oldin
Have rob 3d cut you a tube frame, and chop the front.
Oved Appr
Oved Appr 12 kun oldin
Oved Appr
Oved Appr 12 kun oldin
seibon ! nice to know for the local ! always a drag to findout something is wrong once at home
Oved Appr
Oved Appr 12 kun oldin
by the way if you do a good job on electrical cable ? dont sweat it . your car will behave power wise ! did you know that almost all vehicule on the road run in protection mode because of electrical wire touching . my big rig ( international a26) was running at 34 pound of boost ( variable geometry turbocharger ) i have airgapped ton of electrical wire , no programming , and it it run at 39 pound of boost ! it when to the dealer . to have the cluster reinstall the program . why ? because the darn wire touch . but i do not want to disassemble the dash to airgap the wire ! electricity is very lazy and the international electrical cable installer at manufacturing plant ? he or she is about .00001 % less lazy then electricity ( yep very lazy )
Oved Appr
Oved Appr 12 kun oldin
tagging is a good idea. also airgapping wire isa an excellent idea . no electrical cable holder made of metal be it in the engine or outside ! ground in the oil ! big wire dont touch with each other big wire or small wire. small wire of alternator ore startor also need to be single like the big wire ! washer of copper for anything holding wire to the alternator , battery or starter . airgapped properly ? i think you should have a nice time with your beauty . the main cause of rage for car ? always some wire touching ! ideal ? negative wire cant touch to positive wire ! doable mainly in those i mentionned next best is to make sure small wire dont touch chassis and dont use metal clamp to hold wire ! why manufacturer dont do this ? because it cost about 500 $ for car maker to do it this way . 50 dollars in part and 450 dollars in time ! ya , ton of wire touch !
Raynedog00 12 kun oldin
I'm upset Ron didn't film his manline run in the evo lmao
Innovate Parkour
Innovate Parkour 12 kun oldin
bruh the ending about quarantine is a MOOD XD
Luke Branco
Luke Branco 13 kun oldin
nice!!! thats looking amazing. hows the motor coming?
isaac Shively
isaac Shively 17 kun oldin
Pretty sure you can't plug harnesses into the wrong spot... You know because they are all different sizes and shapes, but hey do you Ron
atm0706 17 kun oldin
If you want the fastest powerband, you need to say fuck you to Garrett as a sponsor and go Borg Warner EFR.
Sam Hesgard
Sam Hesgard 20 kun oldin
Tube the front end
Edwin Winkel
Edwin Winkel 20 kun oldin
Videos of Ron reviving his Evo came out just as I got my Mercedes back I crashed in high school, couldn’t be better motivation
FLIPxBEAR 21 kun oldin
Amazing so far!!! Can't wait to see Ron put the motor in in 2 years 😁🤙🏽
isaac Shively
isaac Shively 22 kun oldin
"forgot Ron had a Lancer" Brian Scotto 2020
Ryan Olson
Ryan Olson 25 kun oldin
Wow! Looks totally different man.
Eduardo Garcilazo
Eduardo Garcilazo 25 kun oldin
Anything that's racing/track will never be durable. Got to pay to play such all.
James Wathen
James Wathen 25 kun oldin
As far as engine build goes, I'm running the 2.4L 4G64 with and FP Green, forged internals, built head. Engine is overbuilt for my 470whp, but so far I am happy with where my powerband comes in at and how far it carries for time attack. Plus with the over-engineered engine, I can jump up to 600whp safely (if I ever feel the need for more power in time attack). Seeing another Evo resurrection makes me hard to wait for Streets of Willow next week. TRACK DAY!
dirtmatt 25 kun oldin
Hooking up the trailer to that dry hitch made me cringe
CHRIS KRAMER 25 kun oldin
do a 2.3 since your motor is still good. Reason people go 2.2 or 2.4 was the availability of 64 blocks
CHRIS KRAMER 25 kun oldin
had a white rs. miss that car
Soarer Garage
Soarer Garage 25 kun oldin
ah shit... I have 2 of the same cars....
Alex Crouse
Alex Crouse 26 kun oldin
Worst case, you tube the front out.
Jordan Henderson
Jordan Henderson 27 kun oldin
Send it to SHEEPY!!!!
FD4LIFE 4life
FD4LIFE 4life 27 kun oldin
Yes an evo rebuild in 2021. Unreal
Kwezzy 27 kun oldin
I’m excited about this!! Carbon fiber doors! You’re going crazy!
Krasskeeper 27 kun oldin
Just send the engine to Subi Performance --> billet block for some more boxer power
David Cottrell
David Cottrell 27 kun oldin
Going through the same thing with my evo 8 damage the same side and full of rust, engine being rebuilt to about six hundred Bhp but just love the car, could have bought another evo but that’s not the point really.
daniel nash
daniel nash 27 kun oldin
Where the hell is the donk
Recruit_Life07 27 kun oldin
I like the dedication, chassis might be bent but proceeds to buy full carbon panels.... That why we like you ron
Evobros 28 kun oldin
Buy my Evo 8 RR rs
John Christian Mariquina
John Christian Mariquina 28 kun oldin
Its so sad to see that evo like that Have the thoughts of swapping it rearwheel drive?
Rory Caracciolo
Rory Caracciolo 28 kun oldin
stoneyt46 28 kun oldin
How much $ were the carbon doors?! Savage. I want!!!
maxforce 28 kun oldin
That Fentanyl comment had me laughing uncontrollably for 3 minutes.
ACE F_Performance
ACE F_Performance 28 kun oldin
Arlington machine shop, they build the best engines
Michael Duncan
Michael Duncan 28 kun oldin
Evo 9 RS. Hands down my favorite car.
D'Arcy French
D'Arcy French 28 kun oldin
Buys carbon doors to save weight, keeps the heavy stock sub frames 😅
Addison Kirtley
Addison Kirtley 28 kun oldin
So excited for this thing
ant p
ant p 28 kun oldin
Enjoyed it
Ryan Emigh
Ryan Emigh 28 kun oldin
Coyote swap it
aspie19 28 kun oldin
4G63 engines are really boost driven . I'd suggest a cheetah or fleece ( digitallyly ) controlled vgt from the duramax/Powerstroke turbo . A holset turbo can either be analog ( boost pressure ) or digital ( electronic servos control size of turbine ) . You won't have as large of a high end however you can potentially get a huge flat torque curve And 747 jet plane spool up sounds !!
Angel Gomez
Angel Gomez 28 kun oldin
2.4 bore to 2.6
Moe Taku
Moe Taku 28 kun oldin
Camera dude getting way to excited about hooking up a trailer.
spitfire boys
spitfire boys 28 kun oldin
To be onest it will look realy cool when it's fixed
SeenCreaTive 28 kun oldin
I mean... LS swap the world (jk please don't)
Denz lifestyle
Denz lifestyle 28 kun oldin
tube front end!!!
Geo Martens
Geo Martens 28 kun oldin
Looks great 👍
Shane Williams
Shane Williams 28 kun oldin
Its a racecar now. If the front it tweaked too bad then tube chassis that bitch
asambi69 28 kun oldin
Just get it up and running, don't be a Scotto lol. Then Improve the areas you think need it..but drive it.
asambi69 28 kun oldin
Frame doesn't look that bad tbh.
asambi69 28 kun oldin
Hey man tagging wires isn't just for noobs. Even the pros do it. You leave a project for a couple of weeks to do something else...come back....saves you a whole bunch of time figuring crap out.
Junes motorworx
Junes motorworx 28 kun oldin
Should have to go for compound turbo setup or twincharge setup. Checkout insta : @cho_dspec
Allen Lippiatt
Allen Lippiatt 28 kun oldin
do a srt 2.4 swap
Mustafa Rahmani
Mustafa Rahmani 28 kun oldin
Get in touch with English Racing up in Washington! Best Evo shop out there!
Dead Reckon
Dead Reckon 29 kun oldin
Y'all're getting carried away with the editing, I love it. I also love seeing junk being brought back to life, and let's face it, to 9/10 people, this car is just parts. But hey, 9 / 10 people leave really cool stuff at the Pick N Save (Pick And Pull out there? Pick N Pay? Pull your own damn parts because this is America and we work for our junk?) junkyards for us less lazy folk to pick over.
Jared C.
Jared C. 29 kun oldin
Ron, thanks for fixing this the correct way instead of a lot of other youtube trash that's out there. Good cars take good work.
Owen Louks
Owen Louks 29 kun oldin
A whole month since donk reveal.... Who knows how long since the Camaro
safedriver1979 29 kun oldin
Love these cars, always awd!!!!
Dan H
Dan H 29 kun oldin
pls build a diesel f250 6.0 or 6.4 that would be awesome
Synthetic Danimal 90
Synthetic Danimal 90 29 kun oldin
Just tube chassis the front end. Chop off frame right by fire wall, then weld in some plates and make it all tube. Super light and gets rid of that mangled frame.
IdLikeAnEvo 29 kun oldin
I love your point of view ! Never make that car a 'parts car' even if something happen to it after all the new modd (I hope not) and your tired of it, any condition contact me , i'll take it ahaha. godamn dream car right there !
Finlay Stewart
Finlay Stewart 29 kun oldin
put a RB26 in it
Eazy Steve420
Eazy Steve420 29 kun oldin
He took the words out my mouth puta lsd in it
Eazy Steve420
Eazy Steve420 29 kun oldin
deybi1 29 kun oldin
Tube front end to help with weight reduction
John Strong
John Strong 29 kun oldin
G25 550 is what you want for insane torque 500hp is close to the maximum rated 550 for the turbo but they come on super early
SolidSith 29 kun oldin
whats a rabbit hole without a tube frame front end.
Dazza as
Dazza as 29 kun oldin
As a die hard new Zealand born car guy I fully love that you guys own a Holden ute 😁
rmanly1473 29 kun oldin
Speaking of project cars. You remember when the guys was building that donk that disappeared? Good times.
Co Oliver
Co Oliver 29 kun oldin
I've been working on cars for years I still label stuff nothing wrong with it
Stinger427NGX 29 kun oldin
Being a race car, was tubular front an option instead of frame straightening? Love the carbon front.
RIVAL 29 kun oldin
big step because this means the car is SAVED! hell yeah brother ! after this car is done i would lock it away . only take it out on nice days and a wise man once told me watch your intake temps .
czarli 29 kun oldin
YO @ 9:10 why no on could stand on your bumper .. some team you got :)
j t
j t 29 kun oldin
Get danger Dan in there to tube out the front chassis... Keep all body panels to maintain stock look
Jorge martin
Jorge martin 29 kun oldin
i wanna see the rotary kei truck
Maxime Vhw
Maxime Vhw 29 kun oldin
maperformance or ets. Those are the best in the biz
Rashard Smothers
Rashard Smothers 29 kun oldin
Tube front end !!
R3DLiFE 29 kun oldin
2.3 would probably be best bet for 500whp wide band and anti lag for sure !
Cole Corbin
Cole Corbin 29 kun oldin
Ron is so easy to listen to. 4G63T love.
Brock Boutilier
Brock Boutilier 29 kun oldin
3:59 Ron: "A bunch of rust" Canada: Am I a joke to you?
Nicholas Rodrigues
Nicholas Rodrigues 28 kun oldin
@Brock Boutilier lots of it
Brock Boutilier
Brock Boutilier 28 kun oldin
@Nicholas Rodrigues I'm pretty sure Ontario uses road salt
Nicholas Rodrigues
Nicholas Rodrigues 28 kun oldin
@Brock Boutilier I live about 3000km east of BC
Brock Boutilier
Brock Boutilier 28 kun oldin
@Nicholas Rodrigues you guaranteed live in BC
Nicholas Rodrigues
Nicholas Rodrigues 28 kun oldin
There's areas of Canada that don't get much rust at all
Simeon RF
Simeon RF 29 kun oldin
what about his fd???
Patick Gallagher
Patick Gallagher 29 kun oldin
"The fentanyl of carcaine" 🤣🤣🤣
kyle 29 kun oldin
Ron was that a days and daze reference? Or naw
Steve Kim
Steve Kim 29 kun oldin
Where’s the X90?
Rosy skyler
Rosy skyler 29 kun oldin
Hoonigan and Donut media guys finally start working on cars would have never thought!
Jack’s Lumber Co
Jack’s Lumber Co 29 kun oldin
Whose Disco?
It’s_Kent _Yang
It’s_Kent _Yang 29 kun oldin
You can hit up RS MOTORS, just a recommendation. or try MAP. RS Motors is in Minnesota though but it might take a while to get there. If not thanks for reading this.
Tyler C.
Tyler C. 29 kun oldin
The guys you need to talk to are at Haltech - specifically Scott.
Lucas Warren
Lucas Warren 29 kun oldin
You need a Garrett G25-660! I'm running it on my Subaru and I make 400+ on pump gas with 90% of torque from 4000-7500rpm. On E85 it would make an easy 500+
FatalReactionPB 29 kun oldin
Hit up Buschur for a built 2.3, forced performance for a green or black series turbo n call it a day lol
Knives 29 kun oldin
Glad to see Ron back on the channel!
UncleManuel 29 kun oldin
The "drop the engine" phrase can mean different things at Hoonigan's... 🤪😁
Andrew Alexander
Andrew Alexander 29 kun oldin
Ron got the best taste in cars.
Jannick 29 kun oldin
Don't buy a new shell, you could go full ham and build a tube front or even all tubeframe riley stair style! It is completely insane and a ton of work but really cool! Build a pushrod LMP style evo.
Euro Shane
Euro Shane 29 kun oldin
Dude u filming with a go pro 3? The footage after the new years break sucked
Euro Shane
Euro Shane 29 kun oldin
Tube front?
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