9.3 Liter V8 Build! - Zac's Squarebody K5 Big Block Swap Pt.2

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In Pt.2 of Zac's quest for earth shattering torque in his 1978 k5 GMC Jimmy, the 572ci Big block is assembled from pan to intake and prepped for its Dyno session. Engine builder, Jacob Villemain from Smeding Performance gives us an in depth run down on all of the components used in the motor along with detailed tips throughout the assembly process. This engine features a Dart Big M engine block, custom crank and rods by Smeding, JE Pistons, billet core custom ground hydraulic roller cam by Comp Cams, AFR 335 Heads, Edlebrock Victor Jr. Intake, and A Holley Sniper X-Flow EFI system. Its safe to say this thing is gonna be a handful on and off the road.
Catch up on the k5 build here:
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Vintage Air front runner kit - uzpost.info/vision/video/qdudwtt2gJuGjn0.html
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Currie axle & diff rebuild - uzpost.info/vision/video/b7F8t62tanOvd30.html
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Akash Kumar
Akash Kumar Oy oldin
Can we make “Zac slapping big ass motors into 70’s shit boxes” a real series tho
Rudy Perez
Rudy Perez Oy oldin
The older the better 🤠
adam knudtsen
adam knudtsen Oy oldin
Nineteen seventy sickness.
they probly will they seem to be selling everyhting so he probly wont own it long
That Fiat
That Fiat Oy oldin
Seems like it!
headsetlucky13 Oy oldin
Nah we gotta go 80s and not the good shit
Collin Williams
Collin Williams 2 kun oldin
Whats that intro song
Cory Holbrook
Cory Holbrook 12 kun oldin
Skipped a few pertinent steps there like decreeing the camshaft. Now I know there was far more done to the engine, no well built engine gets put together just once but degreeing in a camshaft is a super important step for even a garage mechanic as is checking piston to valve but this probably isn’t this dude’s first rodeo with this cam so he knows it’ll clear. Still, important to check for average joe garage builder. One spec I never heard though is compression ratio
Chris young
Chris young 22 kun oldin
If you don’t lube your shaft you’re weird
Jason Warren
Jason Warren 23 kun oldin
How much did it cost to put together.
Ahmed Al naimi
Ahmed Al naimi 25 kun oldin
just curious seeking for knowledge, why choosing pistons 2618 over 4032 specially for NA motor due to thermal expansion rate in 2618 high compare to 4032 as the main target for this engine is for longevity and DD. as far it goes for power level 4032 supposed to handle it. im not an expert just would like to know what did i miss here. Thank you
Brandon Foster
Brandon Foster 25 kun oldin
Why would you do bolts and not head studs?
B Barrett
B Barrett 26 kun oldin
Ahh Stacy David and the old copper head build..... Love them days!
Elodie Bonnafous
Elodie Bonnafous 27 kun oldin
Steve McRichards
Steve McRichards 28 kun oldin
Dats gonna chop. Dog will hunt.
TheTheRanger1 Oy oldin
Where is the next video?!?
Phillip Hatton
Phillip Hatton Oy oldin
When he said the cam specs my mouth dropped
Blu Shartbox
Blu Shartbox Oy oldin
11:45 virgin usually means the piece is made from straight ores and not recycled aluminum
Treima .S
Treima .S Oy oldin
Pro tip - don't forget to lube your rod tips ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Marc Lamothe
Marc Lamothe Oy oldin
who can tell me the song at 00:10??
Narco Native
Narco Native Oy oldin
noted will lube my shaft
William Glaser
William Glaser Oy oldin
i love squarebodys, me and my dad are fixing up a nice one and i think its hilarious to see someone shoving a 9.3 liter 727 engine into a 70s GM pickup
Joel Crump
Joel Crump Oy oldin
It's been a week Zachery where you at, need my k5 fix
Adam Rawlins
Adam Rawlins Oy oldin
More importantly. i spy with my little eye an FXDLS?
Jacob Kohanowski
Jacob Kohanowski Oy oldin
Zach drinking banquet 😎
BigMack Thomas
BigMack Thomas Oy oldin
Hit up Offroad design when you're ready for suspension
James Baker
James Baker Oy oldin
makes it look so easy
TT Innovations
TT Innovations Oy oldin
Grrrrrr 9.3L !!! , thats 5.8 honda civics engines in 1 engine =P
Industrial Seven
Industrial Seven Oy oldin
With everybody throwing an LS in their square body it’s refreshing to see a BBC!!
Tim Burton
Tim Burton Oy oldin
2'45 that a wolf oven? $$$$$
Hack Engineering
Hack Engineering Oy oldin
Nice to see a video that actually shows some of the measuring involved in building a motor right. Great work!
Julian Vera
Julian Vera Oy oldin
Those pistons are massive
Kristofer FC
Kristofer FC Oy oldin
This engine builder is very thorough, I love it!
nerd challenges Food
nerd challenges Food Oy oldin
I'd add a supercharger to the engine
Where can I be schooled by this guy plsss
Crunchy Boii
Crunchy Boii Oy oldin
So do you think that engine will fit in my honda
kjsidbdhdsjsbsjsjkkj D
kjsidbdhdsjsbsjsjkkj D Oy oldin
So you just made a video out of someone else’s video hey I mean anything to get paid right ? You guys suck where’s the donk nobody likes you
Steve E
Steve E Oy oldin
Engine porn
Fastlane racing co.
Fastlane racing co. Oy oldin
I forgot this thing is going to be four wheel drive . Damn she going to be a beast.
DarrenFain Oy oldin
We need these episodes the same as we need the hoonigan vs the world videos
Allen Morris
Allen Morris Oy oldin
The Copperhead build on Trucks was epic!
MeinE39M5 Oy oldin
Didn't know Ethan Hawke was an engine builder in addition to an actor.
David Tankersley
David Tankersley Oy oldin
Yo ZakAttack...... check out Softopper based out of Colorado. They make a wicked awesome soft top for your blazer that is the Boss for summer time cruising 😎
Jake burch
Jake burch Oy oldin
What compression radio is that engine?
Scott Laperriere
Scott Laperriere Oy oldin
Zac ask how many ? As many parts as he brakes :)
PRTYOF4 Oy oldin
Those carbon scrapers are nice
RandomGuyWithaMazda Oy oldin
Banquet beer sighting. mericuh.
deegan727 Oy oldin
Watching that engine go together was porn like. The difference is I didn’t fast forward any.
sc928porsche Oy oldin
you called it a shit box...................putting another engine in it and some driveline stuff wont change it from a shit box!
EJ Rescue
EJ Rescue Oy oldin
What food do they serve from that oil galley?
Jon Sisk
Jon Sisk Oy oldin
Are we watching you build this truck or someone else do all he work?
Crispy Oy oldin
That camera is miserable. It needs some stabilization.
ferdis7 Oy oldin
Those heads are art
LilzNacho Oy oldin
And i thought my 390 got bad gas mileage
Kalehua Manuia
Kalehua Manuia Oy oldin
I love big blocks
Zac Buwalda
Zac Buwalda Oy oldin
COPPERHEAD! I forgot about that truck and the bad ass matching guitar, stacey david was the man!
soggywilson Oy oldin
shows a giant cam...."this is the brain"
Josh Stanton
Josh Stanton Oy oldin
I was thinking that's the brawn 😝
rEZnapanZEr Oy oldin
That's a pretty motor 😍
Ian Hamilton
Ian Hamilton Oy oldin
This is a good quality vid 👌 sweet seeing the whole rotating assembly going together
Not J
Not J Oy oldin
Wow. Some of his techniques are amazing. Must get some great longevity out of his builds.
16driver16 Oy oldin
Ill tell you what youll be doing!!! Stopping at every gas station! Do you not remember what stacy said at the end of that build?!
Tyler R
Tyler R Oy oldin
my man zach drinking coorse orginal
Adrian Smith
Adrian Smith Oy oldin
Where all the armchair mechanics? I thought dry fitting the camshaft would send them into a fit of blinding rage. UZpost has changed
Nicholas Rodrigues
Nicholas Rodrigues Oy oldin
The last episode had people commenting that he should have used an LS camshaft
Brian Deezy
Brian Deezy Oy oldin
Internal combustion engines are so complicated. Electric motors are the way to go.
Nicholas Rodrigues
Nicholas Rodrigues Oy oldin
Lol Learn about what goes into controling that electric motor. EVs are far more complicated than their fanboys think.
Erenzo Scroggins
Erenzo Scroggins Oy oldin
"Shit box" boy wtf you thinking square bodys are the best bodys player..... Not to mention the value of the trucks are going up as we speak🤐
J.A.R. Family
J.A.R. Family Oy oldin
Imagine what that cost breakdown would be for that motor and labor?
dake789 Oy oldin
name of the song during the video ?
Kaleb Beasley
Kaleb Beasley Oy oldin
I wanna see the other Chevy in the back too. My favorite truck. Grew up on them 90s Silverado’s and Sierras.
Nicholas Rodrigues
Nicholas Rodrigues Oy oldin
Silverado was only a trim level back then
with.joe.90 Oy oldin
That Intro its self is worth a like......
Canadian DrifterGolfer
Canadian DrifterGolfer Oy oldin
Yeahhhh tuning in now to the new truck build. Great stuff dude. I’m swapping a 2011 duramax to my mint 80 gmc 1500
Scotts EverythingOutdoors
Scotts EverythingOutdoors Oy oldin
What a sweet motor and truck! That engine guy is very impressive! He know his stuff!
Grant Cowie
Grant Cowie Oy oldin
Just waiting for some keyboard warrior to say “you shouldn’t build it that way! My dads sisters pet iguanas heat lamp said it won’t last 2 minutes” this guy is mustard knowledge is key
Zeffrey Doolittle
Zeffrey Doolittle Oy oldin
I have the opportunity to buy one of these for 1750$ 1988 . Should I buy it.??
dogdayssurvival Oy oldin
thats a nice looking engine
Jrr313 Oy oldin
Zac’s over here with like 1.16 litters per cylinder meanwhile my entire engine is 2 litters 😂
chris ricci
chris ricci Oy oldin
Copper Head was/is badass! Hahaha Stacy is the man!
GreaseMonkeyTV Oy oldin
9:27 " I will lightly snug this down with an impact" LOL!
LeGoogle Chrome
LeGoogle Chrome Oy oldin
That's one aggressive sounding cam on an already ridiculous block this is gonna be a good one 👍
Sergeant Scumbag
Sergeant Scumbag Oy oldin
honestly im over 15k into my 79 c10 and still dont feel guilty even thought ill NEVER get it back lmfao
Miles hardin
Miles hardin Oy oldin
"we'll get at least one awd burnout before it grenades and we have to spend the next year rebuilding the suspension and driveline" lmao
Perma Frost
Perma Frost Oy oldin
yo how can I get a job with Zac, this guy has to make bank...
MAD MIKE Oy oldin
Just awesome video, dude that engine..Also that engine builder is cool..I could listen all day when he tell what he is doing...
Bernie Carrillo
Bernie Carrillo Oy oldin
Kyle Spradling
Kyle Spradling Oy oldin
Definitely remember that truck on “Trucks” lol nice nostalgic memory, thanks haha
No parts, No tools, No plan!
No parts, No tools, No plan! Oy oldin
If you know anything about anything... that truck is honestly not even a shitbox it's actually not bad seen and had waaay worse.
Dusty Hamburger
Dusty Hamburger Oy oldin
Sooo when’s the dinks coming back
prixmyo Oy oldin
Enjoying the build, and how thorough the engine builder is taking us along the assembly. Just a quick question looking at them coated cam bearings. The oil holes looked a bit rough. Needed a deburring. I guess Jacob took care of that of camera before installing? I Can't wait to hear this monster!
Joe's Two Car Garage
Joe's Two Car Garage Oy oldin
I'm not Chevy dude by any means.. But the specs on this engine gave me a chub
Zander Le Roux
Zander Le Roux Oy oldin
This video belongs in a time capsule
Bimmer2047 Oy oldin
5 internet point to the fist person to count all the internet trolls that said you CANT EVER use a “impact” on an engine build. #yourspecial
John Alcorta
John Alcorta Oy oldin
Yo Zac let us see that grey Tahoe you got!
James Sweeten
James Sweeten Oy oldin
WTF happened to the BFD cam episode?? I still don't have any answers
Gitsum Oy oldin
Hoonigan, can we please have an update on the diesel Camaro and the donk?
strayjay Oy oldin
Oh shit respect for the Stacy David reference.
Joey C
Joey C Oy oldin
Knowledge is power and Jacob is powered the F#@* up!!!
Alex Kananis
Alex Kananis Oy oldin
I say it makes 780 HP at the crank!
String Slinger
String Slinger Oy oldin
Back in the 90's we all did that with our 70's Blazers/Jimmys/Broncos. Big blocks were still plenty and cheap as were late 70's 4x4s.
Greasemonkey2k4 Oy oldin
Imagine strapping a blower to that monster.Makes me wanna watch a mad max movie now son.Hail to the V8 baby let it rip.👍✌️👉
phillirofl Oy oldin
Love watching the engine build and how Zak is living the gear head dream! But I could help but think about a blower on this engine!
Anvarynn Oy oldin
8:08 Idk why but that "ting" was satisfying
Anvarynn Oy oldin
@NBSV1 Okay but like, it was just satisfying that it wasn't interrupted by any touching surfaces. It rang true and completely unabated.
NBSV1 Oy oldin
The ringing is also a quick way to check that a crank, or lots of other stuff, isn’t cracked. If it’s good it’ll ring like that. If it’s cracked it usually won’t ring when you tap it.
Niall Goddard
Niall Goddard Oy oldin
Anybody else waiting for Mr Engine builder to bust out "Goodness Gracious Great Balls Of Fire" followed by a "Yeeeeehooooo" on a rinky-tink small corner piano. 👌
Brett Elliott
Brett Elliott Oy oldin
Yoo lolol. Underrated comment.
mtl shdr
mtl shdr Oy oldin
That engine guy must be somewhere down here
irfan sophian
irfan sophian Oy oldin
To be quite honest, ive never been a american muscle kinda guy. Always a JDM fanboy. But after seeing him do up the short and long block. I think im in love!
Andrew Sukhu
Andrew Sukhu Oy oldin
I have a mint 1988 gmc s15 classic, and Zack is making we want to swap the engine.
lgchupa Oy oldin
Zac’s 9.3l Big Block Torque Monster V8 Hits the Engine Dyno!
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