9.3 Liter V8?! Zac's Squarebody K5 Gets a HUGE Motor Swap

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The Lord of Chop is back in action on his Squarebody K5 GMC Jimmy build and things are getting serious. How serious you ask? Try 572 cubic inches of Big Block Chevy power, serious. The best part is, we're gonna show you the entire engine build process. In this episode, Zac preps the old 454 to come out while engine builder, Jacob Villemain goes over the Dart Big M engine block, the block machining process, and balances the custom stroker crankshaft for Zac's 572".
Catch up on the k5 build here:
4l85e/NP205 swap - uzpost.info/vision/video/ptesr6uYmZlvfXE.html
Painless Wiring harness install - uzpost.info/vision/video/r6qt2bxpdXN6ook.html
Vintage Air front runner kit - uzpost.info/vision/video/qdudwtt2gJuGjn0.html
Vintage Air A/C install - uzpost.info/vision/video/b7iMyM9memmFj2A.html
Currie axle & diff rebuild - uzpost.info/vision/video/b7F8t62tanOvd30.html
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Dominic Duran
Dominic Duran 5 kun oldin
I thought he was gunna say ( the full is delivered straight from the pump it’s self )
Zatiti Cherry
Zatiti Cherry 7 kun oldin
I'm looking at the engine and I'm trying not to cry; it's a thing of beauty; and that displacement!!!! I can't wait to see the torque numbers!!!!!! 🤗
That1guy81 10 kun oldin
I see that Jimmy drivin around its gonna be sweet
Daniel DeHut
Daniel DeHut 23 kun oldin
we just became best friends
Moneyfirst 901
Moneyfirst 901 23 kun oldin
What you gonna do with the 454
12thisDude Oy oldin
How much hoonigan gear do I have to buy to win this truck lmao 😂
Brackon corbridge
Brackon corbridge Oy oldin
Welcome to my home state Utah.
Jesse Endsley
Jesse Endsley Oy oldin
:19 and out
Necros1s Oy oldin
Love to see some Zack! NOT loving that he's not around the garage anymore :'(
Joe Gustafson Jr.
Joe Gustafson Jr. Oy oldin
Kilos and grams, yes the carcaine cartel is growing.
bennyblanco Oy oldin
i dated a 4 finger port in college
GambleFabrications Oy oldin
William Glaser
William Glaser Oy oldin
that is fucking awesome!
robby gui
robby gui Oy oldin
Zach rating difficulty in beer. I support it. He knows how it really goes for us working on our junk at home
jeffrey hollenbeck
jeffrey hollenbeck Oy oldin
to so my luck i get rigs all the time free or cheap i got a 79 short box 4x4 cheyenne full option truck 400 sb with the heavy duty 400 turbo with under 35,000 miles on it in mint condition for free all i had to do was put a new fuel pump and clean the carb and a new battery then drive it home plus i got 2 first gen camaros and 2 second gen camaros they were parked in a shop then they gave me 15 other rigs outside and a big motor home all rigs were very good project cars plus they gave me all the engines and parts in the shop 2 stroke 454 1 4 bolt fresh 327 lot of work dun to it a bunch of running 350 4 bolts new carbs in boxes after market ignition set up with a msd 7 all still in the box extra camaro front clip in mint condition even the paint on it second gen most of the rigs out side were pu 67 to 72 chevy and fords 3 73 to 79 chevys have a lot of them sitting that i got for free and every one of them are rust free the ones that have rust that i get i strip them and scrap them have 2 68 chevy cabs sitting rust free one had air the other one not but i have nothing like my neighbors were i can get rigs cheap from like a 65 chevy short box with just rust in the front fender the cab looks good took the doors off checked it all out cost me 100 bucks . they have a real nice 65 ford matching box with tool box on side for 300 mite get it too just needs a tune up to drive it just broke down a month ago and it was missing real bad i turned down a 68 chevelle ss 396 rust free car really good body but needs paint for 3500 the body was striped to bare metal then the protective coat on it all the chrome with it . a 57 chevy pu with a 55 grill in it rust free the guy replace any thing that had rust or damage with perfect panels he went to 8 wrecking yards to get all the parts he ends up selling it to me for 250 bucks he even put new spring 12 bolt possi 283 ready to be put to gether fresh from a mech shop all prep was dun
Chris Slaughter
Chris Slaughter Oy oldin
I am not a chevy man but that is a sexy asss block
SWO_Woodsman_945 Oy oldin
Zach is the only guy on the internet who automatically looks cool and doesn't even have to try. If you didn't know better, you put Zach next to Ken and asked a random guy on who was the racecar driver was, based on their cool. They pick Zach 100% of the time.
Stephen Krambeck
Stephen Krambeck Oy oldin
When I balance cranks I make it read 0.0 not 0.9 especially for high horsepower
Brurgh Oy oldin
4 beer job where have i heard that before... ahh yes Intake!
Gunnar Sandahl
Gunnar Sandahl Oy oldin
What products do you use in your hair zac?
GordoWG1 WG1
GordoWG1 WG1 Oy oldin
Wait a minute! So the guy carefully removed mass from the crankshaft to bring it down to uder a gram of imbalance, THEN he goes and removes more metal when deburring, making all that balancing wasted time because he's now introducing an imbalance? It would have been much better practice to bring it down to within, say, 10 grams then carried out the deburring process and then working down to the 1 gram tolerance while deburring/chamferring as required.
Tyler Dickey
Tyler Dickey Oy oldin
Jacob is a damn boss! That was such a cool run through.
Kemon High
Kemon High Oy oldin
Are you keeping the 454. I'd love to put it in my monte
Michael Franchek
Michael Franchek Oy oldin
Welcome to Park City! No emissions laws.. great 2a state... but if Zach has a 4 car garage in PC he must have a spare $2m to spend .
3AM Studios
3AM Studios Oy oldin
Patiently waiting for build & battle season 4........any idea when/if yall are gonna upload it
Bobby Morales
Bobby Morales Oy oldin
What ya gonna do with that 454?
Steve Edmondson
Steve Edmondson Oy oldin
I remember working with my dad at the old upholstery shop he worked at and a dude brought in a red 3rd gen with a blown 572. I was pulling it around to the front and cracked the throttle a little and the whole car twisted 😳😳
NR Oy oldin
Maaaan there’s not very much material between those cylinders. I’m sure they know what they’re doing, but that engine isn’t going to live for thousands of miles. Many truly BIG blocks measure wear based on hours, not miles. He said .300 inches. What would the thickness be between cylinders with a 10.2 deck block?
BrewstersMillion Oy oldin
Hey Zak, what part number are those headers?
TruckandRoll Oy oldin
If i heard you correctly you are running a Holly Super sniper. As someone whose run this on my BBC C10 and done numerous install/review videos i can say for sure to utilize the non progressive linkage and fabricate up an extension where the throttle cable mounts to the EFI unit. The added lever arm reduces pedal effort making it easier to leave smoothly. I had a ton of issues with my BBC wanting to break tires loose when letting out the clutch. Additionally, and you probably already know this, but the fuel pump Holley supplies with the Super Sniper kit wont support your power levels. Using their Super Sniper C10 in tank kit im already close to the limit at 515hp. If i could go back i would have made a trap door above my tank so swapping pumps in the future was easier. One last thing im curious about will be your MAP at WOT. On the chassis dyno here in SLC they were seeing vacuum at WOT through my Super Sniper. Maybe something to keep an eye on depending on your intake setup.
default_name Oy oldin
I give that 12-bolt rear axle about 100 feet into the first trail before it snaps a shaft and leaves you 3-wheeling back to the road. Better give Dynatrac a call to have them setup a Dana 60/80 axle combo, cuz the 12-bolt/Dana 44 front are just never going to hold up to that kinda torque.
Coastal Auto Reaction / The C.A.R. Guys
Coastal Auto Reaction / The C.A.R. Guys Oy oldin
Good to see Zack!
Keegan Spencer
Keegan Spencer Oy oldin
but why not a 632? bigger is always better right? xP
Country Joe
Country Joe Oy oldin
"And in the next episode, we replace the grenaded 1/2 ton drivetrain with a pair of Dana 60s....."
Steven Long
Steven Long Oy oldin
Why liters? It’s an American V8, Use CI. It’s more relatable to other muscle car guys. Although the imperial system makes no damn sense compared to the metric system, that’s what we are stuck with. That is what real muscle cars used.
Doogie H
Doogie H Oy oldin
bennyfactor Oy oldin
Zac this is like putting a brand new rolls royce jet engine on the wright flyer, you are insane in the best way
Dakota Holcomb
Dakota Holcomb Oy oldin
You wanna donate that old engine hahaha
Kemp Dog
Kemp Dog Oy oldin
are you serious thats huge
Michael A
Michael A Oy oldin
Zak is the Man!
Spaghetti Monster
Spaghetti Monster Oy oldin
Decent, love that truck. Fond memories as an early 20's kid that youtube wont let me recount here in the comments... good times, good times.
grumpybill Oy oldin
Meh... 640ci is bigger...
SilenT T
SilenT T Oy oldin
Start 0:00 welcome
Duncan Donovan
Duncan Donovan Oy oldin
GO CHECK OUT BAD CHAD'S CHANNEL TOO FOLKS!! He builds awesome stuff and deserves more followers.
James Cairney
James Cairney Oy oldin
The tash makes you look creepy, shave it, and it's a tash, not a stash, a stash would be a bag of weed that you have put away for a rainy day, a tash would be the sortened version of mustache, mus-tache or just tash, unless you're a squirrel and store stuff in your face, then stash would be acceptable. You ain't a squirrel and it's a tash. Shave it, this ain't the 80s.
Backyard-Built-Trucks Oy oldin
Dude got a twin turbo 509 in a S10 . So
D.A.L. Oy oldin
I'd be happy with that 454 that you're taking out! I've only got a 350 LT1 in my 96 Buick Roadmaster sedan
Thomas Snyder
Thomas Snyder Oy oldin
That wall thickness still gives me the willies. I’m sure it’s good but I’d be constantly thinking about it.
Nza420 Oy oldin
Thank you for an excellent video without any wasted words. People seem to love more than ever now to hear themselves talk. This video is a good length to avoid that.
Joshua Nicolai
Joshua Nicolai Oy oldin
I wouldn't have expected zack to be such a wrench
Ryan Vignogna
Ryan Vignogna Oy oldin
What kind of drill bit are they using for their crank balancer? Still looking for a good one for mine.
SumoFlip511 Oy oldin
Welcome to Utah Zac
Ethan Layden
Ethan Layden Oy oldin
At my engine shop we don't put that plate on the top to simulate the head being sucked down to the block, makes sense why u would tho
Doug Oy oldin
Zac doesn't give two shits about fuel prices
Ronin Oy oldin
can't believe you're wasting that awesome engine in that pile of rubbish ute
John Cwetna
John Cwetna Oy oldin
I wonder what serpentine belt kit he had on the old engine
Thatguywithnopancreas Oy oldin
Wow that oil distribution is pretty RAD
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Oy oldin
I need more Zac vids...dude is less SoCal more Merica'
1973GLH Oy oldin
Four finger bore
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Oy oldin
Sounds so 80’s , reminds me of bloodsport
Caleb Harrison
Caleb Harrison Oy oldin
Hey i know someone in need of the 454
Justin Rohrbaugh
Justin Rohrbaugh Oy oldin
Can I have your 454?
ready player 1
ready player 1 Oy oldin
Really nice Chode scrubber buddy!
Frank Sosa
Frank Sosa Oy oldin
Adel Kheir
Adel Kheir Oy oldin
Damn those are good choice of tunes. What are the names of the music.
dano Oy oldin
dale dan tony
dale dan tony Oy oldin
Once it's done will get driven twice and gave away
4thImpulse Oy oldin
Annnd suddenly I need a big block chevy in my life
Crash Nabors00
Crash Nabors00 Oy oldin
God I love Depth videos like this great video
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Oy oldin
This is amazing
David Fox
David Fox Oy oldin
It's all good Zac attack, your truck goes faster in Utah!!
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Oy oldin
Gonna melt the block
J Mon
J Mon Oy oldin
*That is going to be one mean truck can't wait for the next episode*
Jesus Cobos
Jesus Cobos Oy oldin
Is it me or does every gear head like oldies and beers while they work on their c10 😎
eric moon
eric moon Oy oldin
Welcome to Utah!
Jdawg Productions
Jdawg Productions Oy oldin
Sounds so 80’s , reminds me of bloodsport
David V
David V Oy oldin
YUUP. great video
Arcanine of the Sun
Arcanine of the Sun Oy oldin
Yooooo! i was just in park city i wish i had known yall were there
Colton Grundy
Colton Grundy Oy oldin
Finally, someone at hoonigan is getting a real engine!!!! There's no replacement for displacement. These honda kids will never understand.
heavyhitter265 Oy oldin
The donk is fuckin stupid and its pandering. Be proud you aren't a part of that dumpster fire.
Barry Schorel
Barry Schorel Oy oldin
300 thou wall thickness is gonna crack like Preston lacys
Got damn that's awesome
James Reilly
James Reilly Oy oldin
Why go for throttle body injection and not port injection?
Scott Laperriere
Scott Laperriere Oy oldin
@ZAC You should do a video Funny stuff like your add's There is lots :)
Classic Workshop
Classic Workshop Oy oldin
Soo what's happening with the old engine? I would love to put it in my k5 😉
bocaj Games
bocaj Games Oy oldin
Can I have that old engine? I live in SoCal if that matters
BMA Oy oldin
Live in California (small garage, crazy house prices, smog, traffic, overpopulation, crime) OR move to Utah? Easy choice!
JxBANE Oy oldin
Gonna melt the block
Dylan Snellgrove
Dylan Snellgrove Oy oldin
That eagle screech pierced my ears with all of its freedom
TT Innovations
TT Innovations Oy oldin
Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr 9.3L of goodness, ( Imagine 1/2 a plastic bottle of soda 2L bottle, each piston is bore is that big !!!! ) the needle on the gas level will move 1 inch every 30 second at 80mph lol ( My 2.0L turbo engine got 8mpg at 110mph, this thing will get like 2mpg at 110mph LOL ) needs a two 25 gallon tanks lol , one for regular and one for 91 , .....................
Ben Weatherford
Ben Weatherford Oy oldin
I used to be a big block gasser fan. Now I am a diesel torque fan. Put a built 12v cummins in there. Let her eat.
bunjit65 Oy oldin
They are called oil galleries not oil galleys. A galley is a kitchen on a boat. A gallery is a long passage, amongst other meanings. Keep promoting good English.
Chris H
Chris H Oy oldin
how to throw money at a K5
Kyra Thomas
Kyra Thomas Oy oldin
🤯🧠🤪🙋‍♂️Boys,boys,boys you gotta check out BOOSTED LIFESTYLE'S 8 turbo LS V-8 build gotta get this guy in the Burn Yard!!!!
sumo sacks
sumo sacks Oy oldin
Albert Grant
Albert Grant Oy oldin
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Trevor Johnson
Trevor Johnson Oy oldin
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Martial Henry Oy oldin
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Martial Henry Oy oldin
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Jessica Martel
Jessica Martel Oy oldin
How do I reach Mr Richard Bill ?
Lucas Mink
Lucas Mink Oy oldin
Let’s trade 454 for my big foot pedal wouldn’t be right without it.....
ben j
ben j Oy oldin
Next video: can the k5 blazer beat ken blocks hoonicorn ?
Eli Renigar
Eli Renigar Oy oldin
Don’t fuck that pristine k5 up whatever you do. It’s perfect
Jose De Jesus
Jose De Jesus Oy oldin
Cool drag chevette uzpost.info/vision/video/p82y1dZsgYZql3E.html
Ray Ward
Ray Ward Oy oldin
Always wondered what those dimple/holes were on crankshafts. For balance!
Raymond Hamilton
Raymond Hamilton Oy oldin
Make that thing a 4x4ripper and run Block
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