10,000rpm K24 Build: Making Power With Compression 101

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Hoonigan Project Cars

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Suppy’s back into the build of our all-motor Honda K24 motor, getting built with the goal of hitting 10,000rpm. Believe it, sometimes he really does take a step away from Suppyvising in the shop to drop some knowledge for us.

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klarkqent 16 soat oldin
I wonder how many people skipped this series just because he's assembling a Honda engine not knowing most of this information is universal
edcel andrei detal
edcel andrei detal 5 kun oldin
Is this compatible with the k20 head on a k24 block?
Zatiti Cherry
Zatiti Cherry 7 kun oldin
Compression makes Horsepower through BMEP (brake mean effective pressure) pressure in the cylinder. This translates to torque; horsepower is mathematically derived from that. 👊
Zatiti Cherry
Zatiti Cherry 7 kun oldin
Swept over unswept area; there air is heated through diffusion; and when the plug fires, a controlled burn occurs. An explosion is detonation or pinging; not proper good combustion....
Zatiti Cherry
Zatiti Cherry 7 kun oldin
1st and 2nd compression rings; and the oil control ring pack. The "squiggly" one is called the "scraper" none of the rings are cast. That is never the case My Brotha....
Zatiti Cherry
Zatiti Cherry 7 kun oldin
The sharp areas are called "stress risers" and heat risers" because sharp edges collect heat and concentrate stress and can contribute to or cause component failure...
Cali Hek
Cali Hek 9 kun oldin
Suppy should come out with honda engine building for dummy's, great simple explanation, great job suppy straight and simple
Dustin Apple
Dustin Apple 27 kun oldin
id love to see a "how to" k24 assembly and spec out every tq and clearance spec.
Brett Bellingar
Brett Bellingar Oy oldin
When do we get more of these? This is the absolute best content you guys have ever done! You could do a turbo and supercharged engine next to go through that, maybe even a rotary!
kevin ruger
kevin ruger Oy oldin
I’m so late! Gonna find out if the give away is still going on cuz I would love to have this engine for my AWD CR-V 😁
Maxime Vhw
Maxime Vhw Oy oldin
Dont really agree on the n1 is always at the timing. Ive seen brands that take n1 at the trans side
godspeed Oy oldin
I would love to get this in an MR2. always been a dream of mine
Zeffrey Doolittle
Zeffrey Doolittle Oy oldin
Ok he lubed the bearings
Zeffrey Doolittle
Zeffrey Doolittle Oy oldin
Woah woah woah why didn't he oil the rod bearings before installing the caps??
baconmakinmayor 2 oy oldin
love it
Dayne Joseph
Dayne Joseph 2 oy oldin
Suppy is the chit.
Lloydus 2 oy oldin
What if i put this in my 2004 honda accord >:)
VGK30 2 oy oldin
Is this the latest video? So hard to follow this
Mickel Smith
Mickel Smith 2 oy oldin
I'd get graped for a suppy nads papadakis show
SimonTrent8000 2 oy oldin
another good thing to do is when putting the pin clip in is to have it rotated up down not left right so the up and down motion won't compress the clip and allow it to come out.
Huff Puff1
Huff Puff1 2 oy oldin
That’s it my girlfriend crv is getting built
Insifice 2 oy oldin
This looks much easier than any of the v8s I've done
red flag
red flag 2 oy oldin
This series should be called “Motor Science” and it be funny to have a intro like bill Nye the science guy show. These videos honestly are very helpful for people who want to understand motors.
NM G 2 oy oldin
I'd like suppy to explain what the grooves on top of the pistons do.
esscodc2 2 oy oldin
They're for valve clearance.
Syed Rehan Fida
Syed Rehan Fida 2 oy oldin
Thank you!
HAYMECH MEMES 2 oy oldin
Nice tip supp
Steve L.
Steve L. 2 oy oldin
hell yea i loved this
Kelly Best
Kelly Best 2 oy oldin
I found this super informative and wondering the view to like ratio. It's not burn outs and screaming, but it is good tech knowledge.
Rene Iamrik
Rene Iamrik 2 oy oldin
this guy is the best teacher ever
Julio Rodriguez
Julio Rodriguez 2 oy oldin
This is a win just learning from suppy🤙🏽🤙🏽🙏🏽
Jaybruhh 2 oy oldin
*_VTech kicked in yo!_*
chaudhry awais
chaudhry awais 2 oy oldin
Oh man i want to be suppy's student.
draggeeks1 2 oy oldin
Mix some m1 n nitro n let's go all motor racing
draggeeks1 2 oy oldin
I would put it in my rx7
Edson M.
Edson M. 2 oy oldin
This looks like it could be so frustrating but so much damn fun!
Fish Taco
Fish Taco 3 oy oldin
The way you described displacement was good, but basic. You need to account for the space in the head and head gasket as well. I get why you didn't say that though, it's technical.
Scooba_Steve 3 oy oldin
No assembly lube on the wristpins???
post death
post death 3 oy oldin
i thoroughly enjoyed this vid
Scott Ord
Scott Ord 3 oy oldin
I find this very satisfying, and really enjoyed how everything was arranged throughout the video. Thanks!
Oikku Oek
Oikku Oek 3 oy oldin
Reminds me of a morning tv cooking show. Everything is ready, and the presenter doesn't have a clue of what he's doing.
Magucci13 3 oy oldin
You explained what compression ratio is, but what's the compression you're gonna be running?!
Jonathan Alvarado
Jonathan Alvarado 3 oy oldin
I will love this for my EJ hatch 🤩
TheDoctor MMA
TheDoctor MMA 3 oy oldin
Glen W
Glen W 3 oy oldin
Would love to have the motor in my Si
Sen9733 3 oy oldin
do engines have an instruction manual?
Daniel Wahlström
Daniel Wahlström 3 oy oldin
11:55 - 12:07 close your eyes and let the imagination flow🤣🤣
Ilham 3 oy oldin
if hoonigan is a race team, dan and suppy would be the head engineer
Chris Mannifield
Chris Mannifield 3 oy oldin
It wont last....this is seat of the pants build to make up content for the guys
MarksGoneWicked 3 oy oldin
So, when can this be installed in my '99 CR-V?
MarksGoneWicked 3 oy oldin
I kid BTW. Would be cool though to have though.
Johnny Chun
Johnny Chun 3 oy oldin
I never felt that amount of respect from someone on youtube before....I'm the guy that hangs around the parking lot at walmart :'3
Johnni P. Comedy
Johnni P. Comedy 3 oy oldin
Great vid/information!!!
Leandro Onishi
Leandro Onishi 3 oy oldin
Love Suppy explainin things i pretended to know! Thanks Suppy and hoonigans for the awesome content!
Chris Perks
Chris Perks 3 oy oldin
No block guard?? I mean its just na but i floated my sleeves and they sunk just enought to smoke and leak coolant in lmoa they also shifted slightly forward i may just be unlucky my gsr center sleeves moved away from head the gsr had just been built and had new sleeves pressed in less than 5000 miles only 10 pounds of boost with virtually no dome pressure i think it was shity machine work but it was a carry out short block so the blammed me for it no compensation nay all period! I was driving daily on bill miller i beam aluminum rods do you thing that this in itself could have promoted to sleeves settling or do you thing it was a shiftt machinest.. Was saving for a dog box and than a true sequential but now my pockets are hurting bad over this new experience both cars have been down around 2 months and i spent a good portion have them towed home one about 600 miles one way amd the other 120 miles witch they charged return trip miles as the driver said he could find a tow job in my area going back tward canton i was sick over price and the fact that i seeming to have thrown thousands of dollars away for weeks e
Andre Klebleyev
Andre Klebleyev 3 oy oldin
If I win this I’d totally throw it in my race lotus exige 🤨
James Andonian
James Andonian 2 oy oldin
I want one bro :/
stephen worthington
stephen worthington 3 oy oldin
How tight is the squeeze for that combo? Once I can find the funds and damn job to do so I plan on rebuilding my engine before it dies at 315k miles and counting...on a possibly bent crank snout. My crank timing gear is stuck on and won't come off due to what we think is a cold welded gear to crank snout issue. Go figure my luck.
cubonenineO 3 oy oldin
*well well well would yah look at that Suppy once again ouchea proving why he a god damn KING* *on Gang Suppy a G*
Nolan Ring
Nolan Ring 3 oy oldin
love this
Eridan Dan
Eridan Dan 3 oy oldin
Suppy, Suppy, Suppy... Tu Quoque? Please don't call it an explosion, because you know it ain't. If everything is going as it's suppy-osed to in your engine's Otto cycle, it's a controlled combustion. I know it sounds pedantic, but it's the difference between more power and detonation knock. Peace.
Brandyn Maldonado
Brandyn Maldonado 3 oy oldin
Yo who is the gooon talking to soupy like he doesn’t know what he’s talking about
Grant Cowie
Grant Cowie 3 oy oldin
Want to know how to make n/a power with a k series suppy should colab with phong them two would be great
Tom Foley
Tom Foley 3 oy oldin
What about a separate video series where suppy just teaches a "class" about cars and working on cars? That's a class I'd pay attention to. #ProfessorSup2020
Master Morphine
Master Morphine 3 oy oldin
What 😮 give away????
Heinrich Williams
Heinrich Williams 3 oy oldin
What happened to the diesel Camaro?🤔
Wayne Whelan
Wayne Whelan 3 oy oldin
Suppy is now my favourite 'hoonigan'.
Dub Tub
Dub Tub 3 oy oldin
I love the way Supy explains things
Dub Tub
Dub Tub 3 oy oldin
Don Gonzulman
Don Gonzulman 3 oy oldin
Im so glad they hired Suppy. Ive been saying that since build and battle, but hes just so watchable
Salt Daemon
Salt Daemon 3 oy oldin
You do such a good job explaining things... no wonder the other guys give you such a hard time.
Arcadia Green
Arcadia Green 3 oy oldin
fun fact.... most 5.0L ford engines arent actually 5 liter. They are 4.948 -4.951 liters. it wasnt until 2018 that the 5.0 was actually 5 liters (5.035L)
Clayton S
Clayton S 3 oy oldin
Im not a honda person at all, but man i love your explanation
Brett Bellingar
Brett Bellingar 3 oy oldin
Wait, why do you 0 out your torque wrench? My dad has never once done this on his 40 year old torque wrench.
Richard King
Richard King 3 oy oldin
Fatigue. When you spin the dial to set a click style torque wrench you're actually compressing a spring. A compressed spring is going to fatigue faster than one with no force acting on it. A fatigued spring is not what the indicator markings were calibrated for. Hence, your torque wrench is going to be inaccurate if you never zero it before storing it.
Amine Achir
Amine Achir 3 oy oldin
Guys..... he installed the second ring upside down... the marking should be on top and the camfer on the bottom... not the other way around
Troy Watty
Troy Watty 3 oy oldin
10,000 rpm k24 (thousands of dollars) 9,000 16v 4age $500
Bran Done
Bran Done 3 oy oldin
Crunchy Boii
Crunchy Boii 3 oy oldin
Yo I’m dropping a fat log while watching this
Bimbim adhy
Bimbim adhy 3 oy oldin
I want suppy to teach us about the engine
Zach K
Zach K 3 oy oldin
Make sure ur your using a scotch brite on really any moving parts in an engine trans or diff to really clean it after the last thing you want is a little bit of grit inside just wearing everything
Bobby Pn
Bobby Pn 3 oy oldin
Write detail of the sparepart please 👏🏻
MVMBA DC5 3 oy oldin
I just finished my engine class at UTI in Rancho Cucamonga and I love how I understand everything he’s saying!
Lucusc400 3 oy oldin
I just want to sit in a corner of suppys shop and watch to see how much I could learn
bull barrelruger
bull barrelruger 3 oy oldin
Suppy imo is the best thing to happen to this channel
Rafael Acosta
Rafael Acosta 3 oy oldin
Good info
Rafael Padilla Jr.
Rafael Padilla Jr. 3 oy oldin
I’ve learned a lot today. ✍🏼
coco Boo
coco Boo 3 oy oldin
Diesel is the best at this
mbsnyderc 3 oy oldin
It's not an explosion it's combustion unless your engine blows to pieces then it's and explosion.and a rod going through the block doesn't count.
Aaron D'mello
Aaron D'mello 3 oy oldin
Love this series! Very well explained so even my dumb ass can understand all these terms. Keep it up 👍. I don't usually hit the bell icon but for this I definitely am.
Squad bruh
Squad bruh 3 oy oldin
Well ig ik how im building the motor in my si😂
Carlos Fuentez
Carlos Fuentez 3 oy oldin
Eat, sleep ,Honda
Avil Georgescu
Avil Georgescu 3 oy oldin
great content
Smokeshack82 #Splashhh
Smokeshack82 #Splashhh 3 oy oldin
Suppy be spiting 🔥 & talking Subliminals got to catch it 💯
Bobby Rosset
Bobby Rosset 3 oy oldin
What about the combustion chamber? That should b apart of the displacement!
RikuMikael 3 oy oldin
You didnt lube up the piston pins. Now theres dry brass? on tool metal when you start cranking it
Ol Dusty Trails
Ol Dusty Trails 3 oy oldin
Professor Suppy laying down the knowledge of the worlds most famous air pumps! Quality class for free enrollment Keep up the great work, loving the content.
Fujiwara Emiko
Fujiwara Emiko 3 oy oldin
compression of 101:1? WHO da fock would believe ya... yea, sorry, extremely flat joke. but i couldn't help myself
Zack Hyatt
Zack Hyatt 3 oy oldin
Some of this stuff is really difficult to dumb down. You did a great job at doing that Suppy.
Whale 3 oy oldin
Man I love this series so much
The Viper
The Viper 3 oy oldin
You forgot to talk about the flame wall effect and its relevance to Atkins cycle engines. Also lets take a moment to tip our hat to the open deck siames bore beast that is the Honda K series. It shouldn't do what it does but it do LOL
Sion Verhoef
Sion Verhoef 3 oy oldin
More of this please!
Gangstarsnowman 3 oy oldin
No assembly lube on wrist pins?
Christopher Williams
Christopher Williams 3 oy oldin
i need this for my 2007 honda accord, the stock k24 just isnt enough
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